Bellini vs. Raw Nectar vs. White Fire OG: Secret Nature Vape Cartridge Comparison Review

Published March 10, 2021
Bellini vs. Raw Nectar vs. White Fire OG: Secret Nature Vape Cartridge Comparison Review - Secret Nature

Each Secret Nature vape cartridge brings something unique to the table. As Secret Nature’s blog writer, I’ve had a chance to try almost every vape cartridge this brand has to offer.

To help you determine which Secret Nature vape cartridge best fits your needs, I decided to compare the three Secret Nature vapes that I found to be the most effective, most interesting, and most flavorful. Learn how Bellini, Raw Nectar, and White Fire OG compare within Secret Nature’s all-star catalog of vape cartridges.

Secret Nature Bellini Vape Cartridge recap

I’d already tried a few different Secret Nature vapes by the time I came across this uniquely satisfying cartridge. Immediately impressed by the potent aroma of my Secret Nature Bellini Vape Cartridge, I was even more blown away by this cart’s mild texture and amazing taste.

In retrospect, Bellini is probably my all-time favorite Secret Nature vape cartridge. I usually steer toward hybrid terpene profiles, but this sativa-dominant vape cartridge checked all my boxes.

Concocted using a mixture of Strawberry Cough and Peach Rings cannabis terpenes, the Secret Nature Bellini Vape Cartridge has potent uplifting effects and produces reliably mild, flavorful vapor.

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Secret Nature Raw Nectar Vape Cartridge recap

Containing hybrid CBD flower concentrate, the Secret Nature Raw Nectar Vape Cartridge is unique among this brand’s vape offerings. While every other Secret Nature vape cartridge is supplemented with live-resin cannabis terpenes, Raw Nectar only contains Secret Nature’s raw, CBD-rich hemp nectar.

Even without added terpenes, Secret Nature Raw Nectar shouldn’t be underestimated. Strong flavors and distinctive effects are notably absent, but I found Raw Nectar to be ideal for people who like their vaporized CBD straight up without all the frills.

What’s special about the Secret Nature Raw Nectar Vape Cartridge is its sheer lack of remarkable attributes. This might be just the thing if balanced, reliable relief is your top priority.

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Secret Nature White Fire OG Cartridge recap

White Fire OG is a refreshing, piney indica that’s everything you’d expect from a classically indica-dominant strain. The Secret Nature White Fire OG Vape Cartridge takes this beloved cannabis strain and combines it with organic CBD nectar.

Just as I generally steer away from pure sativa, straight indica isn’t my particular cup of tea. Puffing on White Fire OG, however, I could easily recognize why so many people with chronic pain and insomnia have nothing but good things to say about this vape.

I found my White Fire OG vape to have relaxing, almost numbing effects. My only qualm was that these effects seemed to dissipate more quickly than I’m used to with Secret Nature vapes.

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Secret Nature vape comparisons

Using my experience with Secret Nature vapes, I’ve determined a basic baseline of this brand’s vape performance. Occasional packaging peculiarities aside, Secret Nature vape cartridges are universally alike in their excellent presentation and performance.

Every Secret Nature vape cartridge has an ideal application, and every Secret Nature customer is looking for specific results. Based on my experience with each product, I’ll outline the basic differences between Secret Nature’s Bellini, Raw Nectar, and White Fire OG vape cartridges.

Bellini vs. Raw Nectar

Bellini is easily distinguished by its incredibly vibrant aroma and flavor. Among all Secret Nature vapes, Raw Nectar is distinguished by its almost entire lack of notable aromatic and culinary attributes.

For some, all the fanfare of Bellini might seem excessive. This cartridge is also a sativa, which certain hemp users swear against.

If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate in flavor and texture, however, Raw Nectar can’t hold a candle to Bellini. Endlessly tempting, Secret Nature Bellini is a delight to indulge in while Raw Nectar takes a considerably more utilitarian approach.


  • Bellini is flavorful while Raw Nectar is relatively plain
  • Raw Nectar is balanced and simple while Bellini is energizing and dripping with fruity sweetness
  • Bellini is playful, Raw Nectar is all business

Bellini vs. White Fire OG

Secret Nature Bellini and Secret Nature White Fire OG stand at opposite sides of a wide and ancient divide. Bellini is strongly sativa, and White Fire OG is just as starkly indica.

When comparing these two carts, it’s all a matter of being in the right place at the right time. For me, Bellini was delightful to puff while working. I found White Fire OG, however, to be best reserved for before bedtime.

Both strains are equally flavorful. I’d have to say that the texture of Bellini is somewhat milder than White Fire OG. The effects of Bellini are longer-lasting, but they are very different from White Fire OG’s effects.


  • Starkly opposite sativa and indica carts
  • Choose wisely based on your intended purposes
  • Both carts taste delicious and have pleasant textures

Raw Nectar vs. White Fire OG

White Fire OG and Raw Nectar are more similar than it might seem. Customers look for both plain and indica-leaning hemp products when they’re combating serious conditions like chronic pain.

Out of the two, White Fire OG is certainly the tastier option. I also found the texture of Raw Nectar to be slightly harsher than other carts.

Raw Nectar is the best choice if you want the simplest, most tincture-like experience possible. Choose White Fire OG, on the other hand, if you’re banking on the benefits of indica terpenes.


  • United by their relaxing simplicity
  • Raw Nectar is the simplest option
  • White Fire OG is the most relaxing

Winner for texture

For me, Bellini had the best texture of any CBD vape cartridge I’ve tried. Some Secret Nature vape cartridges have been harsher than others, but none have ever been so smooth as the Secret Nature Bellini Vape Cartridge.

White Fire OG comes in second with Raw Nectar coming in third.

Winner for flavor

I have to declare a tie between Bellini and White Fire OG. I’m personally partial to Bellini, but the flavor differences between White Fire OG and Bellini are purely subjective. From an objective perspective, each terpene profile is equally good.

Raw Nectar, on the other hand, is specifically designed to have a nondescript flavor.

Winner for effects

I enjoyed the effects of Secret Nature Bellini the best, and this vape cartridge appeared to have the longest-lasting effects as well. The effects of White Fire OG were pleasant, but they didn’t last that long. Even though the effects of Raw Nectar were mild, they were long-lasting and pleasant.

Why should you choose Bellini?

You should choose the Secret Nature Bellini Vape Cartridge if your interest in CBD is more casual or academic. As a productivity aid, I could see Bellini doing great things, and I’d be happy to debate anyone who claims to find a tastier and milder-textured CBD vape cartridge.

Why should you choose Raw Nectar?

Raw Nectar keeps things simple, which has its place. Flavor-seekers will be disappointed, but lovers of peace, quiet, and simplicity will appreciate the modest allure of the Secret Nature Raw Nectar Vape Cartridge.

Why should you choose White Fire OG?

Fans of the nearly numbing effects of solid indica strains can’t go wrong with the Secret Nature White Fire OG Vape Cartridge. This cart also has a strong, pleasant flavor and consistently mild texture.
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