11 Exhilarating Ways to Inhale CBD Outdoors

Published June 13, 2021
11 Exhilarating Ways to Inhale CBD Outdoors - Secret Nature

Ever get tired of smoking your CBD inside all the time? We do too, and sometimes just going out on the porch won’t scratch your itch for the true all-natural experience.

As Secret Nature’s blog writer, I’ve had more than my fair share of chances to enjoy the benefits of inhaling top-tier hemp outdoors. With my 11 handpicked tips, you’ll be set whenever the rush of cannabinoids entering your lungs will only truly satisfy when it happens under the great blue sky.

1. Take CBD pre-rolls on a hike

You can’t beat joints when it comes to hiking. Really, there’s only one reason.

It’s just somehow magical to spark up a joint and inhale a thick cloud of natural smoke the moment you catch your breath after ascending a glistening, sunlit summit.  Vapes won’t do, and filling a bowl would be too much of a hassle.

Plus, a single pre-roll is the perfect size to share with one or two fellow adventures who enjoyed the ascent with you.

2. Pass around a hemp joint at your backyard barbeque

Beer is so passé, and who wants to get completely blitzed when you’re having a barbecue with little kids around? Hemp is the perfect solution when you want to puff on something tasty and satisfying while still keeping the environment PG-13.

Your new pack of Secret Nature joints is also a great conversation starter. People will want to know how it’s possible for you to smoke cannabis without getting high, and they’ll remark on how good your Secret Nature buds taste — even though they’re only hemp.

3. Pack a CBD vape on a bike ride

Bicycling is nothing if not an art of balance. While some cyclists can easily roll down hills with both hands off the handlebars, you’ll be lucky to even get one hand free for a reasonable amount of time without a significant degree of mastery.

As a result, vaping is essentially the only way you can enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids while on a bike. Many cycling uniforms are studded with convenient pockets, making it easy to stow your vape upright while you pedal and pull it out when it’s time to coast.

4. Find a Secret Spot to light up a hemp bowl

Many indigenous cultures have the concept of a Secret Spot, a place that only you know about and that you go to connect with yourself and with nature. It’s essential that your Secret Spot be surrounded by nothing but natural surroundings and greenery. Beyond that, though, the sky's the limit.

Settle down in your Secret Spot, get in touch with your deepest self, and fill your favorite pipe or portable bubbler with sticky, icky, delicious Secret Nature hemp.

5. Do some dabbing in the park

Dabbing might not seem like something that’s appropriate to do outdoors. Under the right circumstances, however, taking a huge hemp dab out under the great open sky can give you an entirely new appreciation of cannabinoids, terpenes, and the beautiful ways they interact with each other.

For this trick, we’d suggest finding an out-of-the-way bench or some otherwise private nook where you can still find a flat surface to mount your equipment. You’ll need an old-school butane torch to get your nail hot without access to an electrical outlet, or maybe you’d prefer to splurge on a wireless dabber instead.

6. Pass out hemp pre-rolls after an event

It can be a triathlon, a swim meet, a group cycle ride or anything in-between. Whatever the occasion might be, you’ll make it a lot more enjoyable with an infusion of non-intoxicating hemp once all the exertion is over.

Instead of getting everyone giggly, smoking hemp after a good cardio session will simply make you more relaxed and may even help with recovery. 

7. Vape hemp on a trail run

Trail running is not for the faint of heart or the weak of knees. For those with the agility of deer and the stamina of bears, however, running in the woods will always be categorically different from running through urban environments.

Whenever you stop, take a breather, and check out the amazing view you’ve gotten to, remember that a vape pen is waiting for you in your pocket. You won’t get high when you puff on a Secret Nature CBD vape, but you might notice that your muscles hurt a little bit less and your overall perspective toward exercise is even more positive.

8. Enjoy an old-school rendezvous in the woods

Remember the days when you had to hide out in the woods just to smoke a bowl? Cannabis might be much more mainstream now, but it can still be fun to spark a clandestine bowl in the darkness of nature where no one can see you.

You can probably do a lot better than an apple or an empty soda can these days, but smoking out of a pipe is still the best way to go when it comes to recreating some of your silliest years from high school or college. It should go without saying but this trip down memory lane is more fun with friends — especially if they’re the same friends you used to smoke weed with.

9. Pack a pre-roll on night patrol

Sometimes we all like to get out on a little stroll after the rest of the world has gone to sleep. What better way to get in touch with the velvety softness of night than with the glowing ember of a Secret Nature hemp pre-roll to keep you company?

In your wake, you’ll leave nothing behind but sweet-smelling smoke. In front of you, the glowing tip of your joint will light the way forward and warn away things that go bump in the night.

10. Hit your CBD vape while you hit the slopes

Whether you like to longboard, skateboard, or snowboard the best, nothing is more convenient than a portable vape pen when it comes to hitting the slopes. Downhill sports of any kind are often multi-hour affairs, and it’s inconvenient (not to mention wasteful) to spark up a new pre-roll or bowl just to refresh the benefits of cannabinoids.

Whenever you feel the need and you have a chance to take a breath, pull your vape pen out of where it is securely stowed upright in a pocket or compartment. Inhale, and feel the brisk crispiness of nature air blend with the terpene-rich cannabinoid vapor entering your lungs.

11. Bring it all on the next camping trip

By this point, you’ve had 10 chances to try inhaling CBD in different ways out in nature. Now, it’s time to put together everything you’ve learned in an all-out CBD-nature bonanza — the Secret Nature camping trip.

Pre-rolls? Check. Eighth flower tins? Check. Vapes? Check. Dabs? Check.

You’ve got everything you need to make your next camping trip the most relaxing you’ve ever enjoyed. Add some Secret Nature delta 8 to deepen the relaxation, and rely on your CBD buds and vapes will be there whenever you want a change of pace while you lie under the stars or swim in the river.

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