9 Benefits of CBDV

Published July 20, 2021
9 Benefits of CBDV - Secret Nature

CBDV is much more than just a letter added to a familiar acronym. It’s a brand-new cannabinoid that’s causing a stir the world over. In most ways, CBDV is just like CBD, but this cannabinoid is different enough from its conventional counterpart to potentially be useful in ways that surpass CBD’s benefits.

We think the unique benefits of CBDV can be distilled down to nine most-important points. Learn the most compelling reasons you should take the effects of CBDV seriously.

1. CBDV has been researched for autism

Some of the most interesting recent research into CBDV has been around the subject of autism. This condition, which affects more children and adults every year, is still largely shrouded in mystery, but people around the world are intrigued by or even hopeful about studies with titles like:

Mainly as a word-of-mouth underground movement, the use of CBDV for autism has rapidly gained popularity over the last two years. Many people who have used CBDV for this purpose report amazing results, hopefully spurring further research into this CBD variant.

2. CBDV has been researched for epilepsy

Given the fact that a CBD drug has received FDA approval for epilepsy, it’s no surprise that the antiepileptic potential of CBDV has also come under the microscope. Research from 2013 notes that CBDV is like CBD in that it doesn’t activate the CB1 receptors.

Beyond that, we haven’t heard much about how CBDV might differ from CBD for epilepsy. Still, the results of this inquiry were promising enough to place CBDV on a list of substances to be researched further for this condition.

3. CBDV has been researched for pain

In 2019, a landmark study was published exploring the potential utility of CBDV for HIV-related neuropathic pain. This type of pain is modulated by the 5-HT1A receptors, which epilepsy research has revealed may be impacted by CBDV. Since CBD has also been researched extensively for pain, it’s reasonable to postulate that these cannabinoids may one day be combined in analgesic drugs.

4. CBDV has been researched for MS

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic immune condition that attacks the nervous system. Scientists have extensively studied the therapeutic potential of CBD for MS, and CBDV has also been included in some of this research. If both cannabinoids prove useful for this condition, CBDV may conceivably be included along CBD in future hemp-based MS drugs.

5. CBDV has been researched for intestinal inflammation

Many gastrointestinal conditions, including Crohn’s disease and IBD, are ultimately caused by intestinal inflammation. In 2019, a new study was conducted into the anti-inflammatory potential of CBDV at the gastrointestinal tract specifically, providing further evidence of an ongoing ramp-up in CBDV research.

6. CBDV is considered to be industrial hemp

So, CBDV is a promising variant of CBD that might do things the conventional form of this cannabinoid cannot. Is there anything preventing the establishment of CBDV commerce in the United States straight away?

Not particularly. As long as they contain less than 0.3% THC, CBDV products are considered to be industrial hemp, meaning they’re protected under the 2018 Farm Bill. This landmark hemp legislation separates other cannabis constituents from delta 9 THC, a substance the government still considers very illegal.

7. CBDV-rich flower is now available

Chances are you either paid some attention in high school biology or played Pokemon at one point or another. In either case, you know that breeding is a complicated art that takes time to bear the proper fruit.

If you’ve ever wondered why there aren’t tons of CBG, CBC, and delta 8 strains around, you now know why. It’s only recently, after all, that CBD-rich strains of Cannabis sativa came into existence, and a continuing lack of receptive regulatory reform has unnecessarily slowed the advancement of hemp breeding.

We’re proud to announce, though, that Secret Nature has gained access to the world’s most exclusive genetics to become the first producer of naturally CBDV-rich hemp flower. Our new CBDV-rich buds join the ranks of our CBD, CBG, and delta 8 strains, and they expand the Secret Nature lineup beyond what we — or anyone — ever thought possible.

8. Multiple CBDV strains to choose from

To develop the internet’s first CBDV flower product line, we scoured the globe for the most advanced CBDV genetics available. Landing on the strains Pine Walker and Forbidden V, we hunted down cream-of-the-crop phenotypes to deliver the type of connoisseur CBDV experience you can only expect from Secret Nature.

The CBDV revolution is far from over, and new strains are certainly on the horizon. For now, though, you have two fully distinct ways to experience the new worlds of relaxation and calm that CBDV unlocks.

9. CBDV flower won’t get you high

No matter how deep into the CBDV zone you snuggle, you’ll never feel intoxicated. CBDV is like CBD that way — it’s non intoxicating, so it’s incapable of getting you high even if you wanted it to.

For current users of CBD flower, this is cause to rejoice. Even the most enjoyable things in life get stale after a while, and CBDV represents an opportunity to shake things up and enjoy a familiar cannabinoid in an entirely unfamiliar way — all while staying fully clear-headed.

CBDV benefits FAQ

You’ve learned about the most impressive benefits of CBDV. Now, let’s cover any related questions before we part ways:

Are CBDV seeds safe?

That all depends on where you buy your CBDV seeds from and what you do with them. Seeds from sub-par producers often deliver disappointing results, and they might even be contaminated with mycotoxins or bacteria.

If you source them from world-class breeders, cultivate them in lab-grade conditions, and bring them expertly to flower, though, CBDV seeds will probably be entirely safe. You should probably leave the heavy lifting to the professional cultivators, though.

Where can I buy CBDV for sale?

Right here at Secret Nature is the best place to buy CBDV on the internet. We’ve cracked the code of CBDV-rich hemp genetics, and it’s time to reap the benefits — Secret Nature CBDV flower is now a thing, and nobody has a chance of matching our dedication to impeccable quality and impressive results.

Just as is the case with CBD, be very careful where you buy your CBDV. As we’ve seen with the delta 8 phenomenon, new cannabinoids tend to get rough treatment while entering the market.

CBDV is just becoming popular now, but expect CBDV salesmen to pop up left and right over the next year or so. Stick with what you know to make sure you get the best products.

Can I buy CBDV products online?

Yes. Like CBD, CBDV is widely sold online, and Secret Nature ships CBDV products to all 50 states.

Be careful where you buy your CBDV online. Make sure that any website where you enter your credit card information is properly secured, and look for lots of customer reviews to ensure you’re in the right place. 

Can I buy CBDV in Canada?

We aren’t aware of the current situation regarding CBDV in Canada. To our knowledge, no official statements have been released on the subject of this rare CBD variant by either American or Canadian authorities.

What we do know is that the Canadian government has taken a very hardline stance on hemp and cannabis products that don’t fall within its extremely restricted legal cannabis market. Average Canadian citizens should have no fear receiving CBDV products in the mail or taking them over the border, but if you want to know whether it’s legal or not to own or use CBDV in Canada, prepare to wait in line and submit your inquiry request form in triplicate.

Does CBDV help with seizures?

We still don’t know enough about CBDV to say for sure whether this cannabinoid helps with any major medical condition. It’s an established fact, though, that a considerable amount of research has already been conducted into the subject of CBDV and epilepsy, and even more lab studies and clinical trials are in the works.

The international medical community is keen to find an alternative to CBD that can also be used to make anti-epilepsy drugs. CBD-based drugs like Epidiolex have worked wonders for forms of childhood epilepsy, which is all the more reason the pharmaceutical industrial complex feels uncomfortable putting all its eggs into one basket.

Expect more research into CBDV for epilepsy, autism, MS, gastrointestinal conditions, and a wide variety of other applications over the next few years. It hasn’t quite trickled down to the consumer level yet, but producers and researchers are already looking at the cannabis plant as a cohesive whole, and CBDV represents one integral part of an interlocking cannabinoid puzzle that’s starting to take form.

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