5,000+ Reviews and Counting

We’re proud to announce that Secret Nature recently received it’s 5,000th verified customer review. As a brand that’s only been collecting reviews for only 12 months, that amounts to an average of more than ten customer reviews per day, which gives you an idea of just how popular our brand has become over a short period of time.

What’s even more impressive than the fact that we’ve received more than 5,000 reviews is that almost all of these reviews are either five-star or four-star. Our customers truly love Secret Nature products, and they aren’t shy about showing this love publicly in the form of glowing and informative reviews.

To celebrate this recent accomplishment, we’ve put together a showcase of some of the most impressive reviews we’ve received. This sampling of reviews will show you just how strongly Secret Nature customers prefer our brand to other CBD flower companies, and they will also give you an idea of how impressed our customers are with the smell, taste, and effects of Secret Nature products.

The love our customers show for Secret Nature doesn’t stop there—reviewers frequently comment on our packaging, shipping, and customer service as well. Before we dive into some genuine customer reviews, let’s take a moment to explain why Secret Nature has become so popular.

How Secret Nature became the world’s most popular CBD brand

By 2017, it had become clear that the CBD trend showed no sign of stopping. As a result, CBD brands and investors started seeking new ways to expand the CBD market and reach more customers. Naturally, the idea arose to start offering hemp buds since this is the raw material that producers use to make CBD products.

The hemp buds that are used to make CBD extract, however, aren’t usually very high-quality. They don’t have to be—as long as they express around 5-10% CBD and are free of contaminants, pretty much any type of hemp can be used to make CBD products. In most cases, CBD extract is made with outdoor-grown bud, which is thin, scraggly, and low-potency compared to indoor-grown flower.

Some of the first CBD flower products to hit the market were outdoor-grown, and consumer enthusiasm was notably muted. Here at Secret Nature, on the other hand, we decided to start a CBD flower brand by leveraging our years of experience in the medical cannabis industry. As a result, we grew our flower indoors using high-end processes, and the resulting CBD-rich bud was leaps and bounds beyond the competition in terms of quality.

Customers naturally started gravitating to Secret Nature instead of other CBD brands, and the results have been nothing short of legendary. We are, by far, the most popular CBD flower brand in the world, and now that we’ve accumulated over 5,000 customer reviews, it’s clear that there are no threats to our continued dominance. Let’s dive into some reviews to give you an idea of what we mean:

Reviewers love Secret Nature compared to other brands

In his review for our Durban Poison CBD vape cartridge, Evan S. tells us that he has “been testing out a ton of different CBD brands” lately, and regarding his experience with Secret Nature, he says that “this one is top shelf.” Arielle S. says that she absolutely loves “Secret Nature and their products” in her review for our Raw Nectar CBD vape cartridge, and she “would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to delve into CBD.”

Like many CBD customers, Chris H. was a little bit jaded. He says he was “hesitant to order after trying so many bad cbd products,” but after trying our Fuji CBD flower, he is “extremely happy that I found Secret Nature.” Leon G. tried our Secret OG pre-rolls, and while this was his “first time purchasing from this company,” he is “definitely not disappointed” and “will be buying more and in larger quantities.”

Reviewers love the smell and taste of Secret Nature

The better you grow your CBD bud, the better it will taste and smell. Michael R. has experienced the Secret Nature difference firsthand with our Mr. Rainbow CBD bud, and he says that our buds “are always nice and fresh with an incredible smell.” Ashley P, who reviewed our Secret OG pre-rolls, backs this position up by saying the taste of our buds “was pleasant while the smell was aromatic.”

Robin R. tried our Cherry Cough CBD flower, and she says that she loves “the earthy aroma and the smooth taste” of this strain. To sum up the impression that most customers receive when they try our CBD products, here’s a very enthusiastic Grape Ape CBD cartridge review from Kayren W.: “Taste great! Smell is fantastic! Really helps rest without pain!”

Reviewers love Secret Nature customer service and shipping

In addition to loving the taste and smell of Secret Nature flower and vape cartridges, our customers are commonly floored by our unusual commitment to high-quality customer service and fast shipping times. Secret Nature CBG Flower was the first product of ours that Kristan F. tried, and she reports that “the Shipping was fast and the quality of the flower was superb!” Edward S. tried our Mr. Rainbow CBD flower, and in addition to liking this delicious, colorful strain, he tells us that our “customer service is the best I've ever seen thanks so much.”

William H. was so impressed by his Citron CBD flower order that he called out the Secret Nature associate who assisted him by name: “Cody B went out of his way to make sure I was a satisfied customer.” In addition to commending us on shipping his Grape Ape CBD vape cartridge discreetly, Trevor F. points out that the routeing app we use for shipment tracking “made tracking my shipment super easy.”

Reviewers love the effects of Secret Nature products

Secret Nature customers come to our website for all sorts of different reasons. Some people just want to use CBD to relax, and others hope that this non-intoxicating cannabinoid will help with serious health conditions. Beck B. is a member of the first group and he says that a Secret OG pre-rolled joint “gives me the best feeling of relaxation.” Barbara L. seconds this opinion by saying our Frosted Kush CBD flower is “very tasty” with “nice calming effects.”

William W. is a veteran, and he tried our Frosted Kush CBD flower as well. He has this to say about Secret Nature: “Your products help with my disabilities!” He also recommends that other veterans try Secret Nature. Mycah D. calls Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow CBD flower a “smooth operator,” and he reports that this strain “gives me a nice mellow buzz that definitely helps me sleep well.”

Reviewers love Secret Nature packaging and quality

When it comes to packaging, we do things a little bit differently at Secret Nature. Our flower comes in smell-proof tins, and our 2-pack pre-rolls come in glass tubes. Our focus on high-end packaging wasn’t lost on Natalia M., who “loved” our Papaya Nights CBD flower and shared that “even the package is beautiful.” Madison W. tried our Fuji CBD flower, and she said the can it came in was “very fancy,” and she also enjoyed that “you only open one small can at a time so your bud lasts longer.”

We’ve already touched on some of the ways that Secret Nature quality outstrips the competition, but now it’s time to hear what our customers have to say. Jeremy S. tried our Bellini CBD cartridge, and he says that “the quality is [definitely] top shelf, and after trying our Secret OG pre-rolls, Aaron B. echoes this sentiment by saying that this Secret Nature strain is “definitely a quality product.” Take a look through the rest of our 5,000+ reviews, and you’ll find more of the same.

Go with the flow and try Secret Nature today

As the reviews we’ve shared above show, the Secret Nature difference is hardly just theoretical. While other brands wonder why their supposedly killer strategies haven’t borne fruit, Secret Nature has dominated the industry with our strict adherence to a few simple principles.

First, we strongly believe that growing CBD flower indoors is the best way to provide top-shelf results. While growing hemp in climate-controlled conditions with ideal lighting costs more, the results speak for themselves.

Second, we think it’s of the utmost importance to provide thorough, independent lab test results for each of our products. That’s one of the ways we’ve built customer trust and set Secret Nature apart as a brand consumers can rely on for top-shelf quality and total transparency.

Third, we want to make it as easy to shop with us as possible. Our firm commitment to high-quality customer service sets us apart from the competition, and we simply won’t rest until our customers are satisfied.

Secret Nature customer reviews continue to accumulate, and it won’t be long before we announce our 4,000th and 5,000th verified reviews. Stay tuned to keep track of the latest developments in the Secret Nature saga, and check out our main review page to read even more genuine Secret Nature customer testimonials.

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