Apple Pie Strain Intro & Top 3 Alternatives

Published August 23, 2022
Apple Pie Strain Intro & Top 3 Alternatives - Secret Nature

They say there’s nothing more American than apple pie, but as far as hemp strains go, there are alternatives to Apple Pie out there that might evoke the American dream even better than CBD-rich offshoots like Apple Strudel Hawaiian. In this guide, learn where Apple Pie came from, what it does, and who should use it, and then compare this sativa-dominant hybrid to similar strains that come in CBD forms and might pack even greater degrees of uplifting sativa goodness.

What is the strain Apple Pie?

In its THC form, Apple Pie is a relatively rare cross of the landrace strains Acapulco Gold and Nepalese, resulting in the combined effects of two of the world’s best sativas. To produce CBD-rich versions of Apple Pie like Apple Strudel Hawaiian, however, it was necessary to cross this cultivar with CBD-rich strains multiple times, resulting in strains that can no longer boast any significant degree of fidelity to their landrace roots.

What is the cannabinoid percentage of Apple Pie?

Apple Pie is known as an unusually potent landrace hybrid, often packing as much as 24% THC. CBD strains that are designed to mimic the flavor and effects of Apple Pie like Apple Strudel, however, generally only contain around 12% CBD, which is considerably lower than the CBD percentages included in competing strains.

Does the strain Apple Pie have any other names?

The strain Apple Pie itself only has one name, but Apple Strudel and other cultivars have been produced that use Apple Pie genetics as their basis or attempt to mimic the properties of this strain. Apple Pie shouldn’t be confused with the strains Apple Fritter or Dutch Apple, which have completely different effects.

Is Apple Pie indica or sativa?

Apple Pie definitely leans more toward the sativa end of the spectrum just like its parents, Nepalese and Acapulco Gold. This strain isn’t quite as all-around uplifting as some full-blooded sativas, however, and offers a good degree of body-high relaxation as well.

What is the best time of day to smoke Apple Pie?

As a strongly sativa-leaning strain, Apple Pie is best to smoke in the morning or throughout the day. Users might find that this strain fails to provide the stress-busting, relaxing effects that make indicas so ideal for night-time use, but Apple Pie is a solid cultivar to smoke during the daytime — alone or with friends.

What are Apple Pie’s genetics?

Apple Pie is a cross of Acapulco Gold and Nepalese, both of which are landrace strains, meaning they’re indigenous to a particular area and haven’t been bred by humans. Acapulco Gold is from the Acapulco region of Mexico and is known for its long, lanky buds and strongly uplifting effects. “Nepalese” can refer to any cannabis strains hailing from Nepal, which are unusually sativa-dominant for the region. Experts suggest that the type of Nepalese used to breed Apple Pie was likely a highland variant.

What is the terpene profile in Apple Pie?

The primary terpenes in Apple Pie are pinene, humulene, and bisabolol followed by the rare terpenes sabinene and phellandrene. Put together, these terpenes somehow produce an aroma and flavor that is surprisingly similar to baked goods that include apples as the main ingredient.

How does the strain Apple Pie make you feel?

Apple Pie is a sativa-dominant hybrid, so it’s likely to make you feel energized and extra creative without causing any fatigue or brain fog. This makes the THC version of Apple Pie a great strain to choose during the day or even throughout the evening if you usually don’t have any trouble sleeping.

What is the strain Apple Pie good for?

Users report that Apple Pie is an excellent strain for boosting energy levels and improving mood. Especially popular among creative professionals, Apple Pie provides clear, cerebral effects that aren’t particularly disruptive to your workflow. Keep in mind, though, that Apple Pie can often contain nearly 25% THC, making it necessary to practice caution if you haven’t built up a considerable THC tolerance.

Is the strain Apple Pie good for anxiety?

Yes, Apple Pie is a great strain to try for anxiety. It will make you feel confident and buoyant in social situations, and it will keep you from getting bogged down in negative thoughts throughout the day.

Is the strain Apple Pie good for depression?

Apple Pie is usually an excellent depression-buster. Its strongly sativa effects give you the motivation to get through the day, and its potently energizing benefits keep intrusive thoughts from getting a foothold.

Is the strain Apple Pie good for stress?

Though it can help get your mind off things for a while, there are better strains than Apple Pie for stress. This strain won’t do much to chill you out at the end of the day or help you let go of job-related stress.

Is the strain Apple Pie good for pain?

Due to its high THC percentage, Apple Pie definitely has potent analgesic effects, but its powerful head high might become annoying for people looking for a strain for daily chronic pain. Users generally find indicas or 50/50 hybrids to be better for pain overall.

Does the strain Apple Pie have any negative effects?

Like all strong THC sativas, smoking enough Apple Pie might make you a bit paranoid. Otherwise, though, the only negative effects you’re likely to feel after smoking Apple Pie are red eyes and dry mouth.

What does the strain Apple Pie smell like?

Apple Pie smells primarily fruity but slightly cheesy and with a mild citrus undertone. Put together, these notes create an aroma that smells quite a bit like the filling in an apple pie even if there’s nothing that evokes the aroma of crust.

What does the strain Apple Pie taste like?

Apple Pie tastes primarily fruity but also slightly minty when you smoke it. There are also woody, hoppy undertones, and the strain tastes considerably spicier than it smells.

Are there different Apple Pie strains?

No, Apple Pie doesn’t have any derivative strains even though there are quite a few other strains with “apple” in their names. If you buy a strain labeled as “Apple Pie,” it can only be one cultivar.

Who is the strain Apple Pie best for?

As cannabis strains go, Apple Pie is best for sharing a giggly outdoor adventure with friends. This strain will make you want to get up and go, and sativas like these tend to be wasted on indoor relaxation. As a full-strength sativa, Apple Pie won’t disappoint even veteran cannabis users.

What strains are similar to Apple Pie?

A variety of strains ranging from the entirely unrelated Apple Fritter to the CBD copycat Apple Strudel have emerged in recent years that, at a glance, appear to offer benefits that are similar to those of Apple Pie. There’s truly no alternative strain on the market, however, that effectively continues the Apple Pie lineage.

Top 3 alternatives to Apple Pie

We can think of three better strains to choose if you’re looking for a cultivar like Apple Pie but with CBD as the dominant cannabinoid instead:

1. Secret Nature Papaya Nights 

How is Secret Nature Papaya Nights like Apple Pie?

Like Apple Pie, Papaya Nights has strongly sativa effects and a powerfully fruity aroma. It has an almost identical bud structure with both strains sporting light-green buds and plentiful orange hairs. Both Papaya Nights and Apple Pie commonly offer 20-25% total cannabinoids.

Why Secret Nature Papaya Nights is better

Papaya Nights is superior to Hawaiian Apple Strudel, a CBD strain designed to mimic Apple Pie, due to its increased cannabinoid percentage and closer approximation to Apple Pie’s flavor. While Papaya Nights contains around 20% CBD, Apple Strudel only contains 12%.

2. Secret Nature Diesel Puff 

How is Secret Nature Diesel Puff like Apple Pie?

Due to its powerful sativa effects and comparable cannabinoid percentage, Diesel Puff is similar to Apple Pie on face value alone. When you look at the genetics of both strains, though, Diesel Puff isn’t much further removed from landrace genetics than Apple Pie. Secret Nature Diesel Puff resulted from crossing Sour Diesel with CBD-rich hemp strains, and Sour Diesel is a derivative of Super Skunk, a landrace hybrid just like Apple Pie.

Why Secret Nature Diesel Puff is better

Diesel Puff offers far greater landrace genetic purity than the primary CBD-rich alternative to Apple Pie, Apple Strudel. Where Apple Strudel is the result of dozens of crosses of CBD-rich strains, Diesel Puff is remarkably close to Sour Diesel genetically speaking, providing all the benefits of landrace strains.

3. Secret Nature Fuji 

How is Secret Nature Fuji like Apple Pie?

Fuji is a strongly uplifting sativa strain that most closely mimics Apple Pie in its effects. Even though Apple Pie is a THC cultivar and Fuji contains CBD instead, both strains help boost your creativity and energy levels.

Why Secret Nature Fuji is better

Like all Secret Nature strains, Fuji contains very high CBD levels, clocking in at around 23% CBD. That’s double the CBD compared to what you’ll get with Apple Strudel — or most hemp strains not bred by Secret Nature, for that matter.

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