Best CBD Hemp Strains with No THC

Published August 18, 2023
Best CBD Hemp Strains with No THC - Secret Nature

Right from the start, it’s important to be perfectly clear: There is no high-CBD strain of Cannabis sativa in existence that doesn’t contain at least some trace amount of THC. Some CBD strains, however, contain less THC than others.

For the purposes of online purchases, THC content in CBD flower only matters inasmuch as it must be below 0.3%, the federal cutoff for THC concentration in hemp. In regards to effects, the slight variation in THC content between CBD strains shouldn’t have any noticeable impact.

With those disclaimers out of the way, let’s cut to the chase: Which CBD strains have the least THC, and how do you get your hands on them?

Are there CBD-only strains?

No, there are no strains of Cannabis sativa that only contain the cannabinoid CBD. Trace cannabinoids are always also present, including THC, THCA, and various other forms of tetrahydrocannabinol.

In strains of Cannabis sativa bred for sale online, however, THC levels are carefully kept below 0.3% to remain in compliance with federal law. At these levels, THC is incapable of exerting an intoxicating effect upon human neurophysiology. Put in layman’s terms, CBD weed can’t get you high.

Is it possible to breed CBD flower with zero THC?

No, it is not possible to breed CBD flower that does not contain any THC whatsoever — at least in this stage of cannabis breeding. Perhaps by directly altering the genetic code of cannabis, it might be possible to suppress the gene responsible for THC production. This is beyond the scope of conventional breeding, however, so every strain of CBD flower in existence contains at least some THC.

What are the benefits of eliminating THC in CBD flower?

There are two primary benefits of removing THC from CBD flower as thoroughly as possible:

  1. Eliminating the potential of intoxicating effects;
  2. And staying in accordance with federal law.

Beyond that, there is no particular reason to remove THC from CBD flower. In fact, the two cannabinoids might significantly synergize when allowed to work together unhindered.

How can I tell if a CBD flower strain is low-THC?

The best way to tell if a CBD flower strain contains low levels of THC is to check a lab report for the specific product you want to try. It is important for lab reports to be third-party and impartial to ensure that THC content in CBD flower is not misrepresented either accidentally or purposefully.

Of course, you can also check the labeling and online information provided for a CBD product to ensure it is listed as containing less than 0.3% THC. Rather than taking a brand’s word for the THC content in their CBD flower products, however, it’s best practice to check lab reports anyway.

Which CBD flower strains have the lowest THC?

Despite the fact that breeding, phenotypes, and many other factors can impact the THC content of a specific nug of CBD flower, some strains are known for containing less THC on average than others. Here are the top five most-popular CBD strains that are always guaranteed to contain the minimum amount of THC possible:

Sour Space Candy

  • Indica/sativa: Sativa
  • Flavor/aroma: Mint, Sour, Apple
  • CBD percentage: 17%
  • THC percentage: 0.1%
  • As one of the first sativas ever bred to be high-CBD and low-THC, Sour Space Candy will forever occupy a nostalgic place in the memories of early CBD smokers. These days, SSC has become popular for an entirely different reason — it commonly comes in at some of the lowest THC percentages ever recorded, 0.1% or lower.

Dough Boy

  • Indica/sativa: Hybrid
  • Flavor/aroma: Dough, Sweet, Earthy
  • CBD percentage: 13%
  • THC percentage: 0.2%
  • Dough Boy evokes all the desirable attributes of a THC hybrid while containing less than 0.3% THC. This hybrid strain is a culinary delight with notes of sweet dough and cream, and it usually comes in at 0.2% THC or less.

Frosted Kush

  • Indica/sativa: Indica
  • Flavor/aroma: Berry, Kush
  • CBD percentage: 16%
  • THC percentage: 0.2%
  • Frosted Kush is our most famous indica, and it’s one of the world’s overall most well-known low-THC CBD flower strains. With all the attributes you’d expect from kush lineage but none of the high, Frosted Kush generally comes in at around 0.2% THC, considerably below the federal cutoff point.


  • Indica/sativa: Hybrid
  • Flavor/aroma: Citrus, chocolate, wine
  • CBD percentage: 15%
  • THC percentage: 0.2%
  • Elektra is an older CBD strain that was one of the first bred to be under 0.3% THC. A cross of Early Resin Berry and ACDC, Elektra is a balanced hybrid with a chocolate flavor that’s excellent for overall relaxation.


  • Indica/sativa: Hybrid
  • Flavor/aroma: Spicy, woody, earthy
  • CBD percentage: 11%
  • THC percentage: 0.1%
  • A cross of Harlequin and Sour Tsunami, Harle-Tsu is one of the oldest CBD crosses, and it remains among the most famous. In terms of CBD percentage, though, Harle-Tsu is a bit lacking when stacked up against modern alternatives. 

Summary: Does THC content in CBD flower matter?

From the perspective of federal law, it is certainly important to keep THC concentrations in CBD strains below 0.3%. For the average consumer, however, the effects of CBD flower will not vary at all regardless of where, exactly, a strain falls within the range of 0.0-0.3% THC.

At concentrations under 1 or 2%, THC will not have any noticeable effect whatsoever when smoked in the form of hemp flower. What’s more, research suggests that CBD at least somewhat counteracts or mitigates the effects of THC, further reducing the potency of any tiny trace amounts of the cannabinoid that might remain.

All of this evidence inevitably leads to the conclusion that there is no genuine need to seek out strains of CBD flower that contain exactly 0.0% THC. It might be convenient to have strains with no THC for the purposes of drug testing, but the tiny amounts of THC present in CBD flower are very unlikely to make you fail a drug test anyway.

Whatever the case may be, strains of CBD flower with absolutely zero detectable concentrations of THC simply do not exist. What’s more, from the vantage point of current science, it does not appear possible, even theoretically, to naturally breed strains of cannabis that are entirely devoid of one or more of the compounds that naturally emerge during the plant’s maturation. 

Without altering the genetic code of cannabis with CRISPR or a similar tool, zero THC content is objectively unachievable. Also, the resulting strain would, by definition, be “genetically modified,” a catchphrase that is anathema to much of the natural health movement.

Think of it this way: If your CBD flower contains trace amounts of THC, that is a guarantee it is natural. In the end, it’s much better to have the real thing even if it has a few mildly undesirable attributes.

Low-THC CBD strains FAQ

Still hunting for the best low-THC, high-CBD hemp strains you can buy? Use the following FAQ section to narrow down your search:

What is the best CBD strain with no THC?

The best CBD strain with no THC does not exist since it is impossible to entirely remove THC from CBD flower. Any company online or elsewhere that claims to offer CBD flower with 0.0% THC is either mistaken or purposefully misrepresenting the THC concentration in their products.

Any competent breeder knows that it is simply not possible to eliminate trace concentrations of THC from CBD flower. The best you can do is keep crossing strains until you get phenotypes that come in at 0.1% THC or lower, which is time-consuming and does not always yield the best results overall.

Can I buy CBD-only strains with no THC online?

No, it is not possible to buy strains of cannabis with high levels of CBD but absolutely zero THC online or anywhere else. It is, quite simply, impossible to breed cannabis with completely undetectable concentrations of THC. Removing THC from cannabis extracts is relatively easy, but removing THC from Cannabis sativa itself? Completely unrealizable without genetic modification.

What are the best high-CBD, low-THC edibles?

The best CBD edibles with low THC you can buy online are Dr. Endo Live Resin CBD Gummies by Secret Nature. Featuring natural ingredients, high concentrations of CBD, and the best live resin terpenes on the market, these gummies accentuate the benefits of edible CBD to the extreme while keeping unnecessary frills and gimmicks to a minimum. All in all, these are solid, tasty gummies that come in multiple strain-flavors, bedecked with hundreds of five-star reviews.

Where can I buy a high-CBD, low-THC vape cartridge?

The best CBD vape cartridges with low THC are offered by Secret Nature. As the only CBD vape company to use genuine, cannabis-derived live resin in high-potency distillate carts, Secret Nature CBD vape cartridges taste better, offer greater potency, and are demonstrably purer than anything offered by the competition. Just check the third-party lab reports for each Secret Nature vape cartridge product if you have any lingering concerns.

What is the strongest CBD strain?

There is no “strongest CBD strain” since even the most potent strains vary in total cannabinoid concentration from crop to crop. If you want to make sure you’re buying the highest-CBD strain available online, you’ll need to look at the product descriptions and/or lab reports for each individual product. Then, you can compare and contrast the results to find the strain that has more CBD than all the rest.

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