Can You Take Mushrooms with CBD?

Published May 30, 2022
Can You Take Mushrooms with CBD? - Secret Nature

Given the rise of both medicinal mushrooms and CBD, it’s understandable that so many people are wondering if you can use cannabinoids and fungi together. For most people, there’s no danger in using CBD and mushrooms at the same time, but there are a variety of factors you should consider before you proceed. In this guide, learn the benefits of combining CBD with mushrooms (both psychedelic and adaptogenic), the potential risks, and the best products that put these two beneficial substances together.

What are psychedelic mushrooms?

Psychedelic mushrooms are fungi that contain the mind-altering substance psilocybin. While over 100 different mushroom species contain psilocybin, they all have relatively similar properties, and psilocybin is being looked at closely for its potential to help with a wide variety of different conditions.

Can you take CBD with psychedelic mushrooms?

People commonly combine CBD with psychedelic mushrooms as a way of reducing the nausea and anxiety that can sometimes accompany the psilocybin experience. We don’t know enough about either substance to be certain if combining CBD with psychedelic mushrooms poses any unique risks, but what’s certain is that quite a few people who have left reports of their experiences online believe that using CBD helped manage the intensity of their trips.

What are adaptogenic mushrooms?

Adaptogenic mushrooms are non-psychedelic fungi that are believed to have stress-reducing, immune-boosting properties. More than 10 different mushrooms have been identified as adaptogenic, and people commonly use adaptogenic mushrooms to reduce anxiety or combat inflammation-related conditions.

Can you take CBD with adaptogenic mushrooms?

While certain prescription medications are known to negatively interact with adaptogenic mushrooms, there’s no indication that using CBD and adaptogenic fungi together will result in any detrimental effects. Since CBD has also been investigated for its potential anti-inflammatory and stress-reducing properties, using CBD and adaptogens together may, in fact, be synergistic.

Using CBD with specific adaptogenic fungi

Let’s take a closer look at the potential benefits and risks of using CBD with specific adaptogenic mushrooms:

Can you use CBD and cordyceps together?

Cordyceps, a parasitic mushroom that grows on insect hosts, has been researched for its ability to reduce stress and promote the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is critical for muscle growth. There’s no indication that using CBD with cordyceps poses any additional risks that aren’t already posed by the individual substances in question.

Can you use CBD and reishi together?

Reishi mushrooms have been researched extensively for their potential immune-boosting benefits. It also appears these mushrooms have a significant impact on your blood composition, potentially lowering your blood pressure to dangerous levels if you already suffer from hypotension. Reishi and CBD should be used together with caution since CBD usually shouldn’t be used in conjunction with medications that lower your blood pressure.

Can you use CBD and lion’s mane together?

Lion’s mane is an adaptogenic fungus that appears to have significant neurological benefits. This mushroom also, however, seems to reduce the platelet density in your blood, potentially slowing blood clotting. While this side effect doesn’t appear to directly overlap with any of the effects of CBD, it’s still cause for caution when ingesting CBD and lion’s mane together.

Do mushrooms have any drug interactions?

Yes, medicinal mushrooms of all kinds are known to sometimes interact negatively with prescription drugs. By extension, this means that negative interactions with CBD aren’t completely out of the question—though no research has been conducted specifically into potential interactions between mushrooms and CBD. If you have any questions regarding the possible negative effects that might occur when using mushrooms and CBD together, consult with a qualified medical professional.

Which products combine CBD and mushrooms?

There are a few different kinds of products on the market that combine CBD with adaptogenic mushrooms. If you want to use CBD with fungi of the psychedelic variety, however, you’ll need to mix and match on your own. As you’ll see, making your own products that combine CBD with mushrooms might be the best approach under all circumstances, but let’s start by taking a look at the premade CBD/mushroom products that are currently the most popular:

What is CBD mushroom coffee?

We can safely say that CBD mushroom coffee is the most popular type of product that combines CBD with mushrooms at the moment. Of course, this type of product also includes caffeine, but the focus is on the ease of ingesting both CBD and adaptogenic mushrooms in a product you already consume every day.

What is CBD mushroom tea?

CBD mushroom tea is almost as popular as CBD mushroom coffee. Usually offered in teabags, CBD mushroom tea is billed as an alternative for individuals who don’t like coffee. In many cases, caffeine-free tea options are offered.

What are CBD mushroom capsules?

For those who’d rather quickly swallow rather than slowly sip their combination of CBD and mushrooms, CBD mushroom capsules are certainly an option. Taking CBD and mushrooms at the same time in the form of a daily supplement is definitely one of the most convenient options at your disposal.

What is the best way to use CBD with mushrooms?

What premade CBD mushroom products offer in convenience they often fail to provide in customizability. With premade products, you have no control over either the type of CBD you’re consuming or the quality of the mushrooms you’re ingesting.

For casual users who simply want to make sure they’re getting a certain amount of both CBD and mushrooms in their daily diet, premade products might be an ideal solution. For connoisseurs, however, it’s better to consume CBD and mushrooms separately to gain more control over the quality of the substances you’re ingesting.

That’s not to mention the fact that premade products combining CBD with psychedelic mushrooms simply aren’t available yet. Whether it’s a adaptogenic or psychedelic fungi, perhaps the best way to experience the benefits of CBD and medicinal mushrooms at the same time is to inhale CBD in the form of flower or a vape cartridge and consume your mushrooms the way nature intended—dried, and perhaps with a little bit of water to help wash them down.

Mushrooms & CBD FAQ

Want to learn more about using CBD and mushrooms together? Check the FAQ section below for answers to common questions:

1. What is a “CBD mushroom?”

CBD is certainly not a mushroom, but the term “CBD mushroom” is sometimes used to refer to products that combine this cannabinoid with medicinal fungi. The most popular types of premade CBD mushroom products currently available are coffees and teas.

2. Is lion’s mane CBD?

No, lion’s mane mushroom is not derived from or even related to CBD, but given the popularity both substances have recently achieved, some amount of confusion is certainly understandable. The benefits of lion’s mane mushrooms and CBD appear to overlap in certain ways, and these substances are commonly included in the same products.

3. Can you take melatonin with CBD and mushrooms?

While it’s most likely safe to mix CBD and mushrooms with the common sleep aid melatonin, you should always exercise extra caution when using more than two substances at the same time. Given the fact that CBD on its own might cause negative interactions with certain adaptogenic mushrooms, you should be even more cautious when adding melatonin into the mix. Consult with your doctor if you’re not sure about the safety of using CBD with any other substances.

4. Does using mushrooms with CBD boost your immune system?

Research into adaptogenic mushrooms largely centers around the immune-boosting potential of these beneficial fungi. The potential of CBD to help with immune functioning has also been researched, but at this point, no studies have been published specifically regarding the potential immunological effects of using these two substances together. Based on anecdotal evidence, though, using adaptogenic mushrooms and CBD together is certainly worth a shot if you’re seeking natural ways to improve the functioning of your immune system.

5. Is it safe for elderly people to use mushrooms and CBD together?

The potential benefits adaptogenic mushrooms might offer elderly individuals are quite clear, and CBD has also been researched for its ability to help with a variety of conditions that primarily affect older people. Since elderly individuals are the most likely to already be using a mixture of prescription medications, though, it’s important to clear any new substances you’re interested in using with your doctor before you proceed.

6. Can you use mushrooms with CBG?

There’s no direct evidence that using psychedelic or adaptogenic mushrooms with the non-intoxicating cannabinoid cannabigerol (CBG) poses any specific risks. Like CBD, CBG has also been researched for its potential anti-inflammatory properties, so it might be an ideal cannabinoid to mix with either CBD or mushrooms—or even both.

7. Can you use mushrooms with delta 8?

Delta 8 is different from other hemp cannabinoids due to its intoxicating properties, but that doesn’t appear to make this THC alternative ineligible for combination with either adaptogenic or psychedelic mushrooms. In the case of psychedelic mushrooms, adding any form THC into the mix is often reported as producing a more intense trip.
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