5 Things You’ll Love About CBD Pre-Rolls

Published January 26, 2021
5 Things You’ll Love About CBD Pre-Rolls - Secret Nature

There are lots of ways you can consume CBD flower. You can smoke it, vape it, or you can even cook it into food or make CBD flower tea.

Many of our customers, however, prefer the straightforward convenience of smoking CBD pre-rolls. In our experience, puffing on a pre-roll is one of the most effective and rewarding ways to smoke CBD.

Even if you usually consume CBD flower a different way, keeping a pre-roll stash on hand is a smart way to make sure you can always smoke CBD at a moment’s notice. Let’s explore the top five reasons you’ll love CBD pre-rolls.

1. CBD pre-rolls offer all the flavors and aromas of cannabis

Whether you’re a passionate pot-lover or an anti-cannabis activist, you can’t deny that the Cannabis sativa plant smells absolutely amazing. There’s no plant in the world that outdoes the pungent aromatic profile of cannabis in full bloom, and CBD pre-rolls capture this delicious fragrance in a convenient, accessible package.

The distinctive aromas of cannabis are primarily caused by terpenes. Flavonoids, aromatic compounds that are also found in cannabis, play a more ancillary role.

Each terpene has a unique chemical structure, and these structures provide terpenes with their distinctive aromatic properties. While both of these substances are terpenes, for instance, myrcene smells nothing like limonene, and pinene is a far cry from linalool.

Cannabis strains contain dozens of terpenes. While some terpenes, like caryophyllene, are present in almost every strain, no two cannabis terpene profiles are exactly the same.

As a result, each strain of CBD-rich hemp has a unique aroma. If they contain high-quality flower that was processed carefully, CBD pre-rolls will express the attractive aromas their strains are known for.

Terpenes also have distinctive flavors that accompany their aromatic properties. Smoking a CBD pre-roll fills your mouth with the delicious flavors of citrus, lavender, mango, or even pepper.

What’s more, terpenes even have medicinal benefits. Found in many plants in addition to cannabis, some terpenes have antimicrobial benefits while others offer antioxidant or even immune-boosting properties.

2. CBD joints don’t get you high

CBD pre-rolls contain less than 0.3% THC. At that threshold, THC won’t accumulate in your system in sufficient concentrations to cause intoxication.

While the CBD molecule can offer potent relaxing benefits, it won’t make you feel high. Let’s find out why by examining the pathways by which both THC and CBD exert their effects in your body.

THC causes a feeling of intoxication by:

  • Stimulating your cannabinoid-specific neuroreceptors, in particular CB1
  • CB1 activation then leads to dopamine production
  • Dopamine is the primary “pleasure” neurotransmitter
  • Increased dopamine production due to CB1 stimulation via THC leads to intoxication

CBD, on the other hand, doesn’t cause intoxication because this cannabinoid:

  • Does not stimulate the CB1 receptor
  • As a result, CBD does not cause a dopamine rush
  • Instead, CBD primarily interacts with your 5-HT1A and TRPV1 receptors
  • 5-HT1A is your body’s primary serotonin receptor
  • The TRPV1 receptor regulates inflammation and pain

It’s a scientific fact that CBD simply does not stimulate the parts of your brain that make you feel high. No matter how much CBD you smoke, this cannabinoid will not cause intoxication.

3. Hemp pre-rolls provide relaxing effects

Even though they don’t get you high, CBD pre-rolls provide effects that smokers describe as being impressively relaxing. Whenever you’re stressed out or in need of relief, you can reach for a CBD pre-roll, light up, and bask in bliss.

The relaxing effects of CBD pre-rolls are amplified by the fact that smoking CBD is genuinely enjoyable. Smoking tobacco is inherently unpleasant, which is something a first-time cigarette smoker can perceive instantly even though habitual smokers become numb to this reality.

High-quality CBD pre-rolls, however, emit smooth, delicious smoke that doesn’t hurt your throat or give you bad breath. Instead of fleeing your presence, people near you will draw closer to discover what you’re smoking.

The relaxing effects provided by CBD pre-rolls are augmented somewhat by the strain you’re smoking. Here’s a simple breakdown:

  • Sativa-dominant strains provide relaxing effects that are mixed with an energetic boost
  • Indica/sativa hybrid strains provide balanced effects that perfectly combine the energetic properties of sativa strains with a sense of indica chill
  • Indica-dominant strains provide the most relaxing effects by naturally complementing the calming effects of CBD with soothing or even soporific terpenes

Some methods of smoking CBD are relatively complicated. With CBD pre-rolls, however, you can access the relaxing benefits of CBD flower without any fuss. Simply find a lighter, pick an appropriate place, and light up.

4. The effects of CBD pre-rolls kick in instantly

Not only do CBD pre-rolls provide relaxing effects, but you’ll experience these effects almost instantly. While other methods of ingesting CBD take a long time to kick in, smoking a CBD pre-roll usually delivers the full effects of this cannabinoid within less than a minute. Here’s why:

  • Orally ingested CBD must be processed by your liver before it enters your bloodstream
  • This digestion process can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes
  • Inhaling the smoke from a CBD pre-roll bypasses your liver
  • The alveoli in your lungs, which send oxygen to your blood, process substances you inhale as quickly as possible
  • Carried along with oxygen into your bloodstream, inhaled CBD reaches your central nervous system within less than a minute

From the moment you inhale your first puff of a CBD pre-roll, you should start feeling the relaxing effects of CBD spreading throughout your body. Within 1-5 minutes, the CBD you inhaled will have taken full effect, delivering a general sense of peace and calm.

What’s more, the effects of inhaled CBD are much more potent than the effects offered by any other ingestion method. Your body can only use around 13-19% of the CBD you ingest orally. However, your lungs can process up to 56% of the CBD you inhale, making inhaling CBD up to three times as effective.

5. CBD pre-rolls offer unparalleled convenience

When you want to experience the relaxing, potent benefits of inhaling CBD, you don’t always want to take the time to mess around with a grinder, bong, or vaporizer. Sometimes, you crave the convenience of lighting up instantly.

With CBD pre-rolls, you can simply:

  • Grab a hemp joint,
  • Stick it in your mouth,
  • Light it up,
  • And inhale.

No grinders, no hassle, no mess. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can enjoy the effects of inhaled CBD in hemp pre-roll form as long as you have a lighter and an appropriate place to smoke.

CBD pre-rolls are also easy to share with friends. If you know someone who is skeptical about the benefits of CBD, offer them a puff of your pre-roll. With high bioavailability, instant effects, and unparalleled shareability, pre-rolls convey the benefits of CBD more convincingly than any other product type.

Smoke the best CBD pre-rolls today

The five benefits of CBD pre-rolls we’ve listed apply to any CBD pre-roll product on the market. Secret Nature pre-rolls, are uniquely beneficial in a few important ways:

  • They contain organic, contaminant-free, indoor-grown CBD flower
  • They don’t contain any trim, shake, or low-quality biomass
  • They include the same nugs that we pack into our tins of premium CBD flower—just ground-up and rolled
  • They’re shipped in airtight containers to ensure freshness
  • They’re guaranteed to burn evenly

With over 7,000 verified customer reviews, Secret Nature has firmly established itself as the nation’s most trusted CBD flower brand. Try our pre-rolls today to experience the difference that genuine quality can make.

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