10 Reasons to Buy the Secret Nature CBD Tincture

Published September 27, 2020
10 Reasons to Buy the Secret Nature CBD Tincture - Secret Nature

Tinctures are the most popular CBD products on the market. While we do things a little bit differently here at Secret Nature, we understand that CBD users across the country want to use tinctures to experience the unique benefits of this non-intoxicating cannabinoid.

We also understand, however, that most CBD tinctures on the market get it considerably more wrong than right. From useless filler ingredients to untested products with unknown CBD concentrations and potential toxin contaminations, the hemp market is littered with sub-par tinctures.

That’s why we decided to set things straight by making a tincture of our very own. Secret Nature Organic Hemp Flower Drops contain everything that they should and nothing that they shouldn’t. In the following list, learn the top 10 reasons that you should buy a Secret Nature tincture today.

1. It’s 100% organic

Every ingredient in our tincture is organic. CBD users who otherwise always make sure that everything they consume is sustainable and organic are often asked to compromise on their principles when it comes to the hemp products they consume, but our tincture is fully in line with your ecological goals and nutritional needs.

The CBD in our tincture is derived from premier hemp plants grown organically in Colorado, and every other ingredient, from our hemp seed oil base to our peppermint extract flavoring, is certified as organic. At Secret Nature, we fully recognize the dangers that conventional (and especially artificial) ingredients can pose to your health, which is why we went out of our way to ensure that every single component of our tincture was produced the way nature intended.

2. It contains natural cannabis terpenes

Even if they otherwise use safe, sustainable ingredients, plenty of hemp brands cut corners when it comes to the flavoring agents they add to their tinctures. The truth is, however, that it’s possible to flavor CBD tinctures with nothing more than tasty compounds already present in Cannabis sativa: terpenes.

Each terpene has a different aroma and flavor, and together, these all-natural, antioxidant components of the cannabis plant thoroughly mask the somewhat bitter taste of CBD to provide a pleasant, smooth flavor. Like CBD, terpenes are non-intoxicating, and these delicious compounds taste so good on their own that we only added peppermint essential oil to our tincture for a little bit of flavor diversity.

3. It’s third-party lab-tested

We take lab testing very seriously. Recently, the FDA tested 147 CBD products to determine if they contained the amount of CBD claimed, and only 45% of the tested products contained CBD within 20% of the labeled amount.

While only one CBD product tested contained dangerous contaminants, we think that accuracy is necessary to build consumer trust. That’s why we’ve partnered with a reputable, third-party lab to carefully scrutinize our tincture and every other product we offer at Secret Nature.

We proudly post the lab reports for our tincture on our website, and you can access these reports by visiting our tincture’s product page or by scanning the QR code on your tincture’s packaging. This effort toward total transparency allows us to guarantee that our tincture includes the amount of CBD we say it does and that this product doesn’t contain any contaminants.

4. It has dozens of five-star CBD tincture reviews

Regardless of what we say about how amazing our tincture is, it’s natural to look to your fellow customers for confirmation. Despite the fact that we’re a CBD flower company, our tincture has amassed dozens of reviews, and customers have great things to say about our Organic Hemp Flower Drops.

Having tried two CBD brands already, Joy W. says that “this oil is excellent” and that Secret Nature is “by far, the best.” Daniel M. thanks us for the “amazing product” and says that he “would recommend highly.” Anthony C. is a construction worker, and he said that our tincture helped him feel “more relaxed at work.”

5. It’s a highly potent CBD tincture

CBD only reaches its maximum effectiveness when you use a reasonably large amount of this cannabinoid. You’ll be happy to learn, therefore, that our tincture contains more than 2mg CBD in each and every drop, which makes it easy to get to the 25mg or 50mg dose threshold that’s commonly used in clinical CBD studies.

Our tincture becomes even more potent when you apply it under your tongue. Doing so allows CBD to absorb directly into your lingual artery, providing this cannabinoid with a direct route to your brain and other parts of your nervous system. Hold your tincture under your tongue for 30-60 seconds before swallowing for the best results.

6. It has a great CBD tincture price-per-milligram

Even veteran CBD users often overlook the importance of determining the price-per-milligram (PPMG) of the tinctures they use. Some CBD brands will try to scam you by charging too much for too few milligrams of tincture, but at Secret Nature, we even went so far as to recently lower the price of our tincture to provide you with an even better price-per-milligram.

Independent lab reports verify that our tincture contains 1250mg of full-spectrum CBD, and this product goes for $90. Therefore, the cost of each milligram of CBD in our tincture is around $0.07. Compare that PPMG to the $0.10 that is standard within the hemp industry—you save $0.3 on every milligram of CBD when you choose Secret Nature Organic Hemp Flower Drops.

7. It features additional beneficial ingredients

CBD isn’t the only powerful substance our one-of-a-kind tincture contains. In addition to cannabis terpenes and peppermint essential oil, our tincture is also boosted with black seed oil and shilajit, both of which are believed to have impressive healing properties.

Shilajit is a type of organic substance only found in the Himalayas that forms over thousands of years. This substance has powerful antioxidant properties, and it may also be neuroprotective. Black seed oil is an antioxidant that also appears to have immunomodulatory and antimicrobial benefits.

8. It doesn’t have any additives or preservatives

The full list of ingredients present in our organic CBD tincture is remarkably short. That’s because this tincture only contains what it needs to contain and nothing else. There’s no reason to add preservatives, fillers, or cutting agents to CBD tinctures, and we keep things simple by only including organic ingredients that contribute unique benefits to this high-quality oral CBD product.

9. It’s offered in a UV-proof dropper bottle

A CBD tincture is only as good as its preservation methods. The cannabidiol molecule has a tendency to oxidize when exposed to UV light, which is why we offer our tincture in an opaque, UV-proof bottle. Once you open your bottle of Secret Nature Organic Hemp Flower Drops, however, you’ll find that its built-in eyedropper is convenient and easy to use.

10. It comes from a family of amazing products

Nothing bad ever comes out of Secret Nature. We double and triple-check every product that we sell, and we rely on independent lab tests to check our work and keep us on our toes. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that our CBD tincture offers such incredible value. From the brand that brought you Frosted Kush flower and Forbidden Fruit vape cartridges comes the best CBD tincture on the market—try it today to experience the power of Secret Nature Organic Hemp Flower Drops for yourself.
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