11 On-the-Go Ways to Enjoy CBD in the Post-COVID World

Published June 30, 2021
11 On-the-Go Ways to Enjoy CBD in the Post-COVID World - Secret Nature

The pandemic changed a lot of things about how we went about our daily lives. We stayed at home, furtively leaping from safe place to safe place bedecked in masks and face shields. An invisible menace was at work in society, but we’re all now cautiously creeping out of our holes.

As you take your first steps into a familiar-yet-changed world, allow CBD to be a touchstone and guardian by your side. It’s been a long time since you’ve walked these streets, and it will take some getting used to.

1. Break the ice at social gatherings

You’ll be forgiven if you’ve forgotten exactly what even your best pre-pandemic friends look like in person. Whether you’re reconnecting with old compadres or branching out into new social groups, CBD might be the perfect thing to get everyone relaxed but still with-it and focused.

Smoking or vaping CBD makes you part of things even if you don’t want to get intoxicated. It gives others a way out if they aren’t into THC-rich cannabis, and it helps people who like intoxication experience new sides of cannabinoids they never knew existed.

CBD will make interacting with people easier, and it might even make your popularity points rise. Just remember to pick the right brand if you truly want to be Hempcoming King/Queen.

2. Smoke CBD at outdoor events

You’ve been caged in what amounts to a kennel for the last year. Obviously, you’ll leap at any opportunity to attend a concert, parade, festival, or any other type of in-person mass event that may have been canceled last year.

Smoking inside always feels kind of weird, but nothing is more natural than letting out a cloud of smoke above the heads of a crowd. Slap a 7-pack of Secret Nature pre-rolls in your pocket to stay lit all day long or share the power of CBD with other revelers.

3. Vape conveniently without a mask

In many places that once had stricter policies, it is now no longer necessary to always wear masks in public. For people who vape, getting around masks was a big annoyance, so hemp vapers around the country can now rejoice at no longer having to sneak their way around facemasks just to taste terpenes and inhale cannabinoids.

Pull out your CBD vape pen, and inhale in public without any worries whatsoever. The country is rapidly becoming more receptive to hemp and everything that comes with it, so don’t be afraid to take your national pride to the next level with the discreet, respectful, yet public consumption of CBD vapor.

4. Bring CBD capsules to work

It’s been a while since you’ve seen your desk. Make it a joyful reunion by stocking a drawer with CBD capsules.

Convenient to grab throughout the day and perfectly innocuous at a casual glance, CBD capsules are the perfect solution to the paired excitement and anxiety that accompanies the resumption of in-office workplace duties. Like many of us, you may have indulged a little too much in substances of the intoxicating variety during lockdown, and CBD might help you come down from your pink cloud with a little more grace.

5. Take CBD on a road trip

The roads are opening up again, and Americans are taking to them in massive numbers. CBD usually isn’t problematic when taken across state lines, but just to be safe, consider keeping your trips in-state.

Unless you live in Rhode Island or Connecticut, each American state has plenty of room to spread out and explore. Take your kids with you or go solo — just remember to emphasize the scenic beauty of each pit stop with a CBD smoke.

6. Try CBD for post-COVID syndrome

In this article, we’re mainly using the term “post-COVID” to refer to the period of time that is emerging now that the COVID-19 pandemic has largely run its course. There’s another meaning of the term, however, that might be just as relevant to the world of CBD.

Medical experts have identified the cluster of persistent symptoms that sometimes linger after COVID-19 infection as “post-COVID syndrome.” There’s no direct evidence that CBD might be useful for either COVID-19 or post-COVID syndrome, but it’s also a fact that this cannabinoid is mild and almost universally well-tolerated.

7. Smoke a hemp joint outside your favorite bar

You might have hopped over the state line during the pandemic to do your social drinking, but the doors of your old hometown saloon might have swung open again now that COVID-19 has gone rambling along. When everyone steps outside for a smoke, pull out a hemp joint to show just how much things have changed while everyone was stuck inside.

8. Pack CBD on a plane

Just like road travel is becoming more back-to-normal, flying is also starting to become a little less restrictive. The TSA has allowed CBD on domestic flights for a couple of years now anyway, and you might not get as many dirty looks from around the cabin when you pull down your mask to consume CBD.

You may prefer sending your CBD along with you in checked luggage instead. The TSA doesn’t have any preference, but remember that other countries view carrying CBD very differently.

9. Take CBD on a boat

It can be a 4th-of-July dinner cruise or an actual cruise later on this year — however you want to do it, CBD will make your boating bonanza even more spectacular. With major cruise liners, there shouldn’t be any problem taking CBD aboard, and they’ll certainly be happy to receive your business.

10. Share the benefits of CBD with others

You never know what the future might bring — now is the time to spread the word about natural remedies that helped you during the pandemic. Whether it was stress, sleep, or some other demon that became stronger in isolation, CBD was there for you, so now it’s time for you to be there for others.

Telling might not be enough. You did plenty of FaceTiming and texting during the pandemic, after all, and you still didn’t feel closer. During your next in-person meeting, share your favorite CBD product with someone you feel could use it the most.

Share how CBD helped you when you had hard times, and do your best to present the benefits cannabinoids deliver in an honest light. Nothing about CBD saved your life from COVID, but there’s a lot of good hemp can do when times get tough.

11.  Stock up on your favorite CBD

Since the best CBD products are now available for purchase on the internet, this last option might not involve actually leaving your house. There will certainly be a flurry of activity, however, as you arrange your CBD stash to counter whichever apocalypse the so-far-bizarre 21st century might dump on our collective laps.

We aren’t saying you should be a CBD prepper, but everyone’s eyes were opened to the fragility of our modern world by the COVID-19 pandemic. Keep plenty of CBD on hand for your own use if supply lines go down and as a very valuable form of alternative currency.

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