5 Reasons to Buy REM Delta 8-CBC Flow Capsules

Published July 15, 2021
5 Reasons to Buy REM Delta 8-CBC Flow Capsules - Secret Nature

Rare Earth Medicine (REM) is a new take on one of the world’s oldest plants. Cannabis has been the perennial companion of mankind for millennia, but we’re just now learning how to properly tap the true potential this “weed” has to offer.

The REM Delta 8-CBC Flow Capsules are just about the furthest thing imaginable from a dime-bag bought on a street corner. Yet, at the same time, this revolutionary new product distills everything cannabis and hemp users have been looking for all this time.

In the REM Delta 8-CBC Flow Capsules, you’ll find a profound enhancement of the energizing effects of cannabis, and you’ll also find a modern retelling of an ancient Ayurvedic story — a tale of hope, healing, and renewal condensed down to the size of a single capsule.

Learn the top five reasons you need to try our revolutionary new delta 8 capsules today:

1. They contain the world’s finest delta 8

We remember back when CBD was new. People would buy anything labeled with those three magic letters — “CBD.” They didn’t know (and many of us on the production side didn't either) how much of a difference the type of CBD makes in regards to safety and effects.

We’re at the start of a brand-new industry with the advent of delta 8. It’s tempting to take the same headlong approach that led early adopters to invest heavily in CBD isolate only to realize too late that full-spectrum hemp extract is better.

The wisdom of experience tells us better. We have a chance to start over the right way by admitting that natural forms of delta 8 are better. They’re inherently superior in every way.

Unfortunately, all-natural delta 8 isn’t a realistic option right now. Secret Nature is the world’s first producer to breed naturally delta 8-rich strains, but honestly, we’re still sitting at around 1% potency right now. Breeding takes time.

In the interim, we’ve sourced the best, purest converted delta 8 on the market. Our REM Delta 8-CBC Flow Capsules contain the type of delta 8 you can only get if you’re at the center of global hemp innovation.

2. CBC is also in there

Don’t get distracted by the delta 8. Cannabichromene (CBC) is just as integral to our vision for the REM Delta 8-CBC Flow Capsules, and this unique cannabinoid has a lot to offer.

We’re still learning about CBC, so we have to be careful with definitive statements at this time. Everything the international scientific community has learned so far, though, indicates that CBC could be very active in the human nervous system, potentially affecting activation of your TRPV1 receptors and altering anandamide reuptake.

Based on our own extensive experience with various cannabis compounds, we became intrigued about the possible energy-inducing effects of CBC. Then, accumulating anecdotal testimony and scanning the scientific literature, we became more convinced that the rare, unique cannabinoid cannabichromene deserved a spot in our Flow capsules.

3. Ayurvedic blue lotus flower

Shrouded by millennia of history, the Vedic culture that flourished in the bountiful Indus Valley region thousands of years ago nonetheless bore fruit that are still ripe today. One integral component of the Vedic medical system called Ayurveda is blue lotus, a rare Far Eastern flower with potent neuroprotective properties.

A culture like the Vedics that once bore witness to UFOs shaped like flying castles and ancient nuclear armageddons could certainly have harnessed mystical healing knowledge of which the modern world knows nothing. As a healing discipline, Ayurveda is gaining traction all around the world, and with blue lotus and other Ayurvedic medicines gaining mainstream scientific attention, who knows what other unbelievable truths of the ancient past may soon be revealed.

4. An ideal energizing combination

Delta 8, blue lotus flower, and CBC — a thrilling trifecta of the unknown, the forgotten, and the unfamiliar-yet-promising. The REM Delta 8-CBC Flow Capsules combine three of the world’s most fascinating ingredients to deliver a flow-boosting experience that could never be recreated anywhere else.

Where delta 8 could be too much pizazz without enough substance, CBC comes in to provide the neurological underpinnings for a deeply enjoyable creative period. In the background, blue lotus flower synergizes with the modern world’s version of India’s ancient ganja, providing the steady drumbeat driving the whole medley straight to the core of your inspiration center.

5. Secret Nature has never let you down

Yep, we’ll say it — just trust us. The most convincing reason you should try this new product is our overall reputation. Secret Nature is known the world over as the pioneering brand that saved the smokable hemp market from becoming inundated with low-quality, outdoor-grown products.

Nothing Secret Nature has produced before has ever been a flop, and we aren’t planning on starting now. The REM Delta 8-CBC Flow Capsules are simply an evolution of everything we know. They’re our answer to a future that’s always demanding improvements.

REM Delta 8-CBC Flow Capsules — FAQ

Let’s wrap up by answering a few common questions:

How long does it take for delta 8 to kick in?

That all depends on the method you use to ingest your delta 8. Inhaling delta 8 or any other cannabinoid will result in effects that activate almost instantly. Ingesting this cannabinoid in other ways, however, may result in effects that take longer to kick in.

The effects of orally ingested delta 8, for instance, usually take around 30 to 60 minutes to activate. If you apply this cannabinoid topically, don’t expect to experience profound psychoactive effects. Instead, you should start feeling the effects of topically applied delta 8 within around 5 to 10 minutes.

Can delta 8 help you sleep?

Delta 8 has been known to cause mild sleepiness in some people. The same goes for any cannabinoid, however, and the effects of delta 8 are not considered to be profoundly more soporific in comparison to delta 9 THC or certainly CBD.

People who suffer from anxiety tend to gravitate toward forms of THC for sleep instead of CBD. If pain is keeping you up at night, you might choose CBD instead. When using delta 8 flower or vapes, choose indica-leaning products for more relaxing effects.

Does delta 8 give you energy?

On its own, delta 8 THC is not known to be particularly energizing. Certain terpenes present in hemp and cannabis, however, appear to have effects that are energizing enough to impress thousands of people. Choose sativa-dominant delta 8 products if getting energized is your top priority, and give preference to products that combine delta 8 with other cannabinoids.

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