CBD Flower Benefits — Hear From Our Customers

Published June 30, 2021
CBD Flower Benefits — Hear From Our Customers - Secret Nature

We all know that CBD flower is beneficial. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t be selling it, and you wouldn’t be buying it.

What, exactly, are the benefits of CBD flower, though? You know we can’t say it’s a miracle cure or that it can help with your specific condition, but why not?

Let’s touch on that briefly before arriving at the main occasion — giving back to superstars in the Secret Nature community who have uplifted our mission with their courageous, thoughtful, and sometimes even tear-jerking reviews.

What are the benefits of CBD?

CBD will make all of your problems go away. It is a miracle cure, and you should sell all your worldly possessions to buy as much as possible.

Just kidding. CBD is only a natural compound that appears to have some solid benefits — nothing more, nothing less. Used correctly, CBD might be profoundly beneficial, or it might just be fun. One thing CBD appears to be is remarkably non-toxic, making it easy for people from all walks of life to explore what this cannabinoid has to offer for themselves.

What is CBD flower?

CBD flower is the genuine article — it’s CBD before it’s isolated, processed, and turned into something else. After all, the cannabinoid cannabidiol is a natural product of the Cannabis sativa plant — CBD flower simply preserves this natural state in the form of a smokeable product that you can also ingest by cooking or vaping.

That stuff growing out in fields in Oregon and California is definitely hemp flower, but outdoor-grown hemp isn’t as potent, and it’s more likely to contain contaminants. Indoor-grown CBD flower, like the buds we grow at Secret Nature, is better tasting, better looking, and better for you since it is grown in a hermetically sealed, climate-controlled environment.

What are the benefits of CBD flower?

When vaped or smoked, CBD flower activates faster than essentially any other administration mechanism, allowing you to experience the benefits of this cannabinoid with reduced delay. CBD flower is also more interesting to use than other CBD products since each strain has unique attributes and there are so many ways to vape or smoke.

Due to the terpenes and flavonoids present in CBD flower (but not present in many other types of CBD products), smoking or vaping hemp might even unlock benefits of CBD that simply aren’t accessible when using this cannabinoid in other ways. There’s still a lot to learn about the entourage effect, but it looks like using Cannabis sativa in its original form is always the right idea whether we’re calling the sticky-icky we’re smoking “hemp” or “cannabis.”

Why we can’t say more

We’d love to tell you that our CBD flower will cure your grandma’s cancer or get rid of your anxiety — as long as it’s true, that is. But, we’re prevented from making any declarative statements regarding the benefits of CBD due to federal regulations.

It would be a breach of your consumer rights for us as producers to educate you on the medical benefits of the substances we sell. It’s up to regulatory authorities and medical providers to dispense that information — and, most importantly, it’s up to you to seek the knowledge for yourself.

Why you can say a lot

You’re the only one who knows best about your health, and there are now so many of you. More than 10,000 people have left reviews at, and that list is growing every day. Reviewers only represent a fraction of total consumers under any circumstances, so you can guess just how popular Secret Nature CBD flower has become.

We aren’t tooting our own horn here — we’re just pointing out that our review page has become a treasure trove that future internet archaeologists working on PhDs in CBD eCommerce will drool over sometime in the mid-23rd century.

You’ve given us endless paragraphs and pages of material to work with. Now, it’s time to highlight some of the most impressive, heartfelt, and informative voices we’ve found among those whose lives have been changed by Secret Nature.

Top voices in the Secret Nature community

Without further ado, it’s time for the main event — a thorough examination of the potential benefits of CBD flower not performed by our staff, but by you, the Secret Nature customer. Let’s begin:

1. Jinelle S., Frosted Kush CBD Flower

Jinelle puts it best. “Really love the relaxing ease I gain after this smoke. Takes the edge off just enough and eases my mind for a better sleep.” We absolutely agree about Frosted Kush — we’d say “relaxing ease” fits the effects perfectly. Mind if we steal the phrase?

2. Michael E., Papaya Nights CBD Pre-Roll 7-Pack

Let’s start with an honorable mention of reviewer Nancella B., who gave this product only one out of five stars since, according to Nancella, “the papaya nights just didnt do no justice for me.” Fair enough, Nancella. You proved that we don’t weed out the one-star reviews just to inflate our numbers — they’re good enough as it is.

On with the main review from Michael. He says he got “[a]wesome calm vibes from” Papaya Nights and that it “[o]nly takes a few hits to start feeling nice.” Thanks, Michael. You and more than 500 other reviewers are in agreement regarding Papaya Nights — Nancella excluded, of course.

3. Dylan H., White Fire OG CBD Vape

Dylan is one of the more than 300 verified Secret Nature customers who have left reviews for our White Fire OG vape. He commends our “[e]xcellent product” and says Secret Nature White Fire OG makes him “feel relaxed after a few hits on the battery’s lowest setting.” He also throws in his two cents about the taste — Dylan says it “isn’t bad at all.”

4. Enrico P., REM CBN Dream Capsules

Our new REM (Rare Earth Medicines) CBN Dream capsules also contain CBD. Enrico P. took notice of the effects of both cannabinoids, and remarked that our CBN Dream capsules are an “outstanding non-THC sleep aide” and that they’re “simple and safe.” His words, not ours.

5. Renee M., REM Organic Hemp Flower Nectar

Renee has a story to tell. Nothing had worked so far for her mother’s “anxiety, chronic pain[,] and insomnia.” She had tried giving her mother other CBD products to no avail, but our REM Organic Hemp Flower Nectar is “the only thing that she [her mother] said works just as well if not better than her pain meds.”

6. David L., Super Spectrum Pre-Roll 7-Pack

David is one of the most recent customers to try our Super Spectrum 7-Pack, and he reports total satisfaction with our shipping, pricing, and the smoothness of our smokes. Most importantly, David reports that Super Spectrum has “really helped with [his] sleep and anxiety[,]” which we’re very glad to hear.

7. Matthew L., Forbidden Fruit CBD Vape

Matthew gets a final shout-out for being our most recent CBD reviewer. He commends his Forbidden Fruit vape cartridge for being an “outstanding product,” and he says it’s smooth, clean, and “tastes amazing.”

Let your experience be heard

The only way we learn is by communicating with each other. Traditionally, everything cannabis-related has languished under the dark cloud of prohibition, but we’ve still found ways to share our experiences.

Our review page has become an anecdotal testimony resource to be reckoned with, but it’s only as strong as its individual parts. Have you contributed your voice? Have you left a Secret Nature review?

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