Best Delta 8 Flower & Vapes for Pain

Published May 30, 2022
Best Delta 8 Flower & Vapes for Pain - Secret Nature

Delta 8 is just as common as CBD now, and people commonly use these two cannabinoids for the same things. Using delta 8 for pain is on the rise, but some delta 8 products might be more appropriate for pain than others. 

Looking for the best delta 8 products to use for pain? In this guide, learn why people use delta 8 to manage chronic pain, and discover the best five delta 8 products you can use if pain is taking away the joy of living.

What is D8?

Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol (delta 8 or D8) is an analog of THC that has a lot in common with the cannabinoid’s conventional form. Chemically speaking, a couple of different chemical bonds are all that separate delta 8 from delta 9, but that’s enough for delta 8 THC to be considered its own distinct substance.

The effects of delta 8 may be very similar to the effects of “normal” THC, but while delta 9 THC is still considered a Schedule I illicit drug, delta 8 is generally classified as industrial hemp. As a result, delta 8 products abound on the internet while you can only buy conventional THC from dispensaries.

Can delta 8 help with pain?

Many users report that they’ve successfully used delta 8 to manage chronic pain. According to a recent study, as many as 41% of delta 8 users decided to use this cannabinoid to help with pain, and participants in this study compared delta 8 “very favorably with both delta-9-THC and pharmaceutical drugs and reported substantial levels of substitution for both.” While the science is still out regarding the exact mechanisms by which delta 8 might help with pain, people who use this cannabinoid seem to like it a lot as a pain-relief solution—even more than they like delta 9 THC.

What is the best delta 8 strain for pain?

When it comes to managing chronic pain, the strain of delta 8 you use matters less than the potency of the products you consume. If you’re looking for help sleeping or increased energy during the day, indica and sativa delta 8 strains might be better respectively.

In the management of chronic pain, though, you simply want the delta 8 products you use to be effective while not knocking you out or distracting you too immensely with creative thoughts. As a result, we consider vape products with hybrid or slightly indica-leaning terpene profiles to be ideal for delta 8 users who want to try this cannabinoid for chronic pain conditions.

Top 5 best delta 8 products for pain

Featuring indoor-grown flower, live resin terpenes, impeccable breeding, and all the other hallmarks of excellent cannabis, Secret Nature delta 8 products offer the best quality and value of any D8 on the market regardless of the reason you’ve decided to try this cannabinoid. Check out the best 5 Secret Nature products to try if you’re seeking to manage chronic pain:

#1 Secret Nature Delta 8 Gorilla Glue Vape Cartridge

Considered by most to be a perfectly balanced or slightly indica-leaning hybrid strain, Gorilla Glue #4 is an ideal cultivar to puff when you’re looking for convenient relief throughout the day. Secret Nature vape cartridges contain 1.2g of super-pure delta 8 distillate boosted with live resin terpenes, and they’re compatible with standard 501-threaded vape batteries.

Why is the Delta 8 Gorilla Glue Vape Cartridge good for pain?

The Secret Nature Gorilla Glue #4 Vape Cartridge won’t make you feel too sleepy or too peppy. What it will do, however, is deliver immense concentrations of delta 8 into your bloodstream via your lungs, providing near-instantaneous effects that last around an hour. Take a puff of this vape cartridge every 60 minutes or so to experience a soothing delta 8 buzz throughout your entire day.

#2 Secret Nature Delta 8 OG Kush Vape Cartridge

For some, OG Kush might be too couchlock-inducing for daytime use. Chronic pain often kicks in the worst, however, before bed, and it has a way of keeping you up all night if you don’t do something to stop it. Featuring the same high-end distillate as any other Secret Nature D8 cartridge, the Secret Nature Delta 8 OG Kush vape cart packs genuine cannabis terpenes lifted from the world’s best OG Kush for an experience that’s just as authentic as it is potent.

Why is the Delta 8 OG Kush Vape Cartridge good for pain?

Many users find vape cartridges to be the best types of D8 products to keep by their bedsides. With no need for a lighter or an ashtray, you can simply roll over and take a puff of Secret Nature OG Kush whenever chronic pain becomes too much to bear throughout the night. If you don’t mind getting a little bit more relaxed than you would with a hybrid strain, you can even hit your OG Kush cart during the day.

#3 Secret Nature Delta 8 Gorilla Glue Disposable Vape

No, we didn’t list the same product twice: Even though they contain the same live resin D8 distillate, Secret Nature disposable vapes are different from Secret Nature vape cartridges in a few distinct ways.

Why is the Delta 8 Gorilla Glue Disposable Vape good for pain?

Sometimes, chronic pain can make it cumbersome to even perform the simple task of charging a vape battery or replacing a cartridge. The Secret Nature Delta 8 Gorilla Glue Disposable Vape activates instantly out of the box, and it vaporizes distillate at a higher voltage to provide bigger, more potent hits.

#4 Secret Nature Delta 8 Wedding Cake Disposable Vape

Since they’re both balanced hybrid strains, Wedding Cake is an ideal alternative to Gorilla Glue if you’re looking for something a bit sweeter. Only currently available in disposable vapes, Secret Nature’s rendition of the classic strain Wedding Cake is something you should try even if Gorilla Glue already hits the spot.

Why is the Delta 8 Wedding Cake Disposable Vape good for pain?

As a hybrid, Wedding Cake provides a perfect balance between energizing and relaxing effects. Secret Nature’s disposable vapes make it incredibly convenient to take delta 8 with you wherever you go—simply store your Secret Nature Delta 8 Wedding Cake Disposable in your pocket, and take a hit whenever pain flares up.

#5 Secret Nature CBG - Delta 8 Flower

While they’re the most potent, vapes aren’t for everyone. Especially now that CBG’s potential to help with pain is being scientifically investigated, combining delta 8 with CBG in your efforts to fend off chronic pain simply makes sense. 

Why is Secret Nature CBG - Delta 8 Flower good for pain?

Featuring 315mg of delta 8 per eighth plus plenty of CBD and CBG, Secret Nature CBG - Delta 8 Flower captures the benefits of the entourage effect while also maximizing each cannabinoid’s potential usefulness for pain. Enjoy this strain in joints, a bong, or a dry herb vape.

Best D8 for pain FAQ

What else can we tell you about using delta 8 flower and vapes for pain?

1. Does delta 8 get you as high?

No, delta 8 will not get you as high as delta 9 THC, but most users won’t notice the difference. What they will notice when they use delta 8, on the other hand, is the distinct lack of paranoia and other common THC side effects, which delta 8 is commonly reported to bypass entirely.

2. Can I use delta 8 for nerve pain?

Yes, you can certainly try using delta 8 for nerve pain. People with chronic pain commonly report that delta 8 is just as effective for neuropathic (nerve) pain as it is for inflammatory pain.

3. Does delta 8 relax muscles?

There isn’t any research yet regarding whether delta 8 acts as a direct muscle relaxant. Users commonly report that the intoxication provided by delta 8, however, allows them to relax both mentally and physically, so you might want to try this cannabinoid if you suffer from muscle soreness or spasms.

4. Is delta 8 better for pain than CBD?

When it comes to the differences between CBD and delta 8 for pain, it isn’t a matter of “better” or “worse.” These cannabinoids are simply different—if you don’t mind a little bit of intoxication, delta 8 is the more potent option, but the pain-relief properties of CBD have been investigated intensively as well, and this cannabinoid is thoroughly non-intoxicating.

5. Can delta 8 cause cramps?

Delta 8 is not commonly known to cause cramps. If you experience digestive cramping after using delta 8, it’s possible you ingested a contaminated product or suffer from cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS), a rare condition that can cause severe digestive discomfort after using any form of THC.

6. Can delta 8 carts make you sick?

Delta 8 carts should not make you feel sick as long as they only contain contaminant-free delta 8 distillate and live resin cannabis terpenes. Low-quality delta 8 products could cause illness due to contamination issues—choose your D8 products wisely!

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