10 Reasons to Love the Secret Nature Disposable Vape

Published May 09, 2022
10 Reasons to Love the Secret Nature Disposable Vape - Secret Nature

The Secret Nature Disposable Vape is here, and there are too many things to love about this new product to list in just one article. To give you a basic idea of what sets the Secret Nature disposable apart from other options and explain why you should buy it now, though, I’ll narrow my review down to just 10 of the most important points. Read on to learn the top 10 reasons to love the new Secret Nature Disposable Vape.

1. It’s rechargeable

The first point I’ll cover is also, to me, the most important. As Secret Nature’s blog writer and a long-time cannabis user, I’ve tried more dabs and vape cartridges than I can count. One type of vaporizable cannabis product I always stayed away from, though, was disposable vapes. Why would you buy a product that starts performing poorly halfway through its lifecycle and often stops working at all before you’ve vaped all the extract inside?

To be perfectly honest, I was ready for disappointment when I received my first few Secret Nature disposables in the mail. Opening the first package, though, I was pleasantly surprised: There, on the bottom of the disposable, was a silicone-capped microUSB charging port that I could use to make sure my disposable pen was always at full voltage.

2. It’s discreet

Even though they offer lots of benefits, cartridge-battery vape pen combos have a way of drawing attention. If you pull out a conventional cannabis vape pen in public, chances are that people around you will know what you’re vaping right away, which might not always be the effect you’re going for.

In that regard, I personally love how discreet the Secret Nature Disposable Vape is. It honestly looks a lot like a JUUL nicotine vape pen—just a much more upscale version. If you want to vape your hemp incognito, it’s a good thing if your vape pen looks exactly like a device used to vaporize nicotine.

3. It’s convenient

After a while, switching out cartridges and charging batteries can get confusing. That’s why I love the grab-and-go convenience of the Secret Nature Disposable Vape. Even if you decide to charge it between uses, all it takes is unplugging the cord and popping the Secret Nature disposable in your mouth to start vaping hemp whenever you choose.

Pro tip: If you get a few different types of Secret Nature Disposable Vapes, label them with a sharpie or label-maker to tell them apart.

4. It activates instantly out of the box

As a cartridge user, I’m accustomed to needing to attach my cartridge to a fully charged battery before I can start vaping. It might seem like a small thing, but I love how you can simply take a Secret Nature Disposable Vape out of its box, stick it between your lips, and start puffing immediately.

There are no cartridges to screw on and no buttons to press, just instant hemp goodness. This feature makes the disposable the most newbie-friendly of all the Secret Nature vapes as well—this is definitely the vape to recommend to that friend who has never vaped hemp before.

5. It contains a full gram of hemp concentrate

In my experience, disposable hemp and cannabis vapes more commonly contain 0.5g of concentrate. Especially given the relatively small overall size of the Secret Nature Disposable Vape, I have to admit I didn’t expect it to contain a full gram of hemp extract.

This feature makes the Secret Nature Disposable Vape almost as high-capacity as Secret Nature’s cartridges, which contain 1.2g of extract each. I love how this vape is so tiny yet packs such a large amount of extract.

6. It features strain-specific, live resin terpenes

Yes, the Secret Nature Disposable Vape contains the same high-quality cannabis terpenes that are found in this brand’s vape cartridges. In fact, the hemp concentrate in Secret Nature’s disposable vape is exactly the same as the concentrate in Secret Nature carts—it’s just included in a smaller and more convenient package.

You have lots of different terpene profiles to choose from. For indicas, there’s OG Kush, Forbidden Fruit, White Fire OG, and Grape Ape. For sativas, you have Mimosa, Sour Diesel, Durban Poison, Bellini, and Lemon Diesel. On top of that, there are even more terpene profiles to discover as you try each Secret Nature Disposable Vape option.

7. It comes in CBD, D8, and THCV

From one simple product page, you can order Secret Nature Disposable Vapes containing either CBD, delta 8, or THCV. I’ve tried Secret Nature disposables containing each cannabinoid, and I can’t decide which option I love more. Some of my favorite CBD vape strains are there, and I also tried vaping THCV for the first time in the form of the Secret Nature Sour Diesel THCV Disposable Vape.

Perhaps it’s Secret Nature’s delta 8 disposables that shine the brightest, though. In addition to the strains you can get in cartridge form as well, the Secret Nature Delta 8 Disposable line also features Wedding Cake and Gelato, two delicious strains that I can’t seem to get enough of. Since these delta 8 strains are currently only available in disposable form, that’s all the more reason to give these convenient new vape products a shot.

8. It doesn’t clog

One issue I’ve always had with cartridges is clogging. It seems like the better the extract, the more likely it is to clog inside a cartridge—but that’s just my experience. The issue often shows up when I store cartridges improperly (on their side or in my pocket, for instance), but sometimes, I can’t figure out why my cart clogged for the life of me.

That’s why it was such a pleasant surprise to find that my Secret Nature Disposable Vapes appear to be incapable of clogging or leaking no matter how I store them. I even tried storing one upside down once while it charged, and it still hit fine the following morning.

I’m no expert when it comes to the hardware side of things, but this “uncloggability” must have something to do with the design of disposable vape. If you’ve ever had issues with cartridges clogging, you’ll truly love the Secret Nature Disposable Vape.

9. It hits hard

For some, this might not be as much of a plus, but I personally love how the Secret Nature Disposable Vape hits a bit harder than the average cartridge. Disposables are designed to work this way to make recharging optional. Voltage goes down as a vape battery is depleted, and by starting at a slightly higher voltage, you’ll still be able to hit your disposable even when its tank is close to empty.

Harder hits mean higher highs, and they also mean fewer hits per session. For this reason, I find the Secret Nature Disposable Vape to be perfect for the “sneaky hit”—that one-and-done type of vape hit that only takes a few seconds but does the trick for hours.

10. It’s lab-tested

Lastly, I love how—like all other Secret Nature products—the Secret Nature Disposable Vape is third-party lab tested. I don’t know about you, but I get squeamish at the thought of inhaling filler ingredients or contaminants when I hit a vape, and the fact that batch-specific lab tests are clearly posted online means I can have total confidence in the quality of my Secret Nature Disposable Vape before I take my first puff.

Secret Nature Disposable Vape FAQ

To finish up, I’ll answer a few common questions regarding the Secret Nature Disposable Vape:

Are there CBD disposable vapes?

Yes, disposable vapes can contain CBD instead of THC, and vaping CBD in the form of a disposable is both convenient and effective. Featuring live resin, strain-specific terpenes and indoor-grown full-spectrum hemp extract, the Secret Nature CBD Disposable Vape is a cut above the competition.

Do CBD disposable pens work?

Yes, CBD disposable vapes certainly get the job done. Vaporizing this cannabinoid is, in general, one of the most effective and potent ways to use CBD, and disposables make vaping CBD easy and convenient. Just make sure you choose the right CBD disposable to ensure excellent results.

How do you use a delta 8 disposable vape?

With most delta 8 disposable vapes, all you have to do is take your vape out of the box, stick it in your mouth, and inhale to start enjoying the potent benefits of delta 8 vapor. Most delta 8 disposables activate upon inhalation, and they shouldn’t need to be charged before use.

How long does it take to charge a delta 8 disposable?

If your delta 8 disposable has died, it should take less than an hour to recharge. Keep in mind, however, that only the best delta 8 disposables are rechargeable.

What is the most flavorful disposable vape?

Featuring live resin terpenes and full-spectrum hemp extract, the Secret Nature Disposable Vape is the most flavorful cannabis vape on the market. There are lots of different strains to choose from, and each strain has been lab-tested for safety and purity. Inhale, and enjoy!

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