3 Reasons To Buy Papaya Nights CBD Flower by Secret Nature

Published April 07, 2020
3 Reasons To Buy Papaya Nights CBD Flower by Secret Nature - Secret Nature

Night after night, customers flock to the Secret Nature store. What’s on their list? Papaya Nights CBD flower by Secret Nature—our most popular sativa strain, and one of the flagships of our product line.

Papaya Nights is like no other strain we offer at, and this phenotype’s enduring popularity inspired us to write the following love letter. If you haven’t tried Papaya Nights, now is the time, and if you’ve tried it before, how well do you really know this legendary Secret Nature CBD flower strain? Test your knowledge in this guide to everything Secret Nature Papaya Nights.


1. Secret Nature Papaya Nights Look and Smells Amazing

You’re right to be skeptical of CBD flower you find on the internet. The CBD industry has plenty of problems, and Secret Nature is the only company that pays proper attention to quality and safety. You might be used to paying top dollar for inferior CBD flower at this point, but we guarantee your mind will be blown the moment you open up the Papaya Nights package that just arrived at your door.

The best sativa CBD flower will look, smell, and taste just like the “real thing.” High-grade cannabis has been around for years in the form of THC-rich marijuana, but top-shelf CBD flower is much harder to get your hands on. In a few years, other companies might have caught up, but right now, Secret Nature is the only CBD flower producer growing anything like Papaya Nights. Let’s highlight some of the best attributes of this lanky, fruity strain:

Dank Sativa Aroma

Like many cannabis strains, Papaya Nights contains the terpene caryophyllene, which contributes to an underlying spicy taste and hazy aroma. Also prominent in this Secret Nature strain is limonene, which is present in the peels of citrus fruits.

Lastly, linalool contributes further to the rich aroma profile offered by Papaya Nights. Present in lavender as well, linalool makes this strain smell even fruitier and more flowery. All three of these terpenes are potent antioxidants, which means they contribute more than the mere aroma.

Amazing Flavor

Every cannabis user soon learns that the incredible aromas offered by terpenes translate into tastes you experience when you inhale. Caryophyllene tastes peppery, limonene tastes citrusy, and linalool tastes floral (think rose petals, not lavender bunches). Hemp naturally expresses lots of flavors that would knock you flat at their true potential, but the tastes offered by high-grade CBD flower depend on more than just genetics.

It may be a lot of work, but Cannabis sativa needs to be babied throughout the entirety of its life cycle. You’d be amazed at the number of times legitimate fistfights have broken out between master growers and breeders over the proper way to cultivate their babies. Emotions can be high in the grow room for one reason and one reason alone—cannabis truly responds to tender, loving care, but hardly anyone knows how to take care of their kids at the start.

The high-grade CBD flower industry is relatively new, which is why so much CBD bud out there smells and tastes like it was grown in someone’s mom’s basement. Secret Nature Papaya Nights taste so deliciously dank because we combined great genetics with “helicopter parenting” to ensure the best possible results for our cannabis babies.

Dense, Organic CBD Nugs With Beautiful Hairs and Trichomes

Good breeding and good cultivation are just as apparent in the physical appearance of Cannabis sativa as they are in the aroma and flavor of this finicky plant. There are a few surefire signs that you’re growing good hemp, but all too few hemp plants actually exhibit these traits.

Bud density is one sign of either good genetics or good growth. Lack of light can lead to wimpy, thin nugs, but dense nugs have been fed right and were exposed to plenty of light.

A crystally, frosty appearance shows that the cannabis nug in question contains plenty of trichomes. These tiny, bulbous oil sacs that emerge on the surface of hemp bud contain active ingredients like cannabinoids and terpenes, so the frostier your buds, the more potent your smoke will be.

Golden-to-red hairs called stigmas indicate that a Cannabis sativa plant has gone through its full growth cycle interrupted. Stigmas are the female version of pistils, and these tiny, wispy hairs only appear on the healthiest hemp plants. 


2. Papaya Nights by Secret Nature Has Amazing Effects

Customers keep coming back for Secret Nature Papaya Nights. Based on customer feedback alone, it’s clear that this strain represents the best sativa CBD flower on the internet, but let’s delve into some of the benefits of Papaya Nights before we continue.

Instant Effects

This is one benefit that Papaya Nights shares with every Secret Nature strain—CBD flower simply acts faster than any other type of CBD product on the market. Instead of going through your digestive tract and filtering through your liver, CBD that you inhale makes a beeline from your lungs to your brain. Some people experience the effects of CBD flower within 5-10 seconds, but in most cases, effects set in between 30 seconds and one minute.

Sativa Boost

Sativa-dominant cannabis strains offer benefits that go above and beyond their primary cannabinoids. It’s believed that certain terpenes commonly found in cannabis, such as limonene, may have energy-inducing effects, but it’s also possible that the famed “sativa boost” only occurs when multiple sativa terpenes and flavonoids come together in conjunction with cannabinoids.

Lasting Benefits

Despite taking effect almost instantly, the CBD flower remains active in your system for upward of an hour. Since they’re fat-soluble, cannabinoids don’t leave your system immediately, either. It’s possible that these hemp constituents might offer cumulative effects when you use them consistently over the space of days or weeks. Enjoying CBD flower from Secret Nature, therefore, is an indulgent habit that you have every reason to keep pursuing.


3. Every Secret Nature Papaya Nights Option Is Customer-Approved

Secret Nature is the best CBD flower on the internet. We blow the competition out of the water. Our nugs are better trimmed and more potent. These aren’t our words—they’re the words of the hundreds of customers who have left reviews at 

Secret Nature CBD flower products have become so popular that almost religious awe has descended on our entire brand. Dankness like this only comes once in a generation, and Papaya Nights is a shining example of what Secret Nature has to offer:

Papaya Nights Flower

 Top-shelf CBD flower is always worth the money, which is one of the first things our customers tell us in the review section for our Papaya Nights flower. Other customers tell us that the texture of this legendary CBD strain is stickier than others they’ve tried, and Matthew F. relates that Papaya Nights is “an absolute delight.”

Customer, Robert S., however, tells us exactly what we want to hear: “I will order again.” We know you will too.

Papaya Nights 7 Pack Pre-Rolls

      • Seven 0.6g pre-rolls—4.2g CBD flower total
      • Lab report

      Available in 2-pack and 7-pack options, customers say that Secret Nature Papaya Nights pre-rolls make it easy for you to take this daytime-use strain with you wherever you go. This 7-pack option is perfect if you know that Papaya Nights is the strain for you.

      Deluxe and suave with gold-embossed black packaging and around the size of a cigarette pack, your 7-pack of Papaya Nights contains 4.2g total CBD flower. Customers tell us that these pre-rolls are a perfect size and that the effects are “almost instant.” From there, other Secret Nature CBD lovers tell us that these Papaya Nights pre-rolls are “uplifting,” and Lisa M. even says that the relaxation offered by these pre-rolls is “off the charts.”

      Papaya Nights 2 Pack Pre-Rolls

      • Two 0.6g pre-rolls—1.2g CBD flower total
      • Lab report

      Same deal, smaller package. Customers say this Papaya Nights 2-pack is a wonderful product, and they commend us on the perfectness of our joint-rolling skills. 

      Other people who have tried these Papaya Nights pre-rolls focus more on the earthy, fruity taste and the artisan-quality of the bud that goes into these portable CBD joints. Overall, it’s clear that customers think Papaya Nights is the best Secret Nature CBD flower in the sativa category, and if history is any guide, this strain will only get more popular over time.


      Get The Best CBD Flower To Use During The Day

      Sativa-dominant strains have a way of making you see everything differently. While even the best indica strains might bog you down if you use them during the day, the crisp, refreshing lightness of sativa will never leave your side when you need it the most. Pick Secret Nature to enjoy the best sativa CBD flower on the planet, and choose Papaya Nights to experience everything that non-intoxicating sativa Cannabis has to offer.  

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