10 Uses for High-CBD Strains

Published May 02, 2020
10 Uses for High-CBD Strains - Secret Nature

Hemp strains with over 20% CBD provide unique benefits that low-potency cultivars can’t hope to achieve. Learn the top 10 best uses of high-CBD strains to discover the unique benefits that higher concentrations of cannabidiol can provide:

1. Use high-CBD strains to experience the effects of CBD to the fullest

High-CBD hemp strains simply hit harder than cultivars with lower levels of cannabidiol. Compared to a strain with 20% CBD, a strain with 15% CBD is only 75% as strong, so its effects won’t be as potent when smoked or vaped.

CBD won’t get you high no matter how much hemp flower you smoke, but you’ll notice a significant difference between a strain that contains close to 10% CBD and a strain that passes the 20% mark. Each hit of high-CBD flower will feel like two hits of a strain with lower CBD concentrations, and using CBD flower with more than 20% CBD will satisfy you in a way that low-CBD hemp never could.

2. Use high-CBD indica strains before bed

Insomnia affects us all from time to time, but for some individuals, nights of full sleep aren’t the norm. If you’ve tried every natural remedy on the market to no avail, it might be time to pick up a hemp flower strain that contains more than 20% CBD.

When you’re unable to sleep and starting to get anxious about being tired the following day, you don’t want to disrupt your rest-oriented state of mind with a drawn-out smoking session. With CBD strains that contain more than 20% CBD, all you need is a single hit to enjoy this cannabinoid’s full, relaxing effects. Keep a pipe or a dry herb vape pen packed with a bowl of high-CBD hemp next to your bedside to fight back against insomnia at a moment’s notice.

3. Use high-CBD sativa strains for laser-focus during the day

It’s unclear what, exactly, causes sativa hemp strains to be energizing. What’s entirely clear, though, is that hundreds of Secret Nature customers who have used our sativa-dominant strains suggest that hemp with sativa genetics provides a boost of energy right when you need it the most.

While some research suggests that terpenes might be responsible for the energy-inducing effects of hemp, it’s just as possible that cannabinoids might play an integral role as well. CBD almost invariably causes a relaxing effect, but other cannabinoids in non-intoxicating hemp might provide more energy. Since high-CBD strains also have higher concentrations of CBG, CBC, and other minor cannabinoids, these strains could potentially accentuate the energizing effects of CBD-rich hemp.

4. Use high-CBD hybrid strains for maximum relaxation and energy

Hybrid strains offer the best of both worlds by combining indica and sativa genetics. While these strains aren’t profoundly relaxing, they aren’t impressively energizing either. Instead, they walk the thin line between sativa-dominant and indica-dominant characteristics to provide remarkably balanced effects.

The more CBD a hemp strain contains, the more potent its effects will be, and it’s possible that the additional minor cannabinoids present in high-CBD hemp may improve the balanced effects of hybrid strains. What’s certain is that high-CBD strains with hybrid genetics will deliver the effects that you’ve come to expect from hybrid strains at a greater level of potency even if you ingest less CBD flower during your session.

5. Use high-CBD strains when low-CBD strains aren’t strong enough

One of the best uses of a high-CBD hemp strain is as an alternative to a CBD flower cultivar that didn’t do the trick. If the strain you tried contained 15% CBD or less, there’s a good chance that the less-than-optimal effects you experienced were a result of that cultivar’s lack of potency.

After trying a weak strain of CBD-rich hemp, you’ll be blown away by the benefits that a high-CBD strain can offer. A single puff will provide greater effects than multiple hits of a low-CBD hemp strain, and in the end, you’ll find yourself using less hemp. Less might be more in certain circumstances, but the opposite is true when it comes to the potency of CBD hemp flower.

6. Use high-CBD strains as an alternative to CBD vape cartridges

Hemp users searching for the most potent effects generally gravitate to CBD vape cartridges. High-quality CBD vapes can contain as much as 80-90% CBD, vastly outstripping the potency of even the strongest strains of CBD-rich hemp flower.

CBD vape cartridges aren’t without their detractors, however. While vaping is potent and convenient, there’s something irreplaceable about the ritual of firing up a CBD pre-roll or packing a bowl of CBD-rich flower into a bong. Smoking hemp is a unique experience that can’t be fully replicated, and high-CBD hemp gets as close to the potency of CBD vape cartridges as possible.

7. Use high-CBD strains to showcase the benefits of CBD to your stoner buddies

Plenty of people who currently use THC are skeptical about the potential benefits of CBD. What’s the point of Cannabis sativa, they ask, if it doesn’t get you high? It’s certainly of no benefit to the CBD cause that the vast majority of hemp products on the market are disappointingly low-potency and offered in formats that are unfamiliar to conventional cannabis consumers.

There’s no better way to convince your THC-indulging friends that CBD is worth its salt than by sitting them down with the strongest CBD strain in your arsenal. CBD affects different systems in the brain than THC, so at concentrations exceeding 20%, not even the strongest THC tolerance will overshadow the potent benefits of cannabidiol. Achieve vindication and open your friends’ eyes to a whole new side of cannabis with high-CBD hemp.

8. Use high-CBD strains to reduce your overall CBD flower intake

While CBD flower with reduced potency will never provide stronger effects than high-potency hemp, you might find that you use less CBD-rich hemp flower after making the switch to high-CBD strains. Since each hit of a high-CBD hemp strain contains more CBD than a hit from a low-CBD cultivar, you don’t need to use as much hemp to achieve the desired effects when the strain you’re smoking contains more than 20% CBD.

9. Use high-CBD strains experience the results of top-tier genetics and cultivation

There’s only one way to push the CBD content of a hemp strain over the 20% mark—an unparalleled commitment to cultivation excellence. Starting with top-tier genetics provided by expert breeders, high-CBD flower is the result of top-tier cultivation procedures, and growing non-intoxicating hemp the right way provides benefits that span beyond the realm of mere potency.

The types of cultivation methods that result in high-potency CBD flower, for instance, usually also produce hemp buds that are pure, organic, and free of contaminants. CBD flower producers that go so far as to invest in high-potency strains also generally pursue practices that boost the terpene concentrations in their hemp to the greatest extent possible, resulting in buds that taste and smell incredible.

10. Use high-CBD strains to experience the evolution of the hemp industry

When the domestic CBD industry was first getting started five years ago, strains of Cannabis sativa containing more than 10% CBD were practically unheard of. To produce high-CBD hemp products, it was necessary to extract CBD from hemp flower and process it into other formats.

Now, however, it’s possible to experience the full potency of CBD in this cannabinoid’s original hemp flower form. Advancements in breeding have resulted in strains that contain up to 25% CBD, and within a few years, it’s likely that 30% CBD strains will start making their way into the market. Celebrate the evolution of the hemp industry with the most potent CBD strains ever produced.

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