8 Reasons Our CBD Carts Are Better Than CBD Juul Pods

Published December 22, 2020
8 Reasons Our CBD Carts Are Better Than CBD Juul Pods - Secret Nature

Juul pods have become impressively popular over the last few years—especially among underage teens. Offered in small, convenient packages, these nicotine vapes are often marketed as safer alternatives to cigarettes.

Banking on the popularity of nicotine Juul vapes, some CBD manufacturers have started offering CBD in Juul-compatible pods. Like the nicotine vapes upon which they’re based, CBD Juul vapes are notoriously low-quality, and they could be dangerous. 

1. The Juul brand doesn’t guarantee quality

For many members of the younger generation, the word “Juul” has become synonymous with “vape.” Within the nicotine vape industry, Juul pods have become so wildly popular that many vapers aren’t even aware of other brands.

One of the biggest factors behind the success of the Juul brand, however, is the cheapness of Juul vape cartridges and batteries. In many cases, a Juul battery and pod set can be purchased for less than $20, helping explain the cult following Juul has amassed among broke teenagers.

Though Juul is often considered to be the “gold standard” of the vape industry, all it takes is a light scratch to reveal that this brand’s shiny glamor is nothing more than cheap gold plating. The truth is that Juul vapes are made with cheap components, they’re unreliable, and there’s no guarantee that a CBD vape product will be high-quality just because it’s contained in a Juul cartridge.

2. Secret Nature vape carts are universally compatible

CBD Juul cartridges are promoted on the premise of compatibility with Juul batteries. Are these cheap vape batteries really the most reliable tools for vaporizing CBD?

Due to their miniscule size, Juul batteries have notoriously short battery lives. While they aren’t susceptible to overheating or exploding like other low-quality vape batteries, Juul batteries need to be recharged regularly.

CBD Juul pods are only compatible with Juul batteries. If you want to use a battery that lasts longer or produces bigger clouds, you’re out of luck.

Secret Nature vape cartridges, however, are universally compatible with 510-threaded vape batteries. If you don’t like the batteries we have to offer, you can switch them up with higher-voltage or higher-capacity batteries that better suit your purposes.

3. Juul pods are associated with nicotine

When you’re planning to vape CBD, do you really want to use technology that got its start with nicotine? There are a few critical detractors that originate from Juul’s nicotine-soaked past:

  • Manufacturers of CBD Juul pods are more likely to use the same low-quality ingredients that are present in nicotine Juul pods.
  • People around you might think you’re vaping nicotine, not hemp.
  • It’s all too easy to replace your CBD Juul pod with a nicotine alternative, potentially exacerbating an existing nicotine habit.

We aren’t kidding about CBD Juul pods containing low-quality ingredients. Two out of the three “best CBD Juul pods” listed in Vaping360’s latest guide feature CBD isolate suspended in standard nicotine vape ingredients like propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, both of which can cause lung damage.

One of the products in this list included CBD isolate suspended in MCT oil, which should never be vaporized since it can cause lipoid pneumonia. All things considered, people mistaking your enjoyment of vaporized hemp with a lamentable nicotine habit is one of the most mild consequences of vaping low-quality CBD Juul pods.

There’s no getting around the fact that almost all Juul pods on the market contain nicotine, not CBD. Using a CBD Juul pod might make it too easy to fall back into a nicotine habit that you’ve just started overcoming. 

4. Secret Nature vape cartridges are made with high-quality materials

Some CBD Juul cartridges are made with high-quality materials like glass, ceramic, and steel. All too often, however, both nicotine and CBD Juul cartridges are made with cheap plastic, aluminum, and other low-quality or even dangerous components.

Not only do plastic vape cartridges contribute to the plastic pollution pandemic, but they could also be harmful to your health. Under certain circumstances, plastic in vape cartridges can leach into the cartridge’s contents, and trust us—you don’t want to be vaporizing plastic.

5. CBD Juul pods often contain isolate CBD

CBD isolate isn’t just less effective than full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD. When used in vape cartridges, isolated CBD can also be harmful.

It isn’t possible to vaporize pure CBD isolate in a vape cartridge. Instead, it’s necessary to suspend this substance in a suitable carrier oil. We use the term “suitable” in the previous sentence lightly since all existing CBD isolate carriers are seriously problematic:

  • Propylene glycol (PG) is a petroleum product that does not appear to be safe to inhale in vapor form.
  • Vegetable glycerin (VG) is a highly-refined type of vegetable oil that has likewise been deemed unsafe for inhalation.
  • Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil is a derivative of coconut oil that can bind to your lungs, attracting bacteria and causing lipoid pneumonia, a potentially fatal respiratory condition.

The unfortunate truth is that there’s no safe way to vaporize CBD isolate. Why then, do the majority of CBD Juul manufacturers use CBD isolate in their products?

Here’s the sad answer: Because CBD isolate is cheaper, and they think that Juul customers won’t know the difference. CBD Juul pod manufacturers are willing to put their customers at risk to turn a profit.

6. Secret Nature vapes contain full-spectrum live resin

Secret Nature CBD vape cartridges couldn’t be more different from CBD isolate Juul vape pods. We never include additives in our vape concentrate. The only ingredients our cartridges contain are full-spectrum CBD flower distillate and live resin cannabis terpenes.

Secret Nature CBD vape carts DO NOT contain any:

  • MCT oil
  • PG
  • VG
  • Artificial additives
  • Nicotine
  • CBD isolate

Secret Nature CBD vape carts DO contain:

  • True full-spectrum hemp flower distillate
  • Flash-frozen terpenes derived from beloved cannabis strains
  • & nothing else!

Full-spectrum CBD provides the complete benefits of the hemp plant by keeping all the minor cannabinoids and terpenes present in CBD flower intact. Live resin terpenes have been protected against oxidation using a cryogenic extraction technique, maximizing their aroma and flavor.

Not only do Secret Nature live resin vape cartridges taste orders of magnitude better than CBD isolate Juul pods, but their full-spectrum CBD extract provides benefits that go above and beyond what the cannabidiol molecule can achieve on its own. Our top-tier vape carts exemplify everything that CBD vape cartridges should be while CBD Juul pods mimic the worst attributes of the world’s most famous low-quality nicotine vape product.

7. CBD Juul pods are often made by untrustworthy manufacturers

If you’ve never heard of most of the companies that produce CBD Juul pods, don’t feel bad—most CBD users have no idea who they are either. Based on our research, the products offered by the two top CBD Juul pod manufacturers in Vaping360’s list have an average review count of around 10-20.

Compare that to Secret Nature Forbidden Fruit, which has a review count of more than 230, or Secret Nature Lemon Diesel, which has received just shy of 200 reviews. In the CBD industry, consumers gravitate to quality, and it’s clear that CBD users have come across something in the nation’s top CBD Juul pod manufacturers that made them run the other way.

8. Secret Nature vape cartridges have more than 1,500 rave reviews

There’s not much you can learn about a CBD vape product that only has around 10 product reviews. With more than 100 reviews, however, it becomes possible to form a firm opinion of a product’s quality based on consumer sentiment alone.

Take Secret Nature Gelato 33, for instance. Marion G. says that this full-spectrum, live resin vape cartridge “tastes amazing,” and Sergio P. tells us that this cartridge offers “[g]ood quality hits” and doesn’t make him cough.

More than 160 other reviewers can back up what Marion and Sergio have to say, and Gelato 33 is far from the most-reviewed Secret Nature vape cartridge. If you’re looking for the biggest difference between our vape cartridges and CBD Juul pods, it’s the reputation for quality and excellence that Secret Nature vape carts have accumulated over the course of more than 1,500 verified customer reviews.
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