Best Delta 8 + CBD Flower & Vapes

Published May 30, 2022
Best Delta 8 + CBD Flower & Vapes - Secret Nature

Delta 8 and CBD are great on their own, but what happens if you put these two hemp cannabinoids together? Like all cannabinoids, CBD and delta 8 have even more power to do good when combined, and in this guide, we’ll take a look at the 3 best products that blend delta 8 and CBD. Along the way, we’ll answer any questions you may have regarding the combined benefits of these cannabinoids.

Can you mix CBD and delta 8?

Yes, you can certainly mix CBD and delta 8, and doing so may enhance the benefits of both cannabinoids. Since both delta 8 and CBD come from the same plant, there’s no chance of these cannabinoids interacting with each other negatively, but there is significant evidence that using cannabinoids together boosts their individual effects.

Does CBD make delta 8 stronger?

It’s possible that using CBD with delta 8 might enhance the intoxicating effects of this hemp-derived form of THC. Some evidence suggests, however, that CBD might minimize the impact of all forms of THC at your CB1 receptors, potentially resulting in a less-intense sense of intoxication. Even if using CBD with delta 8 makes you feel less high, though, you’ll still benefit from the overall synergy provided by the entourage effect.

Best 3 delta 8 CBD products

Ready to learn which products you should use if you want to combine the benefits of CBD and delta 8? We’ve selected the following winners based on the strongest, tastiest, and most shareable options:

1. What is the strongest delta 8 CBD?

Currently, the strongest product on the market that combines CBD and delta 8 is Secret Nature Secret OG Delta 8 Flower. Packing 315mg of delta 8 per 3.5g eighth, this D8-infused, greenhouse-grown flower also features plenty of CBD and minor cannabinoids to offer the boosted power of the entourage effect.

Why you’ll love Secret OG Delta 8 Flower

Secret OG was already a customer favorite back when this strain was only offered in CBD form. With the addition of delta 8, this classic-yet-bold indica cultivar has only become more popular, and at \$25 per eighth, Secret OG Delta 8 flower offers some of the best D8 bang for your buck.

2. What is the tastiest delta 8 CBD?

Adding delta 8 to CBD flower is certainly a very effective option, but for true connoisseurs, spraying on an additional cannabinoid might slightly reduce the delicious flavor of all-natural hemp flower. If you want to try a product that contains unprecedentedly high concentrations of delta 8 without any added cannabinoids, Secret Nature Super Spectrum is the internet’s most ideal option.

Why you’ll love Secret Nature Super Spectrum Pre-Rolls

Featuring a mixture of Frosted Kush, Secret OG, and CBG buds, these pre-rolls take some of Secret Nature’s tastiest strains and bundle them all into one potent and convenient product. The delta 8 and THCV in these pre-rolls comes from the CBG flower—Secret Nature CBG flower already represented the pinnacle of hemp breeding, but recent crosses have brought natural levels of hemp THC in this strain to unheard-of levels.

3. What is the best delta 8 CBD for sharing?

When you want to share the benefits of combining CBD and delta 8 with a whole group, there’s no better product to choose than the Secret Nature Delta 8 Blunt. We’ve smoked enough of these ourselves to be absolutely certain—a little goes a long way, and if you smoke a Secret Nature Delta 8 Blunt by yourself, it might last 5-6 sessions. Shared with a group, it might be gone before it puff-puff passes back to you, but just consider that to be the joy of giving.

Why you’ll love the Secret Nature Delta 8 Blunt

This isn’t your ordinary blunt. Not only does it contain a mixture of CBD, CBG, and delta 8 buds, but it’s wrapped using tea paper, providing a tastier and entirely tobacco-free experience. As an indica-dominant hybrid product, the Secret Nature Delta 8 Blunt provides the chill vibes you’ll need to smooth over any social gathering.

Other ways to combine delta 8 and CBD

Using a single product that contains both delta 8 and CBD isn’t the only way you can ingest both of these cannabinoids at the same time. Let’s review a few more options at your disposal when you want to use CBD and delta 8 together:

— Using multiple vapes

Vape cartridges (and especially disposable vapes) are so convenient that it isn’t usually a problem to have more than one on hand at the same time. If you want to use delta 8 and CBD together, simply take a hit from a CBD vape, and then take a hit from a delta 8 vape as well. Or, you can even take a more hardcore approach and hit a CBD vape and a delta 8 vape at the exact same time.

— Combining capsules

Secret Nature conveniently provides gel caps that contain delta 8 and gel caps that contain CBD. Take one of each to combine CBD in one of the simplest and most straightforward ways imaginable.

— Mixing flower

As long as you have a grinder, you’ll find it easy to combine CBD buds with delta 8 flower. Mind you, Secret Nature delta 8 flower already contains CBD, but you can up the CBD content even further by combining our delta 8 buds with a straight-CBD strain.

— Adding concentrate to flower

Another option you could try is adding Secret Nature Delta 8 Live Resin to your next joint or bowl of flower. Available in Gorilla Glue, Slurricane, and Sour Diesel terpene profiles, this high-potency delta 8 live resin is easy to slather on the outside of a joint or drop on top of a freshly packed bong bowl.

Combining delta 8 and CBD: The bottom line

Cannabinoids were meant to be used together. In nature, multiple cannabinoids are always found side by side in hemp and cannabis flower, but many modern products overlook this natural wisdom by emphasizing one cannabinoid over another or even rendering cannabis extract down to a single cannabinoid.

The combined benefits of CBD and delta 8 aren’t for everyone. Until you try it for yourself, however, you’ll never know if putting these two cannabinoids together will be mild-blowing or just underwhelming. Give one of the options we listed above a shot today to discover the benefits of combining delta 8 and CBD for yourself.

Delta 8 CBD FAQ

Before we finish up, let’s answer some more questions related to combining delta 8 with CBD:

Is full-spectrum CBD the same as delta 8?

No, full-spectrum CBD and delta 8 are very different. While full-spectrum CBD can contain up to 0.3% delta 9 THC, it is fully non-intoxicating. Delta 8, on the other hand, has undeniably intoxicating properties, and it can be included in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or even isolate hemp products.

Is CBD or delta 8 stronger?

In terms of intoxicating effects, delta 8 is certainly stronger than CBD since CBD doesn’t provide any intoxication whatsoever. Depending on your purposes, however, you might find CBD to be the stronger option—most users believe CBD to be much more relaxing than delta 8, for instance.

Is delta 8 or CBD better?

When it comes to the differences between CBD and delta 8, there is no “better” or “worse.” These cannabinoids are simply different, and they’re useful for different purposes. If you want to get high and forget about all your worries, delta 8 might be an ideal solution. If you’re dealing with chronic pain or anxiety, however, you may prefer the effects of CBD.

Does CBD work with delta 8?

Yes, CBD definitely works with delta 8—both in the sense that these cannabinoids work together and in the sense that CBD still works even if you use delta 8 at the same time. Like all cannabinoids, CBD and delta 8 work together to provide a synergy called the entourage effect that improves their benefits. Take the entourage effect a step further by leveraging the unique benefits of terpenes.

Can you take CBD gummies and delta 8 gummies together?

Yes, you can use CBD gummies and delta 8 gummies at the same time. Keep in mind, however, that hemp gummies of all kinds often contain unnecessary ingredients and don’t provide the intensity of effects that can be achieved with flower or vapes.

What happens when you mix delta 8 and delta 10?

We don’t know a lot yet about the THC analogue delta 10, but we’re sure that—just like delta 8 and delta 9—delta 10 THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid. As a result, you shouldn’t experience any negative effects when you combine delta 8 and delta 10, and it’s highly likely that using these cannabinoids together will trigger the entourage effect.

Which is stronger: delta 8 or delta 10?

Based on anecdotal reports, delta 10 definitely appears to be weaker than delta 8. Not enough research has been conducted, however, to establish the exact potency of either form of hemp-derived THC.

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