Can Cats Take CBD?

Published June 20, 2022
Can Cats Take CBD? - Secret Nature

Just like human beings, cats have endocannabinoid systems that are affected by cannabinoids like CBD. Cats can’t take CBD oil by themselves, of course, but as a cat owner, is it alright to give your feline friend CBD to help with anxiety, arthritis, and other common conditions that plague these pets? Find the answer in this guide, and learn the best methods for giving CBD to cats along the way.

Is CBD safe for cats?

CBD appears to be just as safe for cats as it is for humans. Surprisingly enough, scientists have already conducted quite a bit of research into the safety of CBD for cats, and these studies have generally concluded that the side effects of CBD observed in feline subjects are most often negligible. CBD does not appear to be toxic to cats, and on the contrary, the benefits this cannabinoid may offer our feline companions seem to be quite considerable.

What does CBD do to a cat?

CBD behaves much the same way in feline bodies as it does in human bodies. This cannabinoid has quite a few different targets throughout the mammalian nervous system, but it primarily acts on neurological components controlling pain and mood. CBD will not make your cat high, but you may notice that your feline friend is more relaxed and calm after receiving a dose of CBD.

Benefits of CBD for cats

Science has discovered a few different ways that CBD may be useful for cats. If your cat suffers from anxiety, arthritis, or epilepsy, CBD is definitely worth a shot.

— Does CBD work for cat anxiety?

One of the primary reasons people use CBD is to help with anxiety, so it’s no surprise that pet owners have turned to this cannabinoid for help with feline anxiety as well. No research has yet been conducted into the potential anti-anxiety benefits of CBD for cats specifically, but plenty of studies have been published regarding the usefulness of this cannabinoid for human anxiety.

— Does CBD work for cat arthritis?

In human as well as in cat bodies, CBD appears to act strongly at the TRP receptors, which control inflammation. As an inflammation-driven condition, it’s no wonder that pet owners around the country are giving their cats CBD in the hopes that it will help with feline arthritis.

— Does CBD work for cat epilepsy?

CBD first received national attention due to widely publicized stories regarding its effects in children with otherwise intractable forms of epilepsy. Since then, so many people have turned to CBD for epilepsy that the FDA has even approved a CBD-based drug for epileptic conditions, and some pet owners have gone so far as to treat feline epilepsy with CBD.

What kind of CBD can I give my cat?

The best type of CBD product to give a cat is CBD oil, also known as CBD tincture. Any cat owner will instantly agree that the idea of getting a domesticated feline to eat a fruity gummy is absolutely absurd, and you’ll risk choking your cat if you try to feed it a human-sized CBD capsule. CBD topicals might be applicable in certain rare cases, but generally, it’s best to stick with tinctures if you want your cat to actually consume CBD in an effective dose.

How do I give CBD to my cat?

Some of the easiest ways to give CBD to your cat are applying a small amount of CBD tincture to a cat treat or adding CBD oil to your cat’s food. Cat owners sometimes even manage to squirt CBD tincture directly into their kitties’ mouths, but if you take this approach, you’re likely to get far more tincture on your floor or in your cat’s fur than will go down its throat.

How can I get my cat to take CBD oil?

If you're having a hard time getting your cat to take CBD oil, try concealing it in one of your feline’s favorite foods. Certain cat treats are equipped with pill pockets that you could fill with CBD oil instead of prescription meds, and if you mix CBD oil in with a cat favorite like grilled chicken or canned salmon, your kitty will be far more incentivized to consume the CBD inside then they would if you’d added this cannabinoid to their normal food.

How long does it take for CBD to work in cats?

Orally ingested CBD should take effect in cats within around 30 minutes. The amount of time it takes CBD to deliver the results you’re looking for, however, varies from feline to feline. Some cats may start to display the benefits of CBD within a day or two, but depending on your kitty’s particular situation, it may take a few weeks before the desired results become apparent.

How much CBD do cats need?

There are no official guidelines regarding the correct daily dosage of CBD for cats, but most cat owners end up giving their felines around 5-10mg of CBD per day. Since ideal CBD dosing in humans has yet to be established, it will likely be some time until we know exactly how much CBD is correct to give to cats. CBD appears to be well-tolerated in felines, though, so there isn’t much cause for worrying about giving your cat too much of this cannabinoid.

Can cats overdose on CBD?

No, cats cannot overdose on CBD, and neither can humans. Studies conducted using human subjects have found that people can tolerate daily doses of CBD up to 1500mg, and even at doses exceeding this amount, side effects were still mild. While you still should be careful when determining the ideal dose of CBD for your cat simply to avoid overdoing things, understand that the chances of giving your cat a dangerous amount of CBD are next to zero.

Can I give my cat CBD every day?

There does not appear to be any reason you should not give your cat CBD every day if you determine this to be the most effective course of action. Just as CBD does not appear to have negative effects right after it is used, this cannabinoid also does not seem to result in any cumulative undesirable effects when used over time. If you have any questions about giving your cat CBD, consult with your feline’s veterinarian.

The bottom line: Do vets recommend CBD oil?

When all’s said and done, is it a good idea to give CBD to your cat? One good place to start when answering this question is asking a trusted veterinarian.

Vets are becoming increasingly open to the idea of giving cats and other pets CBD, and the right veterinarian may be able to give you professional advice regarding dosing and other factors that may be relevant in your particular cat’s situation. Otherwise, simply experiment on your own, safe in the knowledge that CBD has very little chance of harming your cat even though this cannabinoid has plenty of potential to do good.

CBD for cats FAQ

Have any other questions about how CBD will affect your feline friend? Check below for answers:

1. Will CBD make my cat sleepy?

Yes, there’s a chance that giving your cat CBD will make your feline sleepy. Mild sleepiness is a common side effect of CBD in humans, after all, and the differences in how CBD affects humans and cats aren’t particularly considerable.

2. Can CBD help a cat’s appetite?

Some cat owners have noticed improvements in their kitties’ appetite after giving their feline friends CBD. Research into the effects of CBD on appetite in humans has delivered mixed results, however, so it would be wise to avoid relying on CBD overly much as you search for ways to improve the rate at which your cat consumes food.

3. Can CBD oil make cats vomit?

CBD is not commonly known to cause vomiting in cats. If your cat begins vomiting after you give it CBD oil, discontinue use of CBD immediately and consult with a veterinarian.

4. Can CBD oil cause constipation in cats?

CBD may cause mild digestive discomfort in cats that can sometimes result in constipation. If your cat becomes constipated after using CBD, consider any other factors that may be involved, and consult with your veterinarian for expert advice.

5. What is the difference between pet CBD oil and human CBD oil?

In regards to their effects, there are no considerable differences between CBD products intended for humans and CBD products intended for pets. The only major difference between these product types is that pet CBD products are often flavored with meat-themed flavorings like salmon or chicken, which humans would most likely find repulsive.

6. Can you use human CBD oil for pets?

Yes, you can certainly give your pet a CBD product that is intended for human use. The differences between pet and human CBD products are negligible and emphasized primarily for marketing reasons.

7. Can cats absorb CBD through their skin?

Cats can technically absorb CBD through areas of exposed skin, but just as in humans, topically absorbed CBD will not affect your cat’s entire body — it will only affect the area where you applied the topical.

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