5 Best Ways to Smoke CBD and Delta 8

Published September 15, 2021
5 Best Ways to Smoke CBD and Delta 8 - Secret Nature

Delta 8 products are now available alongside the CBD you know and love. Lots of people are combining CBD and delta 8, and there are a few effective ways you can enjoy these two cannabinoids together.

Some methods only involve one product, but others combine multiple Secret Nature products to whip up a neurological storm of cannabinoid activity. Learn the top 5 methods Secret Nature reviewers have innovated for using delta 8 and CBD flower together.

  • Both CBD and delta 8 might work better when you use them together
  • There are lots of ways to combine these two cannabinoids
  • Secret Nature reviewers have identified five main methods

#1: Combine CBD flower and delta 8 flower

One of the simplest ways to smoke CBD and delta 8 together is to combine CBD flower with delta 8 flower. You could purchase pre-rolls containing one type of flower, remove half the plant matter, and replace it with ground-up flower containing another cannabinoid. Then, smoke the removed plant matter in a pipe or bong.

  • Secret Nature Delta 8 THC Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls review - Kay C. “Delta 8” ★★★★★ “t’s my first time trying this and I love it. I’ll definitely be ordering more! It smells and tastes like regular weed but you don’t get the squirrels or hunger!!! I really like that. Next time I’m ordering the buds because I think it will last longer.”
  • Secret Nature Frosted Kush CBD Hemp Flower review - John H. “1st Time CBD User” ★★★★★ “My first experience with a CBD product. I smoked bud for many years and then I started having panic attacks. This product is noticeable, calm, tastes great, fragrant aroma and really helps me sleep. Fast shipping. I can't recommend this product enough”

#2: Add delta 8 distillate to CBD flower

We don’t recommend trying to open a vape cartridge unless you enjoy inhaling glass. Still, you can use a delta 8 vape cart and CBD flower at the same time to achieve the same effect as drizzling delta 8 distillate on CBD flower. Take one hit after another, or go truly ape by hitting a CBD flower pipe and a delta 8 vape cartridge at the same time.

  • Secret Nature Super 8 - Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge review - Katie P. “THE Best” ★★★★★ “Super 8 - Delta 8 THC is the epitome of quality. It takes you to this place of relaxation that is bomb. I love the OG Kush for super relaxation or sleep.”
  • Secret Nature Blood Diamond CBD Flower review - Joe F. “Top quality flower” ★★★★★ “The buds of this strain are beautiful. The description of the effects and taste of this flower were spot on. I was surprised at the quality of this flower, it may cost a little more but it is definitely worth it. Great job Secret Nature!”

#3: Switch between CBD and delta 8 carts

Most Secret Nature vapes contain CBD, but enough contain delta 8 to produce a wide range of potential flavor and effect combinations. We’ve included Lemon Diesel below as an example, but Secret Nature White Fire OG or Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit could pair with the Secret Nature Super 8 cartridge just as easily.

  • Secret Nature Lemon Diesel CBD Vape Cartridge review - Brady T. “I’d buy again” ★★★★★ “The over all quality is what you’d expect it leaves almost like a citrus induced energizing boost that gets you right on the spot leaving you in a state of energized creativity. Also great for cod warzone or Cold War gets me the wins”
  • Secret Nature Super 8 - Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge review - Briana M. “Buy It Now!” ★★★★★ “BUY IT!!!!! This is the best thing I could have bought. This helps with my diabetic neuropathy. I feel so relaxed and it’s definitely a benefit to those around me lol. Of course it comes packages safely. This is the best thing since sliced bread.”

#4: Smoke delta 8 versions of your favorite CBD strains

Secret Nature Secret OG - Delta 8 Flower is a brand-new version of Secret OG boosted with delta 8 distillate. This strain has brought a whole new crowd over to our side of the fence — delta 9 cannabis connoisseurs looking for an affordable, reliable alternative to the OG form of THC. Puffing on Secret Nature Secret OG - Delta 8 Flower is probably the easiest and highest-quality way to smoke CBD and delta 8 together right now.

  • Secret Nature Secret OG - Delta 8 Flower review - Takwon G. “That Extra Kick” ★★★★★ “Delta 8 it’s everywhere but what we have here is way above top shelf quality. The smell, taste, dense buds, the feel. I’ve tried delta 8 from a few different places and this here is the right balance. I tried it out alone and it was fantastic and later I mixed it with another flower(from secret nature of course”
  • Secret Nature Secret OG - Delta 8 Flower review - Sterling P. “The New Go-To” ★★★★★ “Easily the best Delta 8 flower available anywhere. Smell is 10/10, taste is nice - but a little harsh on the throat (as most delta 8 products are). Buds are BEAUTIFUL. Definitely worth checking out if you’re not big into the paranoia Delta 9 THC brings.”

#5: Smoke strains naturally high in both CBD and delta 8

Super Spectrum is a taste of the future of cannabis. Combining CBD, CBG, THCV, delta 8 THC, this unique blend offers the widest spectrum of cannabinoids ever available in a Secret Nature product. Both long-time and brand-new customers are blown away when they use Secret Nature Super Spectrum for pain, anxiety, and sleep.

  • Secret Nature Super Spectrum D8-THCV Pre-Roll 7-Pack review - Johnny R. “A perfect addition” ★★★★★ “I have constant body pain. CBD oil has been only way to relief some of the pain. Adding Super Spectrum to oil I take has really helped take the edge off. Leaving me feeling relaxed. Effects lasting long enough to help ease me to sleep. Thank You”
  • Secret Nature Super Spectrum D8-THCV Pre-Roll 2-Pack review - Clarke M. “Where has Secret Nature been all my life?” ★★★★★ “I am absolutely in love with my Secret Nature products. I purchased Super Spectrum and some other CBD pre-rolls. I suffer from intense anxiety and nothing has been working to calm me down or even just help me sleep. Thankfully my brother suggested Secret Nature.”

How to smoke CBD and delta 8 FAQ

1. Can I smoke delta 8?

We wouldn’t recommend that you smoke the vast majority of delta 8 products that are out there. If it's organically grown and contains natural delta 8 THC, though, delta 8 flower can make for an excellent smoke. Secret Nature delta 8 flower has received hundreds of five-star reviews, making Secret Nature D8 the internet’s clearly preferred option.

2. Can you vape delta 8 all day?

We don’t know enough about the safety of delta 8 to make any direct usage recommendations. What we’ll say, though, is that most delta 8 vapes on the market are contaminated or low-quality. Only long-standing hemp brands like Secret Nature have the experience and resources to pull off delta 8 the right way.

3. Is delta 8 CBD bad?

No, in fact, we recommend combining CBD and delta 8. There’s only so much that one cannabinoid can do on its own, but together, delta 8 and CBD provide a wide spectrum of cannabis benefits that people with pain, insomnia, and anxiety, appear to particularly prefer.

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