Are Hemp Cigarettes Dangerous?

Published September 13, 2021
Are Hemp Cigarettes Dangerous? - Secret Nature

Hemp cigarettes, also known as pre-rolls or joints, are often represented as being healthier or safer than their tobacco equivalents. Is smoking hemp truly safer than smoking tobacco, though, and is smoking hemp in the form of a cigarette the best way to do it? Learn if CBD cigarettes are dangerous and how they compare to tobacco.

  • Hemp cigarettes do not have the same side effects as CBD cigarettes
  • They don’t contain any nicotine, and they’re usually all-natural
  • CBD hemp cigarettes do not get you high
  • Objectively, hemp cigarettes are better than tobacco cigarettes in every way

Do hemp cigarettes contain nicotine?

The main difference between tobacco and hemp cigarettes is that hemp cigarettes do not contain any nicotine. In some cases, CBD bud may be rolled in blunt wraps that consist of tobacco leaf, but this rare practice is the only instance in which tobacco would be involved in hemp smoking in any way.

That is, of course, unless you decided to roll a spliff, a stoner term that generally refers to joints containing a mixture of tobacco and cannabis. We will never advocate smoking tobacco in any form, though, so that misguided choice is up to you.

Do hemp cigarettes get you high?

CBD cigarettes should not get you high since they must contain less than 0.3% THC by law. The world of hemp has gotten a lot bigger recently, though, and some hemp cannabinoids, including delta 8 THC, will certainly cause a feeling of intoxication. Choose your cannabinoid with care to ensure your experience matches expectations.

Are CBD cigarettes good for you?

Inhaling CBD appears to unlock this cannabinoid’s full benefits. Researched for potential antioxidant, anti-anxiety, and pain-relief properties, CBD activates faster and more intensely when inhaled.

CBD cigarettes featuring indoor-grown, organic bud and all-hemp construction may be far less harmful than generational anti-smoking propaganda has led us to believe. Tobacco, and particularly, corporate tobacco cigarettes, are absolutely terrible to your health, but that doesn’t mean every substance you can smoke is just as harmful.

Are hemp cigs safe?

Hemp cigarettes do not appear to cause the same serious side effects as tobacco cigarettes, potentially lending credence to the argument that they’re generally safe to consume in moderation. Keep in mind that tobacco cigarettes contain poorly grown, pesticide-ridden conventional tobacco mixed with dozens of chemical additives and all rolled up in wood pulp. Any smokeable product that doesn’t feature these guaranteed hallmarks of a dangerous experience is practically guaranteed to be safer than tobacco cigarettes.

Is smoking CBD better than cigarettes?

While it’s up to federal regulators to make the final call, we would certainly suggest that smoking all-natural hemp is probably a lot better for you than smoking corporate, mainstream tobacco cigarettes. Comparing the two, it’s almost impossible that any objective authority would come down on the side of tobacco cigarettes when comparing safety.

We don’t know exactly how much better smoking hemp is for you than smoking tobacco, and we don’t know which specific side effects might be avoided. There’s a lot of research to do — and even more smokers out there looking for a new cessation solution.

Is smoking hemp addictive?

CBD itself does not appear to have any habit-forming properties, and there’s no evidence that this cannabinoid suddenly becomes addictive when inhaled in cigarette form. Addiction is always two-pronged with psychological factors making up a big portion, and it’s theoretically possible that hemp cigarettes could serve as a stand-in for an existing psychological addiction to tobacco cigarettes. That’s the only way science has discovered, though, that smoking hemp could figure into addiction in any way.

Are hemp cigarettes safer than tobacco?

Thousands of hemp smokers believe that smoking hemp is better than smoking tobacco. That’s why they’ve made the switch from smoking tobacco cigarettes to smoking hemp pre-rolls, which are often organic and don’t contain any dangerous additives.

We’ll need to wait for scientists and regulators to make up their minds about CBD. As usual, though, the people have voted with their feet, and smoking hemp is now just as American as apple pie. 

Are hemp cigarettes better than tobacco?

Objectively, hemp cigarettes are better than tobacco cigarettes in every single way. They offer better effects, they taste better, they have a better side effect profile, they cost less overall, and they have the potential to contribute to your life in a positive way while addictions can only ever take away.

Secret Nature hemp cigarette reviews

Why have so many people turned away from tobacco cigarettes and embraced smoking hemp instead? Let’s turn to some Secret Nature customer reviews for answers.

  • Secret Nature Frosted Kush CBD Hemp Pre-Roll Cigarette 7-Pack review - Nicole B. “Tasty and chill” ★★★★★ “Super smooth and tasty, it’s just enough to take the edge off. I originally got these for my anxiety but smoking one at night is very relaxing regardless of my feeling of anxiety. I’m definitely going to try other flavors.”
  • Secret Nature Secret OG CBD Hemp Pre-Roll Cigarette 7-Pack review - Dennis G. “Greatest CBD on the market ever” ★★★★★ “This has the be one of the best CBD product ever and I've did my searching and tried alot and the Secret Nature is the best company to do so I use it because I have Epilepsy and I have very bad seizures and daily pain and stress so it helps me calm down.....”
  • Secret Nature Super Spectrum D8-THCV Hemp Pre-Roll Cigarette 7-Pack review - Joe A. ★★★★★ “Secret Nature does it again! Time after time every order exceeds my expectations. Expeditious delivery, fantastic packaging, and a second to none smoking experience. The super spectrum D8 brings a calm and relaxed feeling over you after smoking. The rich smell of the super spectrum is delicate, where it is not overpowering at all. I recommend!”
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