Best Delta 8 Dabs & Concentrates of 2022

Published May 30, 2022
Best Delta 8 Dabs & Concentrates of 2022 - Secret Nature

Dabbing delta 8 is one of the best ways to enjoy the full effects of this THC alternative. Not all delta 8 dabs are made equal, however, and there are also other types of concentrates you should consider. In this guide, learn what makes a delta 8 dabs great, and get to know the best four delta 8 concentrate products you can order online in 2022.

What are delta 8 dabs?

Delta 8 dabs are doses of cannabis extract that contain high concentrations of the cannabinoid delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol (delta 8 or D8). Usually offered in small, one-gram jars, delta 8 dabs are designed to be vaporized by a tabletop dab rig or a portable dab pen. It’s also possible to add dabs to flower or even infuse them into food and drinks.

How strong is delta 8 concentrate?

Delta 8 dabs vary considerably in terms of strength, but an average gram of delta 8 concentrate contains around 80% total cannabinoids. Dabs containing delta 8 commonly contain other cannabinoids as well, making delta 8 comprise around 60-70% of the total cannabinoid count. In fact, it’s best to be wary of D8 dabs that contain any higher delta 8 concentrations since they most likely contain D8 isolate, not distillate.

What is the most potent form of delta 8?

Out of all the different types of delta 8 products now available on the market, dabs are one of the most potent options at your disposal. Vape cartridges are also serious contenders since they can sometimes contain even more delta 8 than the type of concentrate you buy in jars by the gram. While certainly desirable in its own right, delta 8 flower is usually considerably less potent than D8 dabs.

Best 4 delta 8 dabs of 2022

What are the best delta 8 dabs you can buy online right now? Four excellent options immediately come to mind:

1. Secret Nature Slurricane Delta 8 Live Resin

A strongly indica strain derived from Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch, Secret Nature Slurricane Delta 8 Live Resin is the ultimate D8 dab to reach for when it’s time to sit back and get couch-locked. The beauty of dabs is that you can take rips of any size you like, so feel free to bask in the piney, skunky flavor and relaxing effects of Slurricane’s live resin terpenes to the absolute fullest.

Why you’ll love Secret Nature Slurricane Delta 8 Live Resin

Like all Secret Nature dabs, D8 Slurricane consists of flash-frozen cannabis extract enhanced with delta 8 distillate. Freezing cannabis after harvest preserves the plant’s terpenes in the exact state of perfection they reach at the end of the cultivation cycle, and combining delta 8 with the natural CBD in this live resin extract delivers an unparalleled robustness of relaxing benefits.

2. Secret Nature Gorilla Glue Delta 8 Live Resin

Gorilla Glue has long been a favorite among lovers of hard-hitting hybrid strains, and now, you can take massive dabs of Gorilla Glue infused with high-quality delta 8 distillate. This strain is cannabis at its finest and most balanced—turn to Secret Nature Gorilla Glue Delta 8 Live Resin throughout the day whenever you need a break from the ordinary.

Why you’ll love Secret Nature Gorilla Glue Delta 8 Live Resin

You’ve never experienced Gorilla Glue quite like this. Live resin extraction captures this strain’s iconic terpene profile at its pinnacle of perfection, and combining CBD with delta 8 unlocks benefits of Gorilla Glue you never knew existed. Savor the soothing scent of this sugary concentrate before you load it into your rig.

3. Secret Nature Sour Diesel Delta 8 Live Resin

Sour Diesel has never tasted this sour. One of the most beloved and legendary sativa strains of all time, Sour Diesel’s delta 8 form takes on a new dimension when combined with CBD and Secret Nature’s proprietary live resin terpenes. Take a dab of Secret Nature Sour Diesel Delta 8 Live Resin first thing in the morning to get your mind right for the rest of the day.

Why you’ll love Secret Nature Sour Diesel Delta 8 Live Resin

With Sour Diesel, the trifecta of Secret Nature D8 dabs is completed—you now have strains you can dab when you want to relax, when you want to feel balanced, and when you need energy or creativity. Fill out your stash with a gram of each strain to make sure you’re ready for any situation that calls for the synergistic benefits of delta 8 and CBD.

4. Secret Nature Delta 8 Live Resin Softgels

Ready for a break from dabs? Here’s an orally ingested type of delta 8 concentrate to consider—Secret Nature Delta 8 Live Resin Softgels. These easy-to-swallow gel caps contain 25mg of delta 8 each, so taking 1-2 capsules is the equivalent of an average dab session, but without all the expensive equipment and potential lung-hacking.

Why you’ll love Secret Nature Delta 8 Live Resin Softgels

Containing the same high-quality, flash-frozen live resin as Secret Nature’s dabs, these capsules deliver the benefits of delta 8 within around 30 minutes and last for hours. Carry your bottle with you to discreetly dose delta 8 wherever you go, or leave them by your bedside for when you need a little help relaxing at night.

Best delta 8 dabs FAQ

We’ve shown you the best D8 dabs you can buy online in 2022. Now, it’s time to answer some related questions that commonly crop up:

What do delta 8 dabs smell like?

Delta 8 dabs smell just like any other type of cannabis concentrate. While they aren’t quite as pungent as flower, the aroma of delta 8 dabs will definitely fill the room if you leave your container unsealed. Delta 8 dabs become even more aromatic when vaporized, so choose your dabbing location wisely.

Can you smell dabs in the house?

Yes, it’s often possible for a discerning nose to detect the aroma of delta 8 dabs even from multiple rooms away. Stowed away in a sealed container, delta 8 concentrate doesn’t emit any odor at all, but when you open your container or start dabbing, be prepared for everyone you live with to notice.

What is the best delta 8 crumble?

The highest-quality delta 8 crumble will consist of CO2-extracted D8 extract combined with live resin terpenes. If a D8 crumble product you found on the internet has been extracted using BHO or no extraction method is listed, its quality is certainly in question. In general, delta 8 dabs shouldn’t contain any additional ingredients aside from terpenes—and it’s better if the terpenes in dabs are naturally occurring, not added.

What is the best delta 8 shatter?

Delta 8 should be amber or honey-colored in appearance, and it should be extracted using CO2. If D8 shatter is dark-colored, it hasn’t been extracted or purified properly, and all shatter products should come with third-party lab reports to prove their quality and purity.

Are delta 8 dabs worth it?

If you find the right product, delta 8 dabs can certainly be worth it. Many D8 dabs sold on the internet are low-quality or overpriced, however, so it’s important to know what to look for as you make your selection. Read through reviews to see what other customers thought about the product you’re considering, check the information the company provides for their dabs, and—perhaps most importantly—assess the overall trustworthiness of the brand before proceeding.

What are the cheapest delta 8 dabs?

If you look hard enough, you might be able to find delta 8 dabs offered on the internet for as low as $25 per gram. It’s rarely the case in life, however, that cheaper equals better, and this rule holds doubly true in the case of D8 dabs.

The delta 8 industry is already rife with disreputable companies pushing sub-par products, and it’s a fact that it costs a certain amount of money to make good delta 8 dabs in the first place. Try not to pay out the nose for your delta 8 dabs, but avoid jumping at the cheapest option as well.

Can I buy delta 8 wax online?

Yes, delta 8 wax and other forms of dabbable D8 concentrate are widely available on the internet. Since delta 8 is generally considered industrial hemp, products containing this cannabinoid are sold online and shipped to all 50 states.

What are the best delta 8 brands?

The best delta 8 brands offer contaminant-free, high-potency D8 products for a reasonable price. Steer away from companies that make direct medical claims or post clearly low-effort product descriptions. Independent lab testing is a must in the online hemp industry, so any D8 brands that don’t provide lab reports should immediately be taken out of the running.

What is the safest brand of delta 8?

Offering live-resin delta 8 concentrate and organically grown delta 8 flower, Secret Nature leads the way in online D8 safety with batch-specific, third-party lab reports for each product. Having received more than 10,000 customer reviews, Secret Nature is the premier choice for anyone who wants to experience the potential of delta 8 unleashed.

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