CBD Buyers’ Guide (Texas)

Published May 06, 2020
CBD Buyers’ Guide (Texas) - Secret Nature

When you want to buy a product, what’s the first thing you do? Do you get in your car and drive to the store, or do you pull out your phone to check prices online?

There’s no difference between buying CBD and buying laundry detergent, a phone case, or a new pair of shoes. Shopping online provides you with better product quality and selection, and Secret Nature is, hands down, the best CBD brand to buy in Texas. In this guide, we’ll show you why it’s smarter and more efficient to do your CBD shopping at

Is CBD legal in Texas?

Secret Nature ships CBD products to all 50 states. In 2019, the Texas state legislature passed new laws making it easier to sell CBD in the Lone Star State, which has eliminated any worries that Texans might have about buying hemp products.

Plus, the 2018 Farm Bill has also provided federal protections for CBD commerce. All across the country, perspectives on CBD are changing, and Texas is one of the states that has embraced hemp the most freely.

CBD products: Buying online vs. offline in Texas

A huge number of shops have recently opened in Texas that sell CBD products. Just as with vape shops, the owners of these stores are trying to take advantage of a popular trend—nothing more, nothing less.

In some cases, operators of retail CBD stores may genuinely want to provide the best products possible. As brick-and-mortar stores in all industries have had to learn over the last two decades, however, nothing beats the ease and value of buying products online.

It may also be downright impossible to buy certain types of hemp products, such as CBD flower, in your area. Most brick-and-mortar retailers in Texas are still afraid to carry CBD flower because they worry their hemp will be mistaken for an illegal drug. At Secret Nature, we vacuum-seal our buds and ship them in discreet packages, which bypasses the storefront altogether to deliver value directly to consumers.

The CBD industry was one of the first markets to originate exclusively online, and the internet is still the best place to get your hands on diverse CBD products from top manufacturers all around the country. Customers agree that there’s simply no better CBD flower than the strains we offer at Secret Nature, so why break with tradition to buy inferior hemp flower for higher prices at retail stores?

Best CBD flowers to buy in Texas

When you buy CBD flower online, you aren’t limited to the products that local shop owners choose to carry. Instead, you get the best of West-Coast and East-Coast hemp combined—Secret Nature crafts top hemp genetics from across the country into the best CBD nugs ever grown.

You don’t have to go all the way to California or Oregon to get hemp this good. We ship these three strains and more directly to your door wherever you might live in the Lone Star State:

Frosted Kush 

Secret Nature Frosted Kush mimics your favorite kush strains without getting you high. With a delicious berry flavor and nearly 20% CBD, these super-frosty nugs are way better than anything you’ll find at a Texas dispensary.

Why you should buy Secret Nature Frosted Kush CBD flower in Texas

Cultivated indoors in Rogue Valley, Oregon, Frosted Kush CBD flower by Secret Nature provides Texans with access to genuine kush without worrying about going afoul of the law. Like everything else we offer at Secret Nature, this strain contains less than 0.3% THC, but in all other aspects, Frosted Kush rivals the best top-shelf cannabis that recreational states can provide.

What do customers have to say?

Secret Nature is the country’s most popular CBD brand, and Frosted Kush is Secret Nature’s most popular product. With over 130 five-star reviews at the time of this posting, customers agree that Frosted Kush tastes like real kush and is just as frosty as it looks in the pictures we post online. Glamour B. tells us that the “taste is spot on with the flavor profile and the effects are amazing,” and Jesse C. echoes this sentiment by saying that Frosted Kush has an amazing “smell and taste with really frosted buds”


At nearly 23% CBD, Secret Nature Fuji is an incredibly potent sativa with a powerful tropical terpene taste and aroma. We guarantee that nobody in Texas grows hemp sativa this high-grade, and even your local dispensaries have nothing on Fuji.

Why you should buy Secret Nature Fuji CBD flower in Texas

Impress all your friends with your legal sativa bud that doesn’t get you high. CBD is still a relatively new product category in Texas, and everyone you know will be amazed that your Secret Nature Fuji isn’t weed. Show them our lab tests to prove it—we post new third-party tests for every batch of Fuji we produce.

What do customers have to say?

While some companies only take pictures of their best buds while sending you low-grade popcorn, our customers routinely tell us that the hemp nugs we send them look just like the pictures we post. Mike L. says that we’re “raising the bar for CBD,” and Amanda H. tells us that she’s a “first time customer and cannot wait to order again” after trying Secret Nature Fuji.

Secret OG

Non-intoxicating OG Kush, anyone? These pre-rolls are great for stashing away for sometime special or sharing with friends. With over 18% CBD, Secret OG pre-rolls pack a serious punch while keeping your head clear.

Why you should buy Secret Nature Secret OG CBD pre-rolls in Texas

CBD pre-rolls are all the rage throughout the rest of the country, and these pre-rolled hemp joints are easiest to use for people who are new to CBD flower. With a strong diesel flavor and aroma profile complemented by hints of cream and bubblegum, Secret OG is our beloved “house strain” for a reason.

What do customers have to say?

Jeffrey B. wants other customers to know that the “best CBD products are right here,” and Winy T. loves “the presentation and packaging.” Other customers assure us that our Secret OG pre-rolls burn smooth and taste great, and they tell us that they love using these 100%-organic hemp-paper pre-rolls to get to sleep at night.

Where to buy CBD oil in Texas

CBD flower is the most popular hemp product category on the market currently, and Secret Nature is the most popular CBD flower company. That’s not all we’re defined by, however.

In addition to crafting the frostiest, most delicious hemp buds ever seen, we also use top-of-the-line extraction processes to transform our nugs into other amazing CBD products. Check out our organic CBD tincture to find out why people all over Texas rely on Secret Nature for all of their hemp needs:

Organic Hemp Flower Nectar, CBD-Rich Oil Drops

There are so many ways to get a hold of bulk CBD oil for tinctures these days, but the only way to do it right is to grow your own hemp and extract it yourself. In addition to organic, full-spectrum CBD oil, this Secret Nature tincture also contains special ingredients like black seed oil, shilajit, and peppermint essential oil for added benefits.

Why you should buy Secret Nature Organic Hemp Flower Nectar in Texas

It seems like every store in Texas carries CBD tincture now that hemp laws have loosened up. How much do you really know about that tincture on the shelf of your local gas station or vape shop, however? Next to nothing.

The best way to make informed purchasing decisions is to buy online no matter what you’re buying. We encourage you to check out the ingredients, lab reports, and reviews for our Secret Nature Organic Hemp Flower Nectar to confirm this tincture’s incredible quality for yourself.

What do customers have to say?

Customers tell us that our hemp nectar tastes great and has long-lasting effects. Thomas O. says our tincture helps him “feel better” after “multiple back surgeries,” and Josh R. tells us that he is “very happy” with his purchase.

CBD in Texas: Vape cartridges are better online

Many hemp users proceed as if all CBD vape cartridges are the same, but that’s hardly the case. Show you’re ahead of the curve in Texas by choosing Secret Nature live resin vape cartridges.

White Fire OG

This indica CBD cartridge tastes great and is available in 700mg and 1200mg options. We list the exact ratio of cannabinoids this cartridge contains in the product description, and you’ll love the supercharged taste that live resin extraction offers.

Why you should buy Secret Nature White Fire OG vape cartridges in Texas

If you visit a Texas retailer that sells CBD products and ask them if they offer live resin CBD cartridges, you’ll most likely receive a blank look or a confused stare. States that are relatively new to CBD often miss the minor details, but the truth is that the quality of live resin is miles beyond any other type of CBD oil used in vape cartridges. School your friends on what CBD carts are supposed to be by choosing Secret Nature White Fire OG vape cartridges.

What do customers have to say?

Brian P. says that this cart has a “strong piney flavor,” and Mike S. assures us that “Secret Nature vape cartridges are the best on the market.” Other customers go on to commend the incredible taste and powerful effects that this live resin cartridge has to offer.

Get the best deals on CBD oil in Texas with Secret Nature

As a brand that services the entire nation, Secret Nature is held to a higher standard than Texas hemp manufacturers. We send every new batch of products to a third-party lab for testing, and our national reach has allowed us to invest in the best cultivation and extraction processes on the planet.

With frequent coupon codes, free shipping options, and total transparency, the Secret Nature team has crafted a brand with universal appeal for all Americans. You aren’t limited to the Texas cannabis market when you shop for CBD flower online, and you aren’t stuck with what your local vape shops and natural food stores have to offer when you buy CBD vape cartridges and CBD tincture from top national producers.

Secret Nature simply offers better products for lower prices than anything you’ll find at local Texas retailers. Plus, we do it all while providing the most comprehensive customer support the industry has to offer. Remove your limits and get the best of the best by choosing Secret Nature CBD today.

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