Best CBD Gummy Flavors Compared

Published September 27, 2022
Best CBD Gummy Flavors Compared - Secret Nature

When it comes to CBD gummies, flavor means a lot more than just how your gummies taste. The delicious taste behind your CBD treats isn’t just caused by flavoring agents — at least in the case of live resin CBD gummies, that flavor can also be a source of impressive benefits that change based on the taste you experience.

Why does CBD gummy flavor matter, and how do you choose the best CBD gummy flavor for your needs? Find the answers in this guide.

Does CBD gummy flavor matter?

Yes, the flavor of your CBD gummies certainly makes a difference. Flavor preference can have a huge impact on your enjoyment of any gummy candy, and the situation is no different with CBD. If you don’t like the taste of your CBD gummies, you either won’t enjoy eating them, or you won’t eat them at all, entirely defeating the purpose.

As a second reason to take CBD gummy flavoring seriously, the terpenes commonly used to flavor CBD gummies each have their own individual benefits while contributing to the entourage effect, a form of synergy that occurs between cannabinoids and other cannabis compounds. In addition to affecting your sensory experience while eating CBD gummies, the flavor of your gummies can also impact the nature of their effects.

What is used to flavor CBD gummies?

A variety of ingredients can be used to flavor CBD gummies, but only one flavoring agent is acceptable to find in hemp or cannabis gummies of any kind: genuine cannabis terpenes. Since they aren’t sweet, terpenes need to be accompanied by sweeteners in CBD gummies, but regardless of the flavor you’re going for, either a strain-specific terpene profile or a customized terpene configuration will do the trick.

What are cannabis terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic, non-intoxicating compounds found in cannabis and a variety of different plants in nature. In addition to smelling and tasting great, terpenes appear to universally exert at least some degree of antioxidant potential, and certain terpenes found in cannabis, including limonene and linalool, appear to have considerable individual benefits.

Are cannabis terpenes good for flavoring CBD gummies?

Out of all the possible options, cannabis terpenes are absolutely the most ideal ingredient to use for flavoring CBD gummies. When making hemp or cannabis products, it’s best to source as many ingredients from the cannabis plant as possible, and terpenes appear to be both safer and more beneficial than comparable flavoring ingredients conventionally used in gummies. With cannabis terpenes now abundantly available from wholesalers, there’s no excuse for using any other type of ingredient for flavoring in CBD gummies.

What flavors of CBD gummies are there?

At this point, there are as many different flavors of CBD gummies as there are brands that manufacture these CBD edibles. In one case, the flavor of a CBD product might mirror the kinds of flavors you find associated with conventional gummies, and in another, a CBD product could be flavored solely with cannabis-derived, live resin terpenes. These days, you can find practically any CBD gummy flavor you like, but only some flavoring ingredients are worth using in CBD edibles.

Top 5 best CBD gummy flavors

What are the five best flavors of CBD gummies you can find online right now? We list out the best options the internet has to offer below:

1. Super Lemon live resin CBD gummies

Super Lemon Haze, also shortened to Super Lemon or just SLH, is an iconic sativa strain of cannabis that comports especially well in the form of added terpenes. When used in CBD gummies, Super Lemon Haze terpenes do an excellent job of masking the bitter taste of cannabis extract while also counteracting the naturally relaxing effects of CBD.

Why you’ll love Super Lemon CBD gummies

If you’re looking for a live resin CBD gummy flavor to chew on throughout the day, there’s no better option than Super Lemon. This is one of the strongest sativa-leaning strains out there, so you’ll feel surprisingly uplifted when you’re used to feeling totally relaxed after taking CBD edibles. Since Super Lemon Haze terpenes are naturally sour and bitter, it’s hard to notice the inherent bitterness of CBD extract when it’s combined with Super Lemon.

2. Peach Ozz live resin CBD gummies

Peach Ozz has to be one of the tastiest strains of cannabis ever bred. Somehow, it tastes exactly like peach rings, so of course, that’s what CBD gummies containing Peach Ozz terpenes taste like as well.

Why you’ll love Peach Ozz CBD gummies

As a balanced hybrid strain, Peach Ozz is excellent to indulge in either during the daytime or before bed. We’ll caution, though, that when combined with CBD, Peach Ozz becomes powerfully relaxing, and the absolutely scrumptious taste Peach Ozz terpenes impart upon CBD gummies may incentivize you to ingest a profoundly sedative dose.

3. Strawberry Cough live resin CBD gummies

Strawberry Cough is one of the most legendary cannabis strains of all time, and this potent sativa is just as enjoyable in the form of live resin CBD gummies. While you hopefully won’t cough halfway through chewing a gummy, you’ll note that same mix of sweet-and-spicy that makes Strawberry Cough so iconic in flower form.

Why you’ll love Strawberry Cough CBD gummies

While not quite as get-up-and-go as Super Lemon, Strawberry Cough is nearly as peppy while offering a completely different flavor profile. Strawberry Cough terpenes make gummies taste exactly like strawberry candy, so strawberry lovers, this one's for you.

4. Mimosa live resin CBD gummies

Mimosa is a drink, it’s a strain, and now, it’s a flavor of live resin CBD gummies. Somehow tasting like booze without even a trace of alcohol, this orange-juice-and-white-wine-inspired strain translates quite nicely into the form of live resin terpenes used to boost CBD gummy flavoring. 

Why you’ll love Mimosa CBD gummies

There’s something about Mimosa that makes you feel like this strain was made for mixing and mingling. Surprisingly calming for a sativa, Mimosa nonetheless exerts its own unique brand of uplifting effects whether in the form of cannabis flower or live resin terpenes added to gummies.

5. Cherry Kush live resin CBD gummies

Before its fame as a sought-after terpene profile, Cherry Kush was the strain of choice for San Francisco medical cannabis patients with serious medical conditions. Offering both a potent black cherry taste and powerful indica effects, Cherry Kush live resin CBD gummies are the perfect choice for before bed.

Why you’ll love Cherry Kush CBD gummies

Everyone wants something different from CBD, but if you’re a traditionalist who’s in love with CBD’s relaxing side, you’ll love Cherry Kush. Even the flavor of this strain has a way of making you feel like you’re melting off into dreamland.

Best CBD gummy flavor FAQ

Still need a hand picking the best CBD gummy flavor for your needs? Check the FAQ section below for more information:

What type of CBD gummies are best?

Out of all the different types of CBD gummies that are available on the market, gummies that contain the simplest ingredients and that are flavored solely with cannabis terpenes are the best options at your disposal. As far as sweeteners and thickeners go, cane or coconut sugar and tapioca syrup are the best options, and high-quality CBD gummies both come with batch-specific lab tests and contain genuine cannabis terpenes derived from specific strains.

What are the strongest CBD gummies on the market?

CBD gummies do not generally contain more than 50mg CBD per gummy, but the strength of a CBD edible has to do with a lot more than the sheer volume of cannabinoids it contains. You also need to take the type of hemp extract that was used into account and check for the presence of terpenes as flavoring agents, which make CBD gummies more effective as well as tastier.

Do CBD gummies have different strengths?

Yes, CBD gummies come in a wide variety of different strengths. The smallest amount of CBD a gummy should reasonably contain is 10mg, and most CBD gummies contain somewhere between 20mg and 30mg instead. There’s no reason for a CBD gummy to contain more than 50mg of CBD, and packing any more CBD than that into a gummy will start to negatively impact its flavor and consistency.

Is sativa or indica better for gummies?

When it comes to whether terpenes from indica or sativa strains of cannabis are best for flavoring gummy products, it all comes down to your personal preferences. If you’re a CBD user who turns to cannabis for help getting to sleep at night, you’ll enjoy indica-leaning gummies. THC users who indulge in this cannabinoid for its intoxicating benefits during the day, though, might dramatically prefer the effects of sativa terpenes.

How long does 25mg of CBD stay in your system?

If you only take a single 25mg oral dose of CBD, any traces of CBD will likely clear your system within under a week. When you use large doses of cannabinoids for extended periods of time, these lipid-based compounds can store in your body’s fatty tissues, but CBD and other cannabinoids are excreted quite quickly in cases of light use.

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