Apple Cobbler Strain Guide

Published August 01, 2023
Apple Cobbler Strain Guide - Secret Nature

We’re as big of fans of cobbler as anyone else. So, strains like Apple Cobbler thrill us almost as much as our own Cobbler strain. While we might prefer Secret Nature Cobbler in the end, Apple Cobbler has a lot going for it, making it unsurprising that the strain has recently become quite popular.

In this guide, find out what Apple Cobbler is, the effects it provides, and if it really tastes like the baked treat after which it is named. Read on to learn everything you could possibly need to know about Apple Cobbler:

Apple Cobbler strain overview

  • Other names: None
  • Average THC percentage: 25%
  • Sativa/indica: Hybrid
  • Aroma & flavor: Apple, Sweet, Earth
  • Genetics: Blueberry Moonshine X Sour Apple
  • Effects: Balanced uplift

What is the strain Apple Cobbler?

Apple Cobbler is a very rare strain that appears to have resulted from a cross of Blueberry Moonshine and Sour Apple. As happens surprisingly often in the cannabis industry, this is a brand-new strain that has nothing to do with a much more-famous strain despite having practically the same name.

We’re talking, of course, about Cobbler, which is recognized as being one of the most delicious and effective sativa CBD strains ever bred. Rather than stealing Cobbler’s thunder, though, Apple Cobbler has only brought more attention to its CBD cousin.

What is the cannabinoid percentage of Apple Cobbler?

Apple Cobbler usually contains around 25% THC, making it a high-potency strain.

Does the strain Apple Cobbler have any other names?

No, the cannabis strain Apple Cobbler is not known to go by any other names.

Is Apple Cobbler indica or sativa?

Most reports indicate that Apple Cobbler is a sativa-leaning hybrid. As a result, it won’t make you feel unduly sleepy, and it might even activate your imagination.

What is the best time of day to smoke Apple Cobbler?

Apple Cobbler is a strain that’s fine to smoke any time of day. You might get more out of the benefits of this hybrid cultivar, though, if you smoke it in the morning or daytime.

What are Apple Cobbler’s genetics?

Apple Cobbler is a cross of Sour Apple, also known as Sour Apple Diesel, and Blueberry Moonshine (Blue Moonshine). Sour Apple is itself a cross of Sour Diesel and Cinderella 99, both legends in their own right. Blueberry Moonshine is, for its part, a cross of Afghani and Thai landrace parents, making it a true OG strain in every sense of the word.

What is the terpene profile in Apple Cobbler?

As is the case with many cannabis strains, the two dominant terpenes present in Apple Cobbler are caryophyllene and limonene. Making things more interesting, however, is the presence of high concentrations of linalool, the terpene that makes lavender smell so good. Linalool has been researched for its ability to help anxiety, potentially making Apple Cobbler a good strain to turn to if you’re feeling stressed out.

How does the strain Apple Cobbler make you feel?

Apple Cobbler primarily has uplifting and energizing effects, but it can also make everything feel a little fuzzy around the edges. The strain’s delicious flavor starts the process of taking you away to a creative lala-land where nature is more beautiful and human interactions are more precious. This is a strain for both introspection and pure enjoyment.

What is the strain Apple Cobbler good for?

Apple Cobbler is a great strain for making the hours fly by during the day. If you’re in pain or otherwise want to distract yourself from matters at hand, Apple Cobbler is an ideal pick. Despite its sativa-leaning genetics, though, the linalool in Apple Cobbler puts in a considerable sedative kick — prepare to start talking a little more slowly and saying “man” a bit more frequently.

Is the strain Apple Cobbler good for anxiety?

Yes, to be frank, we think Apple Cobbler is a killer strain for anxiety. It has all the components of greatness — a base of uplifting sativa effects balanced out by smoothing linalool goodness. Definitely give Apple Cobbler a try if you have anxiety issues during the daytime.

Is the strain Apple Cobbler good for depression?

Yes, Apple Cobbler is a pretty good strain for depression. It has a way of putting a bit more pep in your step and helping you see the glass as half-full. Full-on sativas might be more effective at evaporating bad feelings, though.

Is the strain Apple Cobbler good for stress?

Apple Cobbler is pretty good for stress, but it doesn’t straight-up knock you out like a good indica can. Use Apple Cobbler to keep stress from accumulating during the day, not flushing it away before bed at night.

Is the strain Apple Cobbler good for pain?

Yes, where Apple Cobbler perhaps shines brightest is in its potential usefulness for pain. Hybrids that make you feel good without making you too sleepy are the most popular among people suffering from chronic pain, and Apple Cobbler fits that category perfectly.

Does the strain Apple Cobbler have any negative effects?

For most people, nothing in the effect profile offered by the strain Apple Cobbler should be considered negative. It’s something of a spacey strain, but otherwise, it closes the gap between sativas and indicas quite nicely in our opinion. Due to the strain’s rarity, though, you might want to choose another option simply because Apple Cobbler weed is very unlikely to be available in your area at any given time.

What does the strain Apple Cobbler smell like?

Apple Cobbler mainly smells like its namesake pastry. Compared to a real dish of apple cobbler, though, this strain smells considerably danker and earthier. At the forefront is a powerful apple aroma, which is also reflected in the strain’s flavor.

What does the strain Apple Cobbler taste like?

Apple Cobbler tastes a bit spicier than its name would lead you to believe. Overall, though, this is a light, sativa-tasting strain that doesn’t reflect its indica roots to any great degree in its flavor profile.

Are there different Apple Cobbler strains?

We aren’t aware of any variations of Apple Cobbler. Given the strain’s extreme rarity, it’s unlikely that Apple Cobbler has received enough attention yet to have spawned sub-strains.

Who is the strain Apple Cobbler best for?

Apple Cobbler is best for people for whom weed has become a habitual way of coping with pain or other chronic conditions. If you’re going to be smoking it anyway, it might as well be Apple Cobbler since this strain, more than most, is ideally suited for the daytime use of chronic pain sufferers.

What strains are similar to Apple Cobbler?

You’ll find similarities between Apple Cobbler and strains in the Sour Apple family as well as any strains derived from Afghani or Thai landraces. Sour Apple, for its part, is a close relative of Cinderella 99. Fans of this strain’s iconic head high take note.

Top 3 alternatives to Apple Cobbler

Apple Cobbler sure sounds like a great strain. The only problem is getting your hands on it.

Luckily, there are a handful of strains available online that closely mirror the benefits offered by Apple Cobbler. One of them even has a very similar name. Allow us to introduce you to our top three alternatives to Apple Cobbler weed available online:

1. Secret Nature Cobbler 

How is Secret Nature Cobbler like Apple Cobbler?

Secret Nature Cobbler and Apple Cobbler aren’t actually related, and in all honesty, Cobbler is now the more famous strain. As one of the first truly excellent CBD-dominant sativa-hybrids, Cobbler remains one of the most popular Secret Nature strains with over 500 five-star reviews across all product types.

Why Secret Nature Cobbler is better

Compared to Apple Cobbler, Secret Nature Cobbler is far easier to acquire. You might also find its effects to be more uplifting, and if you’re working on a solution to chronic pain, CBD often proves a more rewarding cannabinoid to explore than THC.

2. Secret Nature Fuji 

How is Secret Nature Fuji like Apple Cobbler?

The main point of similarity between Secret Nature Fuji and Apple Cobbler is a shared apple flavor. Where Apple Cobbler has some distinctive indica properties, though, Fuji is sativa all the way — and, we might add, just as frosty as the top of Mt. Fuji itself.

Why Secret Nature Fuji is better

Secret Nature Fuji provides all the uplift you expect from a sativa but without any of the THC high. If you’re looking for something to give the beginning of your day a kick without becoming intoxicated, Fuji is definitely the superior option.

3. Secret Nature Sour Space Candy 

How is Secret Nature Sour Space Candy like Apple Cobbler?

It might taste a bit more like Apple Jacks than actual apples, but you can definitely taste apples in the flavor of Sour Space Candy, one of the most famous CBD strains. Secret Nature Sour Space Candy is indoor-grown and guaranteed to provide a consistent standard of quality, something you can’t have with dispensary-bought Apple Cobbler.

Why Secret Nature Sour Space Candy is better

Sour Space Candy has become one of the top CBD strains for a reason. Its near-perfect medley of uplifting sativa-hybrid effects simply gets the job done, much to the relief of its many smokers nationwide.

Apple Cobbler Strain FAQ

Let’s finish up by broadening our knowledge of what Apple Cobbler cannabis is and what it does:

1. Is the strain Apple Cobbler indica or sativa?

Apple Cobbler is more of a sativa, but it also has some definite indica qualities. Don’t expect Apple Cobbler weed to make you feel overly relaxed, but it might space you out more than you’re used to with a conventional sativa.

2. Does Apple Cobbler contain rare terpenes?

The top terpenes in Apple Cobbler are limonene and caryophyllene. This strain also contains considerable concentrations of the rare terpene linalool, though, which contributes to both its mild floral scent and considerable soporific properties.

3. Is Apple Cobbler the same strain as Cobbler?

No, Cobbler and Apple Cobbler are completely different strains. Apple Cobbler is a very obscure sativa-leaning THC hybrid while Cobbler is a popular CBD strain with decidedly sativa attributes. The two strains aren’t even related — the similar names are a mere coincidence.

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