Blue Gas Strain Intro & Top 3 Alternatives

Published August 31, 2022
Blue Gas Strain Intro & Top 3 Alternatives - Secret Nature

Cannabis strain names were already complicated, but then the CBD industry made things even harder to keep track of with new strains like Blue Gas. In this one case, however, a CBD-rich hemp strain has been given its name for an easily identifiable reason — Blue Dream parentage.

The only thing is that Blue Gas isn’t the only CBD version of Blue Dream on the market. Learn where Blue Gas came from and what it does, and find out how it stacks up to Secret Dream and other CBD-rich Blue Dream alternatives.

What is the strain Blue Gas?

Objective, third-party information on Blue Gas is scant, but one thing we can tell you Blue Gas is not is the strain Blueberry Gas, a THC-rich cross of Blueberry, Chemdawg, and Sour Diesel. Instead, Blue Gas is apparently a cross of Blue Dream and Avidekel, an Israeli hemp strain known for its high CBD content and extremely low concentrations of THC.

Repeated crossings with Avidekel seemingly resulted in a form of Blue Dream that contains less than 0.3% THC while retaining the beneficial qualities of this iconic strain. As an indica cultivar, though, Avidekel’s contributions surely make Blue Gas far more indica-leaning than conventional Blue Dream.

What is the cannabinoid percentage of Blue Gas?

At approximately 11%, Blue Gas contains a relatively low amount of CBD compared to other strains. Secret Dream, for instance, an alternative CBD-rich form of Blue Dream, contains 19% CBD, more than double the CBD content in Blue Gas. At such a low CBD percentage, it’s surprising that Blue Gas is even considered smokable-grade.

Does the strain Blue Gas have any other names?

No, there are no known alternative names for Blue Gas. It is important to not mix this strain up with either Blueberry Gas or Blue Dream, though.

Is Blue Gas indica or sativa?

Blue Gas is a strongly indica-leaning CBD-rich form of Blue Dream. It lacks the original strain’s whimsically creative and energizing effects and instead delivers potent bodily benefits.

What is the best time of day to smoke Blue Gas?

Strongly indica-dominant strains like Blue Gas are best to smoke at night. Blue Gas might help you relax at before bed, and a sativa-leaning strain would be a better choice during the day.

What are Blue Gas’s genetics?

Blue Gas was derived by crossing Blue Dream and Avidekel. Blue Dream is a famous cross of Blueberry and Haze that provides an almost-perfect blend of indica and sativa effects. Blueberry is a first-generation landrace hybrid, and Haze is a classic landrace strain with disputed origins.

Avidekel, on the other hand, was developed by Tikun Olam, a government-sanctioned Israeli medical cannabis producer. Contrary to conflicting information online, Tikun Olam itself describes Avidekel as an “indica-dominant strain.” It’s unclear exactly how Avidekel was bred, but the entire line of CBD-rich Avidekel products has become quite popular within the Israeli medical cannabis market.

What is the terpene profile in Blue Gas?

The terpene profile present in Blue Gas is unknown. The breeder of this strain, Plain Jane, indicates that the dominant terpenes in Blue Gas “appear” to be myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene.

As is common with Plain Jane, this terpene information tells us essentially nothing since myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene are the most abundant terpenes in more than half of all strains of cannabis. It’s also odd that Plain Jane seems unsure of the terpenes present in its own products.

How does the strain Blue Gas make you feel?

It’s unclear exactly how Blue Gas is supposed to make you feel. This strain only has a handful of reviews, and the stated effects of Blue Gas seem to be quite contrary to its genetics.

Plain Jane lists Blue Gas as a “Lifted” strain, which means it has sativa-leaning genetics. As we know, however, Blue Dream is a balanced hybrid strain, and Avidekel is strongly indica-leaning.

We don’t need a paternity test to know that a hybrid and an indica don’t make a sativa. They make an indica-leaning hybrid that might have some sativa effects but is otherwise relaxing and sedating.

Based on its stated genetics, that’s what we’d say you should expect from Blue Gas. The product information Plain Jane has provided for this strain is, however, conflicting.

What is the strain Blue Gas good for?

Given that Blue Gas is listed as a sativa strain that nonetheless has indica genetics, it’s hard to say exactly what this strain might be good for. What we know about Blue Dream and Avidekel tells us, though, that Blue Gas is likely to provide slightly cerebral but mostly bodily relaxing effects. Contrary to the category in which this strain has been placed, Blue Gas is not likely to offer any considerably uplifting or energizing effects.

Is the strain Blue Gas good for anxiety?

People generally like indicas and sativas for different kinds of anxiety. Without knowing which Blue Gas is, we can’t say if it will help with anxiety or not.

Is the strain Blue Gas good for depression?

Users generally find sativa-leaning hemp strains to be best for depression due to their energizing, uplifting qualities. All Blue Gas will do, however, is disappoint customers who bought this strain believing it would offer effects similar to other cultivars in Plain Jane’s “Lifted” category.

Is the strain Blue Gas good for stress?

Blue Dream is widely known as one of the most euphoric, stress-busting strains around, and strongly indica-leaning strains like Avidekel are also excellent for stress. If it’s true that Blue Gas is a sativa, it might not be as good for stress as we expect, but it’s more likely that Plain Jane miscategorized this strain than it is that it forgot the strain’s parents.

Is the strain Blue Gas good for pain?

When it comes to pain, you’ll want an indica strain for sure, but what’s more important is the strain’s CBD concentration. At a mere 11% CBD, Blue Gas is unlikely to pack the punch chronic pain sufferers are looking for. Plus, there’s the off chance that this strain actually does have sativa effects, which would make it less useful for pain.

Does the strain Blue Gas have any negative effects?

We don’t know enough about Blue Gas to say whether or not it will have negative effects. The somewhat sativa-leaning properties of Blue Dream, however, can make you feel paranoid when you smoke this Blue Gas parent.

What does the strain Blue Gas smell like?

According to the company that bred it, Blue Gas smells like “fermented blueberry,” pineapple, hay, and skunk.

What does the strain Blue Gas taste like?

Blue Gas is listed as tasting like sweet blueberries, pine, diesel, and “fermented silage.” That’s the first time we’ve heard cannabis likened to rotting plant matter.

Are there different Blue Gas strains?

We aren’t aware of any variants of Blue Gas. There appears to only be one form of this cross of Blue Dream and Avidekel.

Who is the strain Blue Gas best for?

We can’t make any recommendations regarding Blue Gas since information regarding its effects is conflictory. We’d suggest an alternative CBD version of Blue Dream like Secret Dream instead.

What strains are similar to Blue Gas?

Blue Gas is most notably similar to Blue Dream, but it also shares the heavily indica properties of Avidekel. As a result, this strain is reasonably similar to most other indica-leaning CBD cultivars.

Top 3 alternatives to Blue Gas

1. Secret Nature Secret Dream 

How is Secret Nature Secret Dream like Blue Gas?

Like Blue Gas, Secret Dream was derived by crossing Blue Dream with a CBD-rich strain. Secret Dream is different from Blue Gas, however, in that its sativa effects are the real deal — it wasn’t crossed with an indica and incorrectly labeled as a sativa.

Why Secret Nature Secret Dream is better

Secret Dream contains nearly double the CBD content of Blue Gas, and its uplifting sativa properties are much more reminiscent of the effects you’re used to with Blue Dream. Secret Nature products are 100% organic and ship in airtight metal tins.

2. Secret Nature Blood Diamond 

How is Secret Nature Blood Diamond like Blue Gas?

Blood Diamond is a balanced hybrid just like Blue Dream. If you’re looking for the most potent hybrid CBD strain you can buy, Blood Diamond is an excellent pick.

Why Secret Nature Blood Diamond is better

Blood Diamond clocks in at around 24% CBD compared to the 11% CBD concentration of Blue Gas. Objectively, Blood Diamond packs much more punch.

3. Secret Nature Sour Gummi 

How is Secret Nature Sour Gummi like Blue Gas?

Next to Secret Dream, no Secret Nature strain gets closer to the Blue Dream flavor Blue Gas attempts to emulate than Sour Gummi. Like Blue Dream, Sour Gummi is sweet and a little hazy.

Why Secret Nature Sour Gummi is better

Sour Gummi is another high-potency strain at more than 21% CBD. Potency makes a big difference when you want to keep your CBD flower purchases economical.

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