Best Secret Nature Strain for Creativity

Published March 30, 2021
Best Secret Nature Strain for Creativity - Secret Nature

Do you use hemp and cannabis to get in the zone? So do I, and as Secret Nature’s blog writer, I have a few favorite SN products that help me get through the intensively creative work of CBD writing.

Over the last month or so, I’ve had the privilege of sampling the entire Secret Nature catalog, making me a preeminent expert on what Secret Nature produces and what it does. I’ve paid close attention to the packaging, flavor, and activation time of each product, but more importantly, I’ve taken in their effects.

The notes I’ve taken on Secret Nature flower, pre-rolls, and vapes could fill an entire book. I’ll pull from my wealth of experience as I explain why CBD flower might make you feel more creative.

Then, I’ll declare my winners for the most creativity-inducing Secret Nature Pre-Roll, 3.6 Flower Tin, and Vape Cartridge.

Can CBD flower make you feel creative?

What is it to feel creative? It isn’t the same as overcoming a medical condition or basking in a much-needed reduction of pain. Creativity is an ephemeral, almost spiritual mindset that can sometimes seem to come and go as it pleases.

In ancient days, philosophers and poets would woo the muses, hoping to receive their supernatural blessings of creativity. Then, as now, seekers of the numinous creative imbibed specially prepared substances with psychoactive properties.

Unlike the strongly psychedelic substances used in the Rites of Eleusis and similar divinity-invoking rituals from around the world, the cannabidiol in CBD-rich hemp flower is non-intoxicating. It won’t help you talk to spirits, and it won’t make you feel the ecstasy of religious rapture.

Via its naturally soothing properties and the extra boost of wild-card terpenes, however, the CBD in certain hemp strains might make you feel creative enough to brush your fingertips against the clouds. Read on to find out which Secret Nature strains I’d recommend for this purpose.

Why CBD flower for creativity?

So, why CBD flower, and not some other type of CBD product? Let’s start with the most abstract reason.

Seekers after creativity have often smoked the substances used in their noetic hunts. Veterans of THC-rich cannabis know how that rush of sativa energy feels a few moments after you take a puff of a truly dank and fruity strain.

Aside from keeping with ancestral habits, however, there are some more solid reasons CBD flower is the type of cannabidiol product to choose on a moonlit night when the mysteries of the mind are on the prowl.

1. Alternative to THC

You love sativa, but you’re ready for a break from THC. We get it, and we won’t ask questions. Switching to Secret Nature CBD flower preserves that sativa rush you count on without any intoxication.

2. Fast activation time

Creativity is a fickle steed. Sometimes, you need to rush to keep up with your own mount.

As such, you can’t wait around for the effects of a capsule, tincture, or edible to kick in 30 minutes from now. What’s called for is a puff or two of Secret Nature CBD smoke or vapor, which will deliver practically instantaneous effects.

3. Classic sativa effects

Even without the THC, sativa-dominant Secret Nature CBD flower strains offer the same energizing sativa effects you’ve experienced with conventional, intoxicating cannabis. 

Why do sativas make you feel creative?

That’s a good question. The latest research indicates that there’s something about the ratios between particular terpenes that makes different cannabis strains have such distinct effects. Until the status of cannabinoid and terpene research progresses considerably, however, we can’t say for certain why sativa hemp and cannabis strains so commonly induce feelings of uncontrollable creativity.

Which terpenes are best for creativity?

No one is exactly sure how sativa strains cause creative impulses, but it’s likely that terpenes are the culprits. These natural, aromatic substances are found alongside cannabinoids in cannabis and hemp. Unlike cannabinoids, however, terpenes are found in plants other than Cannabis sativa as well.

Anxiety is the nemesis of creativity. As a result, we’ll take a look at three terpenes that have been studied for their potential anxiolytic properties. It’s important to note, however, that each of these terpenes is abundant in both sativa and indica strains, indicating a deeper mystery underlying the creativity-inducing effects of sativa-dominant hemp and cannabis.

1. Myrcene

According to Leafly, cannabis users say strains with high concentrations of myrcene provide the best anti-anxiety effects. A 2011 paper by Dr. Ethan Russo published in the British Journal of Pharmacology details research into the potential anxiolytic benefits provided by a combination of myrcene, limonene, and pinene.

2. Pinene

While less-researched, initial studies into the usefulness of pinene for anxiety are promising. A study published in Phytotherapy Research in 2014 examined the anxiolytic potential of pinene when inhaled.

3. Linalool

One of the primary constituents of lavender essential oil, linalool has been researched for its potential anti-anxiety properties. A 2018 study published in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience detailed the anti-anxiety potential of linalool when inhaled.

Winner for vape — Bellini

As a creative professional, I mainly use cannabinoids during the day as tools to help me get in the zone. For this purpose, I found the Secret Nature Bellini Vape Cartridge to be superior to any other SN vape I tried.

Winner for flower — Papaya Nights

Everything from the flavor to the effects of Secret Nature Papaya Nights CBD Flower 3.6g screams energetic sativa. I would usually save vaping Secret Nature hemp nugs in my Volcano Classic until nighttime, but Papaya Nights was an SN strain I also vaped during the day for boosted creativity.

Winner for pre-roll — Fuji

For me, Fuji is the all-time Secret Nature original strain for creativity. My Secret Nature Fuji Pre-Roll 7-Pack was my best friend on walks around the block for a week or so.

Boost your creativity naturally

With its painstakingly preserved sativa terpenes, Secret Nature CBD flower has the potential to be a powerful creativity-inducing force. Hemp buds and vapes aren’t the only tools that unlock the mind’s creative secrets, however, and combined with additional natural techniques, the effects of smoking or vaping sativa-dominant CBD may be boosted.

1. Get out in nature

Feel stuck in a rut? Get out in nature. Or, if that’s not an option, bring nature to you.

I recently rearranged my office so my back is toward my east and north windows. Currently, I’m relishing a raging southwest wind ripping through the Columbia Basin. Wherever you are, use natural conditions to your advantage as creative inspiration.

A simple walk around the block will do in even the most urbanized environment, and those of us lucky to be closer to nature don’t have to go far to soak in the clarifying and enervating aesthetics of Mother Earth. 

2. Optimize your workspace

Sometimes, I find just moving office furniture around can make a big change in how I feel about producing creative work. Purchasing new furniture would technically fall under the following section, but even making do with what you already have can imbue your space with the energetic harmonies of feng shui or just help you take better advantage of natural light.

I hate to nag, but that cluttered desk is getting you down. If you don’t have space to store all the items bogging down your desktop, you’ll need to do some self-investing. If you already have a solid organizational system set up, any time of the year is a good time for spring cleaning.

3. Invest in yourself

Whether it’s a new easel, keyboard, or piece of furniture, investing in yourself is a great way to spark creativity. Unlike technical proficiency, which is forged under pressure, creativity is summoned through the right arrangement of healthy mindsets and useful tools.

If you’re seeking greater creativity for financial reasons, it can seem counterintuitive to invest capital in yourself just when you’re trying hardest to boost the number in your bank account. Trust me from experience, however — showing yourself you matter by spending some money on one of your favorite products is the perfect way to manifest that feel-good atmosphere oozing with creative juices.
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