10 Reasons to Buy Indoor CBD Flower

Published December 03, 2020
10 Reasons to Buy Indoor CBD Flower - Secret Nature

Cannabis sativa has long been referred to as “weed” since it has the propensity to grow practically anywhere. Anything that grows and lives, however, becomes a product of its environment, and the quality of hemp and cannabis varies significantly depending on where it is cultivated. Indoor-grown CBD-rich hemp flower is infinitely superior to CBD flower that was grown outside, but we’ll narrow down the benefits of indoor hemp flower into 10 impressive highlights.

1. Indoor-grown CBD flower is more potent

Relying on the intermittent power of the sun is not the best way to ensure reliable results. As growers of hydroponic vegetables know all too well, the best way to produce high yields is to use indoor lighting.

Combined with total control of the growth substrate, artificial, spectrum-optimized lighting allows CBD flower cultivators to maximize the cannabinoid potency of their crops. While outdoor-grown hemp flower can usually only contain a maximum of 15% CBD, indoor-grown CBD flower can exceed 25% in potency. With new strains of CBD-rich hemp being bred all the time, indoor-grown CBD flower with potency exceeding 30% is certainly on the horizon.

2. Indoor hemp flower doesn’t contain agrochemicals

Over the last few decades, we’ve all become more sensitive to the potential dangers posed by common agrochemicals. From Roundup to chemical fertilizers, chemicals used in the cultivation of plant crops have the potential to cause significant bodily harm.

The majority of hemp producers are sustainability oriented individuals, but they only have control over their own plots of land. Even if hemp farmers use sustainable, agrochemical-free practices to cultivate their buds, their neighbors might not be as sensitive to the dangers that chemical pesticides and fertilizers can pose.

Agrochemicals used on neighboring farms can leach into groundwater and pass under property boundaries, and agrochemicals sprayed into the air can get caught on the wind and make their way into neighboring hemp crops. The only way to entirely defend against the potential of agrochemical contamination is to grow hemp in completely climate-controlled indoor environments.

3. Indoor CBD flower doesn’t contain heavy metals

Agrochemicals aren’t the only contaminants to worry about when it comes to outdoor-grown CBD flower. Heavy metals can be just as harmful as agrochemicals, and they’re equally likely to be present in hemp flower that was grown outside.

Some agrochemicals contain heavy metals, resulting in a double-whammy of contamination. Heavy metals can also enter soil via industrial pollution and other sources, and these harmful contaminants can remain in soil for many years.

Growing hemp indoors eliminates the potential of heavy metal contamination. Either with hydroponics or clean, organic soil, indoor hemp growers craft CBD flower cultivation environments that are impervious to heavy metal contamination. While the risk is relatively low, heavy metals present in outdoor-grown CBD flower can cause neurological issues, lung damage, or other serious health concerns.

4. Indoor-grown hemp flower expresses more terpenes

Happy plants are healthy plants. In the case of Cannabis sativa, one of the surest signs of a healthy plant is the richness of its terpene profile. Hemp plants that are grown outdoors don’t benefit from the star treatment that indoor hemp plants enjoy. As a result, their terpene profiles are often lackluster, resulting in decreases in flavor, aroma, and potentially potency.

While more research needs to be done, scientists believe that a phenomenon called the entourage effect might increase the potency of hemp when terpenes are ingested at the same time as cannabinoids. The entourage effect remains unproven, but it’s natural to assume that greater concentrations of terpenes might likewise increase the intensity of this theorized potency-boosting phenomenon.

Regardless of the legitimacy of the entourage effect, each Cannabis sativa terpene has unique beneficial qualities. Some terpenes, for instance, have anti-inflammatory properties, and others are antimicrobial. Plus, terpenes smell and taste amazing, adding to the richness and variety of the hemp smoking experience.

5. CBD flower that was grown indoors looks better

Indoor CBD flower is brighter and more colorful than hemp flower that was grown outdoors. While outdoor-grown hemp is usually dark-colored and can appear weather-beaten, indoor CBD flower reflects its posh origins with its carefully manicured, multicolored buds.

That’s not to mention the fact that indoor-grown buds appear to glisten in the light due to their massively high concentrations of trichomes, the mushroom-shaped resin sacs that contain terpenes and cannabinoids. Densely frosted buds are almost always indoor-grown, and hemp flower that looks dull or unappealing was most likely grown outdoors.

6. Indoor CBD hemp flower smells better

Due to its more robust terpene profile, indoor-grown CBD flower has a richer aroma than hemp flower that was grown outdoors. While outdoor-grown hemp tends to simply smell like the place it was grown, indoor CBD flower secretes its terpenes in an ideal, climate-controlled environment, making it smell better.

You can usually tell the difference between indoor-grown and outdoor-grown hemp flower with a single whiff. After being trapped inside a sealed container on its way from the producer to your expectant hands, CBD flower should let off a powerful blast of terpenes the moment you open its package. If the aroma of your unsealed hemp flower fails to impress, it was probably grown outdoors.

7. Indoor-grown CBD flower has a better taste

Due to its enhanced terpene profile and posh upbringings, CBD flower that was grown indoors tastes better than its outdoor-grown equivalent. When you set out to enjoy the benefits of smoking CBD flower, the last thing you want is to taste grass, leaves, or (even worse) the telltale acrid flavor of agrochemicals. Instead, you want to savor the rich terpenes expressed by happy, indoor-grown hemp plants.

8. Indoor CBD flower is usually trimmed better

Indoor-grown CBD flower is naturally big, thick, and juicy. While outdoor-grown CBD flower buds might be longer due to the massive size of the average outdoor Cannabis sativa plant, they’re also notoriously thin and scraggly.

As a result, outdoor hemp flower producers have a tendency to trim less of the leaf matter off their buds. The leftover leaves make outdoor hemp flower look thicker and more robust than it actually is, supposedly increasing the shelf appeal of the flower. In reality, however, leaving hemp buds with a sub-par trim job simply broadcasts their low quality for all to see.

9. Growers who produce their flower indoors care more

This might be a generalization, but CBD flower producers who take the time to grow their crops inside generally care more about the results they achieve. Growing hemp flower indoors is considerably more costly and complicated than cultivating hemp outside, and it’s an endeavor that requires both immense dedication and considerable funding. If a hemp flower cultivator decides to grow their buds inside regardless of the increased difficulty, it’s a given that this dedication to excellence will be plain to see in the flower they produce.

10. Indoor CBD flower offers the best smoking experience

Indoor-grown CBD flower is more potent, it offers greater purity, and it tastes, looks, and smells better than hemp that was grown outdoors. Connoisseur tastes will only be satisfied by premium CBD hemp flower that was cultivated in climate-controlled indoor environments—after experiencing the immense benefits of indoor-grown flower, nothing else will suffice.

There’s simply nothing like taking a juicy, aromatic CBD bud out of a container, grinding it up, and smoking or vaping it using your favorite device. Indoor-grown CBD flower will taste better in your mouth, and it will be smoother going into your lungs. Perhaps most importantly, indoor hemp flower will also provide the most potent effects, allowing you to savor the relaxing power of CBD without any limits.

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