21 Reasons to Choose Secret Nature

Published March 23, 2021
21 Reasons to Choose Secret Nature - Secret Nature

A new year has come at last. To celebrate good times on the horizon, why not get some CBD flower shipped to you wherever you are in the country?

There’s the little matter first, of course, of choosing the right brand. While unheard of just a few years ago, CBD flower is now extremely popular, making wading through the riffraff a challenge.

Need a little convincing to get on the Secret Nature bandwagon? We have 21 arguments that might make you start seeing things from our point of view.

1. 8,000 have come before you

At the time of this writing, Secret Nature customers have left 8,102 verified product reviews. We invite you to take a look around the industry and compare those metrics to the competition.

Why should you choose Secret Nature? Because it’s what everyone else is doing. Popularity isn’t everything, but it’s often a sign of genuine value.

Read through some Secret Nature customer reviews. See what CBD consumers really think about Secret Nature products.

Every once in a while, you’ll come across a customer who isn’t entirely satisfied. Almost 100% of our reviews, however, overflow with almost ecstatic praise for Secret Nature products, which are often described as precious water in a desert of inferior hemp.

2. Secret Nature buds are indoor-grown

There’s a lot the average CBD consumer doesn’t know. A light has recently been shone on the hemp industry as a whole as CBD has exploded into popularity, but many aspects of what goes on in brightly-lit smokable hemp fields ironically occurs in the dark.

Did you know, for instance, that there’s a vast and important crevasse of difference between outdoor-grown (sometimes cutesified as “sun-grown”) and indoor-grown hemp flower? Here’s the difference — indoor-grown hemp is vastly superior.

But, growing hemp outdoors is what nature intended, you contest. Do you really think nature intended, though, for you to inhale the synthetic pesticides that wafted into your smokable hemp products from the vegetable field next-door to where they grew?

3. Secret Nature buds are organic

We don’t mess around at Secret Nature. All our products are 100% organic.

No chemical pesticides or other unsustainable or harmful products are used in the production of our products. Third-party lab reports confirm that Secret Nature products are free of residual solvents and other common hemp contaminants.

4. Secret Nature buds are potent

That’s the thing about growing hemp nugs indoors — it makes them produce more CBD. In Secret Nature’s ideally lit, climate-controlled cultivation environments, CBD-rich hemp genetics can let it rip and deliver staggering total cannabinoid concentrations as high as 25 or even 26 percent.

5. Everything comes from Secret Nature buds

All of the products in our shop are derived from our organic, indoor-grown hemp nugs. Our vape cartridges contain full-spectrum nectar derived from Secret Nature CBD buds, and our pre-rolls consist of Secret Nature nugs all ground-up.

As a result, you can expect a universal baseline of quality from everything bearing the Secret Nature logo.

6. Secret Nature vape cartridges contain live resin terpenes

Live resin is a type of cannabis or hemp extract that’s produced from buds that are flash-frozen rather than conventionally dried and cured. Secret Nature vape cartridges contain a combination of our 100% organic raw hemp flower vape nectar and zero-THC genuine cannabis terpenes from a reliable source. As a result, they taste amazing and may offer enhanced benefits.

7. Secret Nature live resin vape terpene profiles are strain-specific

The live resin terpenes we blend with our raw nectar to make finished vape cartridges are strain-specific. That means they’re lifted in an entire set from a specific popular cannabis strain.

This alchemic fusion results in hemp vape cartridges that taste (and strongly, too) just like iconic cannabis strains. The only (and very important) difference is that Secret Nature vape cartridges contain 60-70% CBD and less than 0.3% THC.

8. Secret Nature pre-rolls feature all-hemp construction

There’s nothing worse than getting a CBD pre-roll and seeing it’s rolled in rice paper. Worse still are normal cardboard crutches or even no crutch at all.

From their papers to their crutches to, of course, what’s inside, Secret Nature pre-rolls are 100% hemp through-and-through. There are no additives, and there’s no harsh trim — only ground-up, indoor-grown buds.

9. Secret Nature pre-roll 2-packs are shipped in ingenious glass cylinders

You’ll love to reuse these glass cylinders. They keep your joints super-fresh, and they are useful for dozens of other purposes as well.

10. Secret Nature flower tins are crush-proof and resealable

Never had your CBD flower delivered in something that looks like a cat food tin? Don’t worry, inside you won’t find anything but expertly manicured and stunningly fragrant CBD flower that’s been perfectly preserved by this unusual, but entirely crush-proof and resealable, packaging design.

11. Even the smallest Secret Nature buds are crystally and look amazing

Don’t worry if you end up choosing a 3.6g container of Secret Nature buds. While the nugs you receive might be a bit on the small size due to the limited space in the container, they’ll be almost mind-bogglingly crystally and just as potent as bigger nugs. Remember, say no to popcorn!

12. Combined, the Secret Nature product line is CBD dankness incarnate

Have you ever enjoyed the luxury of digging into a big box filled to the brim with Secret Nature products? It’s like something out of a dream.

The versatility of Secret Nature’s hemp nugs pairs perfectly with the straightforwardness of this brand’s pre-rolls. Live resin hemp nectar vape pens are there for serious users who value convenience, and Secret Nature Live Resin Badder is even available to the dedicated dabber.

Each product complements every other, and together, the Secret Nature product lineup lays out everything that’s valuable about the smokable CBD industry in one high-quality cornucopia.

13. REM products are revving up

Meet REM, a new line of cannabinoid tinctures from the same people who brought you Secret Nature. This line of tinctures and capsules replaces and strengthens our existing tincture lineup with rare cannabinoids like CBN, CBC, and ∆8 THC.

Looking for the future of Secret Nature in 2021 and beyond? You’ve found it.

14. Every batch of Secret Nature products is third-party lab-tested

You don’t have to trust us when it comes to the potency and purity of our products. A third-party lab does that for us.

Every Secret Nature product is equipped with a batch-specific, third-party lab report accessible on its product page or via a QR code on its label. This lab report provides information on the cannabinoids and terpenes present in that particular product along with the results of a thorough contaminant screening.

15. Secret Nature offers fast shipping

Think we can’t beat Amazon’s times? We’d like to bet. Especially if you’re in our general area in the Western United States, your package is almost guaranteed to arrive within 2-3 days of the moment you click “Confirm.”

16. Shipping protection is offered with Secret Nature orders

Did you know you can shell out a small fee to add shipping protection to your Secret Nature order? Check out this amazing add-on feature that provides total protection if your shipment gets seized, lost, or damaged in the mail.

With most orders, shipping protection is just a few bucks.

17. Checking out and confirming your order is fast

Make an account, or don’t. Either way, you’ll find placing your order at to be a breeze.

18. All transactions are secured

All transactions on are completely anonymized and secured. Your personal information is safe with us.

19. We accept Bitcoin

Here’s something that really sets Secret Nature apart from the competition — you can pay in Bitcoin. Has your wallet’s value in fiat USD gone up recently? Then consider sinking your gains into a truly valuable purchase — artisan-crafted CBD hemp flower.

20. Secret Nature customer service takes care of you

Hemp flower is a fickle friend. Sometimes a product unexpectedly goes out of stock or something else unforeseen goes wrong, and you’re stuck with an unfulfillable or improperly fulfilled order.

All it takes is a little scrolling to find a Secret Nature review praising our customer service team’s prompt, courteous, and generous responses to requests. Whether something broke in transit or some other cruel fate befell your order, we’ll step up to solve the situation faster than you’d expect.

21. Secret Nature is the most trusted CBD flower brand of 2021

The CBD phenomenon is entering a new phase. Consumers are gravitating toward trusted brands, and the little guys are being pushed to the side.

At Secret Nature, we’ll keep using our success to forge even better products and further raise the bar for quality in the hemp flower industry. As more than 8,000 product reviews, vast nationwide retail distribution, and accredited third-party lab reports show, Secret Nature is the most trusted CBD flower producer of 2021.

On the hunt for a reliable CBD flower brand that’s always striving to even further embody the utmost limits of hemp cultivation perfection? Stick with Secret Nature. From the looks of things, we’ll probably stay at the top for a while.

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