2021 CBG Guide

Published December 20, 2019
2021 CBG Guide - Secret Nature

There are enough cannabinoids these days to make anyone a little confused. The first time most of us heard of CBG, we thought we had just misread “CBD.” The truth, though, is that cannabigerol (CBG) is an entirely cannabinoid that might pair nicely with CBD.

CBG and CBD are very different, and it’s important to explore these differences in detail if you’re planning to use CBG for health reasons. CBG flower might be the right option for some people, and we guarantee that Secret Nature offers the world’s highest-quality premium, organic CBG nugs. There’s still a lot to learn about CBG, but we’ll share what we know in this guide.

1. What is CBG?

After the CBD industry let the cannabinoid “cat” out of the bag, it was only a matter of time until other hemp constituents seized their moments to shine. CBG was the first non-CBD, non-THC cannabinoid to gain widespread popularity, and there’s a simple reason why.

Among the cannabinoids, CBG is best described as a stem cell. Just as human stem cells serve as the prima materia for every cell in the body, most cannabinoids start out as CBG.

It’s only later that chemical changes are made to turn CBG into CBD, THC, or CBC. As such, CBG is of great interest to cannabinoid researchers around the world. 

2. What is the difference between CBD and CBG?

First, let’s cover the similarities between these two compounds:

— How CBD and CBG are similar —

  • Both CBD and CBG appear to be non-psychoactive, which means they don’t make you high
  • Both cannabinoids appear to enhance the body’s natural processes to promote health
  • Chemically, CBD and CBG are quite similar

— How they are different —

  • CBD primarily exerts neurological activity, but CBG appears to interact more with the digestive system
  • CBG also seems to interact with the GABA system, which is a primary neuronal signaling framework
  • Talk with a doctor to learn about the potential medical benefits of CBG

— How CBD and CBG work together —

Using CBG and CBD shouldn’t be an either-or proposition. Cannabinoids work best in the original holistic arrangement they organize into as hemp flower matures. CBG and CBD reach their fullest potential in unison, and the same goes for all the cannabinoids and terpenes present in Cannabis sativa flower.

With CBG flower, it’s finally possible to combine the power of CBD with CBG in meaningful ratios. All hemp contains some CBG, but it’s usually only present in trace amounts. We’ve only just begun learning about the benefits of cannabinoids, so there’s no way to predict the wonders that might ensue when you combine these epic hemp substances. 

3. What is CBG flower?

All CBG products begin as flower. As high-CBG hemp flower with incredibly low levels of THC, CBG flower is simply cannabigerol in its natural form.

In the past, CBG was only present in hemp flower in concentrations of 1% or less. With selective breeding, however, Secret Nature has produced a variety of high-CBG hemp strains. Previously, untenable costliness had prevented the mass-manufacture of CBG products, but this impressive cannabinoid is now available to consumers at a reasonable price.

— What is the best CBG flower? —

Not all hemp flower is the same; since Cannabis sativa is a bioaccumulator, you have to be careful with how your hemp was grown. This finicky plant must be kept away from toxins during its entire growth cycle, and organic cultivation is the only way to do it right.

The first step in organic hemp agriculture is securing great genetics. Just like in animals, confused genetic codes result in sub-par or even potentially dangerous plants, which is why such great care is taken to acquire each Secret Nature hemp phenotype.

From there, CBG-rich hemp must be kept far away from heavy metals and other environmental toxins. Indoor cultivation helps with this step somewhat, but it’s also important to choose a clean and reliable growing substrate.

Next, mold must be countered for. Mold and fungi are incredibly complex organisms, and they leave behind criss-crossing networks of mycotoxins even when they’re removed from their hosts. Once it’s contaminated, moldy flower is forever unsafe.

Only a company that has both the knowledge and wisdom to take the right steps in the growing process has the right to offer CBG flower to the world. We’ve done our homework at Secret Nature, and our CBG-rich, THC-low Cannabis sativa flower is proof. 

4. What does CBG do?

As researchers have tried to determine the benefits or risks of CBG, they have generally looked at two distinct categories:

— Chemical properties —

The chemical properties of CBG have to do with how it interacts with other organic and inorganic matter. Understanding the chemical properties of CBG is essential to ascertaining the overall effects this cannabinoid may have.

At the molecular level, CBG affects the body quite differently than CBD. It targets different receptors, and it interacts with different systems.

— Effects in the body —

Of course, scientists are ultimately most interested in how CBG affects the body. To achieve optimal results, it’s important to know both how CBG affects people physically and how they experience this non-intoxicating cannabinoid’s effects subjectively.

CBG is generally reported as having a soothing, calming effect, and this cannabinoid does not have any notable side effects. More research needs to be done before we discuss CBG might help people with physical, emotional, or psychological issues.

5. What is CBG good for?

There’s currently a lot of interest surrounding the potential benefits of CBG and other cannabinoids. Consumers and manufacturers look to regulatory agencies like the FDA to provide clarity and guidance on these matters, but the status of cannabis remains confusing.

We don’t know a lot about the potential medical benefits of CBG, but we certainly want to find out more. And, we aren’t alone⁠ — millions of people around the world are very interested in cannabinoids, and this groundswell of support has propelled cannabis research to the next level.

While it isn’t our place to speculate on the potential medical effects that CBG has in the body, we can certainly provide a report on what our customers use CBG Flower for:

“I recently tried a few of the flowers and they were all great quality. The look, feel and even taste were all there. This one was one of my favorites.” - Adam G.

“I love the focus feel it gives. Will definitely buy more.” - Alexander Z.

“Really nice fluffy buds. Nutty, earthy taste and a mild stimulating effect. Over all pretty great just like everything else SN has to offer!” - Jonah R.

6. What is the latest CBG research?

Cannabis researchers around the globe are hard at work discovering the benefits this unique cannabinoid might offer. Compared to CBD, very little research has been conducted into CBG, but what we’ve learned already should grab the attention of any hemp user looking for new ways to experience their favorite plant. Let’s summarize a few of the most important areas of recent CBG research:

— Digestive system CBG research —

Over the last few years, researchers have become increasingly interested in the gastrointestinal benefits that CBG may provide when smoked or ingested orally. In 2013, for instance, scientists investigated the potential relationship between CBG and digestive system inflammation to determine whether this cannabinoid might be useful for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Currently, the majority of IBD treatments have lamentable side effects, so the international medical research community is naturally interested in finding plant-based substances that might help with this condition.

In 2016, another scientific inquiry into the gastrointestinal effects of CBG was published, this time examining the potential appetite-stimulating benefits of this non-intoxicating cannabinoid. Cannabis scientists already knew that THC could cause hyperphagia (the desire to eat even when satiated), but they wanted to understand why certain low-THC hemp strains also caused this effect.

— Antimicrobial CBG research —

Perhaps one of the most interesting areas of CBG research is the ongoing investigation into this cannabinoid’s potential antimicrobial qualities. A 1982 study examined both CBG and cannabichromene (CBC) to determine their antimicrobial potential, but despite promising preliminary results, cannabis researchers dropped this topic for more than three decades.

In 2020, however, researchers at McMaster University reported that they had acquired further evidence regarding the potential antimicrobial effects of CBG. The research that delivered these results involved 18 different cannabinoids, and as one of their experiments, the McMaster scientists tested CBG against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). This common bacterium can cause serious skin infections, and researchers remain keen to determine whether CBG might be an effective treatment for MRSA.

— Cancer CBG research —

While there is less research into this subject than has been published regarding other potential benefits of CBG, cannabis scientists have displayed increasing interest in cannabigerol’s potential anti-cancer effects. In 2014, for instance, a study was published that examined the effects of CBG on colon carcinogenesis, which is the process that leads to cancer tumors in the large intestine.

— Neuroprotective CBG research —

Starting in 2012, a series of studies have been published that examine the potential neuroprotective effects of CBG. The first of these studies was conducted by cannabis scientists in Spain, and it sought to determine the effects of CBG on neuroinflammation in the context of multiple sclerosis.

Encouraged by the results of this research, Italian scientists published research in 2019 detailing the potential neuroprotective effects that CBG and CBD may exert when used in tandem. In 2020, a second team of Italian researchers examined the potential neuroprotective and antioxidant effects of CBD and CBG in animals.

7. Where to buy CBG?

Secret Nature offers the world’s best CBG flower. We grow hemp the way nature intended, and the unbelievable potency of our high-CBG flower is only the beginning of the reasons you should choose Secret Nature:

  • Organic, indoor-grown buds

Our sativa-dominant CBG flower is grown in climate-controlled, sealed interior environments and processed in sterile, compliant production facilities. We only use natural fertilizers and pest-deterrents, and we lab-test each batch of flower we produce to ensure a steady standard of quality.

  • Cutting-edge genetics

Finding high-CBG cannabis strains is anything but easy. We’re only satisfied with the best of the best, which made our search even harder. The genetics that go into our CBG flower products have only existed for a very short time — Secret Nature is riding the crest of the cannabinoid future. 

  • Empathic customer service

We grow hemp flower to make your life better. People are most important, and we’ll always make you feel like our top priority at Secret Nature. Whatever you need to know, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

Secret Nature⁠—Your only source for potent, organic CBG flower

CBG is only going to get more popular as time goes by. Everywhere around the world, cannabis law is changing, and the day will soon come when hemp freedom reigns.

Already, non-intoxicating cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and CBN are changing how people view Cannabis sativa. Soon, the world will see cannabis as a healing tool first and an intoxicant second, which is the viewpoint we’ve held for the vast majority of human history.

At Secret Nature, we’ve made it our mission to offer the best hemp products ever in spite of any headwinds that may blow our way⁠. Now that the most mysterious components of the cannabis plant are being closely studied, remember we’re always only a click away.

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