Bring It Back to Basics with the Secret Nature Raw Nectar Vape Cartridge

Published February 22, 2021
Bring It Back to Basics with the Secret Nature Raw Nectar Vape Cartridge - Secret Nature

Some people believe the sticky, honey-like oil that’s derived from flowering hemp is the nectar of the gods. All we know is that Secret Nature Raw Nectar brings us all down to Earth with its simple effects and unassuming taste profile.

The Secret Nature Raw Nectar Vape contains only the raw, indoor-grown hemp flower nectar Secret Nature uses as a base for its other vapes. No terpenes are added.

After testing out Raw Nectar, I know just who this basic hemp cartridge is for. Learn my thoughts on the packaging, flavor, and effects of Raw Nectar as Secret Nature’s blog writer.

First impressions

Prior to trying Secret Nature Raw Nectar, I already knew that Secret Nature concocts their vape cartridges by combining their own organic hemp extract with strain-specific cannabis terpenes. These terpenes, of course, don’t contain any THC. But, they’re configured in the exact ratio particular to a certain strain.

Terpenes may also enhance the benefits of CBD, but they aren’t for everyone. Raw Nectar is there for people who prefer the raw power of vaping CBD without all the flavorful pizazz.

Within this context, Secret Nature Raw Nectar absolutely fulfilled my expectations. I was prepared for the fact that Raw Nectar wouldn’t be as flavorful as Secret Nature’s other carts, so I focused more on this cartridge’s effects and potential applications instead.

Packaged beautifully, my Raw Nectar vape cartridge was easy to unpack. The cartridge was in Secret Nature’s usual style, which I always find to be appealing both to sight and touch. I didn’t find Raw Nectar to be particularly aromatic even when I sniffed the tip of the cartridge.

Hooking the vape cartridge into its battery, I enjoyed my first tastes of Raw Nectar. The effects of this vape cartridge were straightforward and to-the-point, and in the end, they reminded me of taking a CBD tincture in vape form.


  • Raw nectar doesn’t contain any terpenes
  • Great packaging
  • Simple, smooth effects
  • Like a CBD tincture

Packaging and labeling

No complaints here. I’ll never get tired of Secret Nature’s vape packages no matter how many of them I open. No brand in either industry — CBD or cannabis — has more beautiful, elegant packaging, and the Secret Nature logo is aesthetically superb.

To open my package, I used my thumbnail to break the clear, circular plastic seal, and then I slid out the inner box. Now that I have some practice, I was able to open the cartridge’s airtight plastic bag without breaking it.

On the back of my vape cartridge is some basic information on the Secret Nature brand mission, a few disclaimers, and a sticker with information on Raw Nectar’s lab test. This sticker features a QR code you can scan to instantly pull up your cart’s third-party lab report.

The bottom of the package features another sticker with information on how much CBD and how many doses my Raw Nectar cartridge contains. My cartridge came equipped with two silicone caps for enhanced hygiene and freshness.


  • Attractive, easy-to-open packaging
  • Sticker with QR code for lab tests
  • Additional sticker with dosage information
  • Cartridge comes equipped with silicone caps


I found my Secret Nature Raw Nectar vape cartridge to have a pleasant, nondescript texture. In my experience, the texture of a cartridge’s vapor is commonly determined by its terpene profile.

With no added terpenes, Secret Nature Raw Nectar was neither harsh nor smooth. I found the vapor this cartridge produced to be slightly harsher, but still tolerable without coughing, at my pen’s “high” temperature setting.

At the “low” setting, I could easily vape Raw Nectar all day. As a perfectly balanced hybrid extract with minimal terpenes, however, Raw Nectar doesn’t have the type of sativa terpene profile that keeps me engaged and focused.

Even habitual vapers or smokers won’t find this cartridge to be harsh. Its vapor feels like high-quality, refined distillate as you inhale it into your lungs.


  • Pleasant, average texture
  • Neither remarkably harsh nor smooth
  • Minimal terpenes means nondescript texture


Considering the terpene-richness of the cartridges I usually vape, I found puffing on Secret Nature Raw Nectar to be something of a relief. I really enjoy the flavors and effects of terpenes, but I can understand not wanting to vape them all the time.

At first, Secret Nature Raw Nectar didn’t taste like much of anything. It certainly didn’t have any unpleasant flavors, and all I could detect was the slight chemical bitterness characteristic of cannabinoids.

As I exhaled my first puff, however, I detected notes of high, clear sweetness that were unexpectedly pleasant. It’s unlikely that you’ve chosen to vape Raw Nectar for its flavor, but nonetheless, the taste of this cartridge’s vapor won’t disappoint.


  • Mild, almost bland flavor
  • Tastes very clean and high-quality
  • No unpleasant flavors
  • Undercurrents of sweetness and perhaps pine


The effects of Secret Nature Raw Nectar were pleasantly familiar. I felt like I had just embarked on the vaping version of swallowing a CBD tincture.

I like CBD tinctures. For the most part, they’re what introduced me to CBD. Vaping CBD cartridges with terpenes or smoking CBD flower, however, acclimates you to a world of terpene-derived flavors that’s noticeably absent in most tinctures.

Still, I can understand if the flavor blasts and effect augmentations of terpenes aren’t for everyone. Many people with chronic pain, for instance, just want something that’s tolerable and effective without all the bells and whistles.

After taking four or five puffs of Raw Nectar at various temperature settings, I started feeling a familiar “heaviness” associated with pure CBD descending over my being.

I felt relaxed, slightly detached, yet fully lucid and non-intoxicated. It was like I’d just reached the peak effects of a CBD tincture but around 10 times stronger.

If what you want to get out of vaping CBD is the equivalent of an inhalable CBD tincture, Raw Nectar is right for you. Connoisseurs of the unique effects of sativa and indica terpene profiles might prefer Secret Nature vapes with added raw cannabis terpenes.


  • Strong, typical CBD effects
  • Like a vapable version of a CBD tincture
  • No particularly sedative or energizing effects

Onset and duration of effects

My Raw Nectar vape cartridge’s effects were strong and immediate. I felt the primary effects after around 2-3 minutes, and they lasted at least an hour.

Since the effects of Raw Nectar were less distinct than the effects of more terpene-rich strains, it was harder to pinpoint the exact moment they wore off. I didn’t experience a headache or any other side effects afterward.


  • Main effects set in within 2-3 minutes
  • Persisted for at least 60 minutes

Overall score

Every relevant factor considered, I award the Secret Nature Raw Nectar Vape an overall score of 4.84 out of 5.

Packaging and labeling: 5/5

Texture: 4.8/5

Flavor: 4.6/5

Effects: 4.8/5

Duration of effects: 5/5

Overall score: 4.84/5

Immaculately packaged, Raw Nectar had a pleasantly nondescript texture and mild, natural flavor. It’s effects were similar to a powered-up CBD tincture, and they lasted for around as long as I expected.

Who is it good for?

The Secret Nature Raw Nectar Vape is uniquely suited for people who just want to vape plain CBD and aren’t that into different cannabis strains. If you’d prefer your CBD experience to be free of the strong tastes and individualized effects of terpenes, Raw Nectar is the cartridge for you.

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