Cannabis-Derived Terpenes vs. Non-Cannabis Vape Flavoring

Published October 26, 2020
Cannabis-Derived Terpenes vs. Non-Cannabis Vape Flavoring - Secret Nature

It’s no secret that the taste of CBD isn’t everyone’s favorite. This cannabinoid can be even harsher than THC, and hemp oil has a distinctive flavor that some CBD users might find overpowering. As a result, it’s common to flavor CBD vape cartridges with a variety of different ingredients, but some CBD vape flavorings are better than others. In this guide, become acquainted with the various types of CBD vape cartridge flavorings that are available, and discover why the live cannabis terpenes present in Secret Nature CBD cartridges provide the cleanest and most delicious effects.

CBD vape cart flavoring 101

As you’ve perused the CBD vape cart options the market has to offer, it’s likely that you’ve come across dozens of different flavor options. While some CBD vape cartridge flavors bear the names of popular cannabis strains like “Strawberry Cough” or “Lemon Diesel,” others might simply be labeled “Peppermint,” “Watermelon,” or “Orange.” Without expert knowledge, it can be tricky to separate high-quality vape flavors from flavors that are the result of artificial, dangerous ingredients, but making this distinction is essential to selecting the vape cartridges that will perform the best and be the most satisfying.

What types of CBD vape cart flavoring ingredients are there?

There are quite a few different types of ingredients that CBD vape cartridge manufacturers can use to impart their carts with delicious flavors. While some of these flavoring agents are derived from natural sources, many are not, and some natural flavoring sources are better than others when it comes to CBD vape cartridges. Even if two different types of flavoring agents result in essentially the same tastes, some flavoring ingredients have special benefits while others might be surprisingly harmful.

Types of artificial or non-cannabis vape flavorings

At one end of the spectrum, you have artificial flavors used in vape cartridges. These flavoring agents are often made using petroleum or wood pulp, and their safety has not been effectively established. In fact, there’s reason to believe that common artificial flavoring agents, including chemicals that elicit the taste of chocolate or strawberry, could be highly toxic.

Research from 2018 indicates that common artificial vape cartridge flavorings induce oxidative stress and inflammation, which could increase your chances of developing serious illnesses. Even if these flavoring agents are usually benign, it’s possible that they could become more harmful upon mixing with other common vape ingredients or when vaporized.

To get around the dangerous effects of artificial vape flavorings, some CBD vape manufacturers have decided to rely on non-cannabis botanical extracts instead. Often labeled as “organic,” these vape cartridges commonly feature vanilla bean extract, peppermint leaf extract, or other natural, botanical substances with notable flavors.

While it’s likely that botanical vape cartridge flavorings are less harmful than artificial flavoring agents, the safety of inhaling vaporized essential oils has not been established. In fact, it appears that inhaling certain essential oils could be harmful, causing lipoid pneumonia and other dangerous vape-related illnesses. As a result, it appears that none of the non-cannabis artificial or natural ingredients commonly used to flavor CBD vape cartridges are safe.

Types of terpene-based vape flavorings

Thankfully for CBD vapers who don’t like the taste of hemp oil, there’s an alternative to artificial and botanical vape flavors. Cannabis terpenes, which naturally occur in every type of Cannabis sativa, do not appear to be toxic, and they do not have any significant side effects. Terpenes are non-intoxicating, but they appear to have individual benefits that could, in some cases, even rival the impressive benefits offered by CBD.

That’s right—not only are terpenes non-toxic, but they may go so far as to add to the benefits offered by CBD vape cartridges. Most terpenes, for instance, have been investigated for their potential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and some terpenes have even been researched for their potential antimicrobial, antiviral, and even analgesic effects.

Each terpene has a unique chemical structure that provides it with a distinctive aroma and flavor. Every strain of Cannabis sativa contains a medley of more than a dozen different terpenes, resulting in flavors that are cultivar-specific. The terpenes present in Grape Ape, for instance, taste very different from the terpenes present in Forbidden Fruit, and by extracting the terpenes present in a particular cannabis strain, it’s possible to replicate that strain’s unique flavor in a CBD vape cartridge.

All things considered, cannabis terpenes are the only flavoring agents suitable for use in CBD vape cartridges. Even cannabis terpenes, however, vary in quality, so it’s important to choose CBD vape cartridges that include the best types of terpenes available on the market.

Why live-resin, CO2-extracted terpenes are superior

While terpenes might be highly beneficial, they tend to degrade and break down over time. The two factors that contribute to terpene oxidation the most are heat and UV light, and the ambient temperature doesn’t need to be very high to cause terpenes to break down. Once terpenes start to oxidize, their aromas and flavors gradually diminish, and they could even become less beneficial.

To counter this lamentable drawback, it’s possible to extract cannabis terpenes cryogenically, which preserves these aromatic substances when they are the most aromatic and flavorful. This process is called live resin extraction, and it results in terpenes that smell and taste deliciously potent. Secret Nature CBD vape cartridges contain live-resin terpenes that were extracted using CO2, which eliminates any potential of solvent toxicity.

CBD vape cartridges that contain live-resin terpenes taste better, smell better, and deliver better effects than terpenes that were extracted using other methods. Live-resin terpenes are truly the pinnacle of CBD cartridge flavorings, and any CBD vape cartridges that do not contain live-resin terpenes are inferior in quality regardless of their other potential benefits.

Live-resin terpenes vs. other CBD vape flavoring options

Compared to artificial vape cartridge flavorings, live cannabis terpenes come from the same natural, botanical source as CBD, and they do not present any known toxicity issues. Compared to non-cannabis botanical extracts used as vape cartridge flavorings, terpenes are ideal for vaping, and they are entirely non-toxic. Compared to conventional cannabis terpenes, live cannabis terpenes are tastier and smell better, and they may even offer greater benefits.

One major benefit that cannabis terpenes might provide that other vape flavorings do not derives from their potential cannabinoid interactions, which may result in increased effectiveness due to the entourage effect. This theorized form of synergy may make Cannabis sativa constituents more effective when they are ingested together. While most people associate the entourage effect with cannabinoids, researchers have investigated the potential added benefits that cannabinoids like CBD may provide when used at the same time as terpenes.

If this theory is correct, cannabis terpenes may not only offer individual benefits. They might also make CBD more effective, providing further evidence that live-resin terpenes, which are the most potent types of cannabis terpenes, are the only flavorings truly suitable for CBD vape cartridges.

Enjoy the benefits of premium quality with Secret Nature vapes

Secret Nature vape cartridges feature a base of organic, true full-spectrum CBD-rich hemp nectar combined with full live-resin terpene profiles derived from the most popular cannabis strains. That’s it—our cartridges don’t contain any fillers, cutting agents, or additives of any kind aside from organic, CO2-extracted live-resin terpenes.

As a result, Secret Nature CBD vape carts provide the highest caliber of effectiveness and flavor available on the market. What’s truly impressive, however, is that our cartridges offer these unparalleled effects without relying on any artificial flavors or harmful ingredients. We simply unlock the full potential of Cannabis sativa to produce CBD vape cartridges that deliver the exact benefits our customers require while staying true to the spirit of non-intoxicating hemp.
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