10 Reasons Your Dispensary Needs Secret Nature

Published September 29, 2020
10 Reasons Your Dispensary Needs Secret Nature - Secret Nature

The CBD phenomenon has spread beyond natural food stores and the internet. Even long-time cannabis users are becoming aware of the unique benefits of this cannabinoid, sparking increased demand for CBD products at dispensaries.

With the majority of CBD-rich cannabis products being disappointing, however, it’s time to team up with the world’s most popular CBD flower and vape brand to capture this growing sector of the cannabis market. In this list, we’ll provide you with the top 10 most compelling reasons you should offer Secret Nature CBD flower and vape products at your dispensary.

1. Cannabis consumers demand CBD

According to a recent market study, 68% of consumers reported awareness of CBD, and 73% of consumers who tried CBD reported positive experiences. With more than 40 million cannabis consumers in the United States, that means at least 27 million existing cannabis consumers are aware of CBD, and this number is likely much greater given the higher level of cannabis-related education among individuals who already use derivatives of this medicinal plant.

As the market continues to mature, an increasing number of cannabis consumers will demand CBD products due to the perceived downsides of THC. Not all cannabis consumers want to become intoxicated, and many cannabis users who enjoy the effects of THC will also want to experiment with other cannabinoids.

Dispensary owners currently face significant difficulties in securing high-CBD products for their customers. Most producers in recreational and medical marijuana states place their primary focus on THC-rich products, leaving little bandwidth for products featuring other cannabinoids. As a result, CBD-rich products offered by licensed producers (LPs) are often low-quality and usually contain considerable amounts of THC, which some CBD consumers may find unappealing.

The ideal solution is to partner with a company that focuses exclusively on CBD products. Tinctures and topicals dominate the CBD market, and cannabis users may find these product types unfamiliar. Secret Nature, however, produces CBD-rich hemp flower and vape products, which are similar in type to common recreational and medical cannabis products while focusing exclusively on CBD.

2. Secret Nature is the leading CBD flower and vape brand

CBD flower has become an increasingly popular product category within the overall hemp market over the last few years, and Secret Nature has remained the top brand within the CBD flower category throughout this period of massive expansion. Our brand retains top positions within search engine results for common CBD keywords, and Secret Nature has captured an impressive share of the CBD flower market both online and in retail settings.

As a result, our brand has prestige and recognition that translates from the internet and social media into the real world. The Secret Nature brand has become synonymous with artisan quality, and hemp and cannabis consumers all over the country associate Secret Nature with honesty, transparency, and true value.

3. Secret Nature products have more than 5,000 reviews

One of the most impressive and tangible measures of our success is the number of reviews that our products have amassed. At the time of this writing, we have accumulated more than 4,800 five-star reviews, and at the rate at which we currently receive new reviews, this number will have surpassed 5,000 within a week or less.

Scrolling through these verified customer reviews, it’s immediately easy to see just how impressed, and, in some cases, surprised CBD customers become when presented with the unsurpassed quality Secret Nature brings to the table. It’s no secret that the CBD industry is rife with scammers and sub-par products, and this is especially the case within the CBD flower space. At Secret Nature, however, quality is our highest priority, and the relief that our customers experience upon using true top-shelf CBD for the first time directly translates into loyalty and brand evangelism

4. Our flower is true top-shelf quality

There’s no catch when it comes to Secret Nature CBD flower and vapes, and we aren’t pulling any dirty tricks. We simply offer the highest-quality CBD products on the market for reasonable prices, and as a result, the mechanics of free market capitalism have swung in our favor. We do things better than the competition, and we reap the benefits.

Starting with the best genetics in the industry, we cultivate our CBD-rich hemp flower in climate-controlled, indoor environments using the best organic living soil techniques on the market. We carefully harvest, dry, cure, and hand-trim our buds before placing them in airtight, artisan containers. Our pre-rolls always feature ground-up, trimmed buds with no trim or shake.

5. Our vape cartridges feature live resin

We apply similar care to the production of our CBD vape products, resulting in the tastiest, most potent hemp vaping experience on the market. Our vape cartridges contain live resin CBD extract, which preserves terpenes in the pristine state they take on when Cannabis sativa flower is in its prime. We use CO2 to extract our live resin CBD vape oil, and we reintroduce live cannabis terpenes into the final product to provide enhanced flavor and aroma.

6. We offer our products at various price points

Dispensary owners can buy into the Secret Nature brand at varying price points. Whether you want to offer a full display of our entire product line or you’d rather start with an affordable CBD pre-roll display, our catalog is diverse enough to adapt to your goals. This diversified pricing also makes our brand accessible to your customers, who can buy in at low price points while nevertheless developing brand loyalty and repurchasing behaviors.

7. Secret Nature products look sexy on the shelf

We’ve put a lot of thought into our unique product packaging designs. Amid a sea of soft colors and light swirls, our jet-black packages with embossed gold lettering stand out like a sore thumb. Consumers subconsciously associate this color scheme with luxury and value, and they feel pampered when they pop open a tin of Secret Nature flower or slowly slide a Secret Nature vape cartridge out of its box.

8. CBD consumers recognize our brand

Secret Nature is an easy sell. Chances are that customers entering your dispensary in search of CBD flower will already be familiar with Secret Nature. Since it’s awfully hard to avoid our brand when you search for keywords related to CBD flower, 10 seconds of Google research is enough to introduce Secret Nature to potential customers. CBD users with more experience with hemp flower may seek you out specifically because you carry Secret Nature flower, allowing you to upsell with other items.

9. Lab tests are accessible with a scannable QR code

Traceability can be a big issue in the CBD industry, which always elicits a laugh from dispensary owners who have to deal with the convoluted tracing policies their state governments impose. With Secret Nature vape cartridges and CBD flower, however, it’s easy to access the lab reports for individual products: Simply flip the package over and scan the QR code on the back. This code takes you directly to the third-party lab report for that product.

10. Our innovative catalog is always expanding

You might not be the only dispensary in the area to offer CBD flower, but it’s highly unlikely that any other dispensaries near you offer hemp flower that’s high in cannabigerol (CBG). High-CBG hemp flower is just one of the innovations we offer at Secret Nature, and we’re constantly breeding new strains and experimenting with cutting-edge products while always staying true to our core lineup. With Secret Nature as your partner, you’ll never get bored, and you’ll never run out of the best top-shelf CBD bud ever grown.

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