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Craft Cannabis. Sustainably Cultivated. Premium Organic CBD Products.

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Organic Extracts - No Pesticides - Lab Tested

Regenerative Agriculture

We utilize no-till farming practices for maximum benefit to the  plants and environment. 100% organic and sustainable. 

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Organic Extracts

Pure and premium. Organic extracts for ingestion and vaporization.  Full spectrum and true to the plant with real cannabis terpenes.

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Always Lab Tested

All products are tested multiple times by 3rd party laboratories to ensure purity, quality, and legal compliance.

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I just got this cartridge last week and I have tried the forbidden fruit and the gelato cartridges and mayneee this one is my favorite so far 💪🏼 I seen a comment say it tasted like sprite and it really does , has a real strong taste and a real strong effect on me , after I hit it like 3 times I feel like I could fall asleep 😂 imma needa order a

nother one of these soon.

Josh S - Verified Buyer

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