5 Reasons to Add Frosted Kush to Your CBD Shop

Published October 19, 2020
5 Reasons to Add Frosted Kush to Your CBD Shop - Secret Nature

The CBD flower market is growing faster than practically any other segment of the hemp industry, and CBD consumers are on the lookout for high-quality hemp flower products. Since Secret Nature is one of the nation’s most popular CBD flower brands, many hemp consumers are already aware of our organic, indoor-grown hemp flower products, and Frosted Kush stands out as the undisputed champion of our all-star lineup. Learn more about what sets our brand apart from the competition, and discover the top five reasons that Secret Nature Frosted Kush deserves space on your shelves.

1. Combines CBD with legendary indica genetics

Even though it contains less than 0.3% THC, Frosted Kush is undeniably a thoroughbred kush strain. Consumers searching for CBD flower are often disappointed by the lack of resemblance between hemp flower strains and intoxicating forms of cannabis, but lovers of OG Kush or other kush strains are pleasantly surprised by the authenticity of Frosted Kush.

Just like THC-rich kush strains, Frosted Kush provides profoundly relaxing, soothing effects. Unlike the kind of kush you’d find at a dispensary, however, Secret Nature Frosted Kush won’t get you high, so it will fit right in with the other CBD products you offer. Frosted Kush does its indica heritage proud with its dense, dark buds and creamy, berry aroma, and the thick coating of frosty crystals covering every surface of each Frosted Kush nug clearly demonstrates that this strain is more than potent enough to get the job done.

2. Organic, indoor-grown, lab-tested CBD flower

You only want to stock your shelves with the best of the best, and your customers are willing to pay top dollar for top-shelf results. While other CBD flower products on the market might not be much better than standard biomass, Secret Nature Frosted Kush’s artisan quality never disappoints.

We start the process of producing Frosted Kush hemp flower by germinating plants using the most cutting-edge genetics the hemp industry has ever produced. By cultivating our Frosted Kush plants in organic, living soil, we ensure that this strain’s impeccable genetics reach their full potential, and we prevent the introduction of any toxins that enter growing hemp plants through their substrates.

To further prevent the introduction of any toxins into our Frosted Kush plants, we grow our hemp indoors in climate-controlled environments. We keep a close eye on humidity, temperature, and CO2 levels, and we prevent pests using natural, non-toxic methods.

You don’t have to take our word for it. To prove the potency and purity of our finished Frosted Kush buds, we contract an independent, third-party lab to test each batch of hemp flower we produce. The latest Frosted Kush lab reports are available online, and they’re easy to access using the QR code supplied on the bottom of the packaging of every Frosted Kush product.

3. Hand-trimmed, top-shelf, non-intoxicating kush dankness

Even if you don’t want to get stoned, there’s something undeniably special about kush. Veteran cannabis users will travel miles to get their hands on genuine kush dankness, and newbie CBD flower fans know enough to associate the word “kush” with potency and excellence. Secret Nature Frosted Kush flower comes from great roots, and we treat it with the respect it deserves to achieve unparalleled results.

To start, we harvest our Frosted Kush plants at the pinpointed peak of terpene and cannabinoid production, and then we cold-cure our buds to preserve their terpene profile to the maximum extent possible and prevent oxidation. The resulting flower has an ideal water content while smelling and tasting better than any other hemp buds on the market.

From there, we hand-trim and manicure our Frosted Kush buds to ensure the smoothest smoke and the best aesthetics. You won’t find any stray leaves in a container of Frosted Kush buds, and we trim each nug until it looks like a work of art.

No matter how much Secret Nature Frosted Kush might resemble the type of top-shelf kush you can buy at your town’s most upscale dispensary, we guarantee that this CBD strain will never contain more than 0.3% THC. That way, you can feel confident when you recommend Frosted Kush to customers seeking a genuine kush experience that won’t get them high.

4. Over 650 5-star reviews

Frosted Kush’s reputation precedes it. At, we offer three different types of Frosted Kush products, and together, they’ve amassed more than 650 verified customer reviews. Each product has a five-star rating average, and we receive new Frosted Kush reviews every day.

Even if customers have never heard of another Secret Nature strain, they’ve heard of Frosted Kush, and they may have heard of this strain even if they’ve never heard of Secret Nature. It wouldn’t surprise us if customers came into your shop specifically requesting this strain, and we can guarantee that after you place your first wholesale order with Secret Nature, customers will start targeting your store specifically because they know you carry Frosted Kush, which has rapidly become one of the most popular CBD flower strains in the country.

5. Customers associate Secret Nature with excellence

There’s something different about Secret Nature. Hemp lovers across the country have taken note of our impeccable packaging, impressive aesthetics, our dedication to top-shelf genetics, and our insistence on organic cultivation processes. As a result, it shouldn’t be any surprise that Secret Nature is one of the first results that shows up when you search for “CBD flower” on Google. Our brand has become something of a household name among hemp enthusiasts, and many CBD flower smokers would rather drive to your store rather than wait a few excruciating days for their Secret Nature package to arrive in the mail.

Even if they aren’t already familiar with our brand, CBD customers immediately find themselves irresistibly drawn to Secret Nature products. Our unique packaging is remarkably eye-catching, and consumers automatically associate its black-and-gold color scheme with quality and luxury. Each Secret Nature package is equipped with a wealth of information regarding the hemp goodness that’s stashed away within, and based on the beauty and professionality of our packaging alone, your customers will expect great things from a tin of Frosted Kush flower from the moment it makes its way into their hands.

Add Frosted Kush to your lineup today

Secret Nature Frosted Kush looks like kush and smells like kush, but it won’t get you high. This strain is famous on the internet and social media, and hemp consumers are always looking for new ways to get Frosted Kush, which is so popular that it often goes out of stock on our website. Frosted Kush is potent and crystally, and its packaging is remarkably information-rich. All of these factors make Secret Nature Frosted Kush an attractive product to add to your shelves, but there’s even more in it for you than what you can see on the surface.

We offer unbelievable margins for each of our CBD flower and vape products, and Frosted Kush is no different. Customers will come to your shop specifically in search of Secret Nature, and they’ll step out of your door satisfied with their purchase after lining your pockets. The popularity of the Secret Nature brand will provide you with countless opportunities to upsell, and once a customer knows that you carry Frosted Kush, they’ll come back countless times to restock and revitalize your monthly sales metrics.

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