CBD in the Morning

Published April 08, 2021
CBD in the Morning - Secret Nature

First thing in the morning, you like to have a little something to bring your body and soul back together. For some people, it’s coffee — for others, it might be hemp or cannabis instead.

Stoner lore dating back to ages past relates that sativa strains are best for early-morning or general daytime use. Is it true that sativa cannabis is best for the morning time, and does this disposition carry over when the dominant cannabinoid is switched from THC to CBD?

Curious about how to use CBD in the morning? Find everything you need to know about daytime CBD use and become acquainted with the best CBD for morning time.

CBD routine 101

CBD might be a one-off thing for you. Or, your CBD products might sit on a shelf or in a drawer for occasional use.

For many users, however, CBD becomes something of a routine. Unlike a habit-forming substance, you can jump off the CBD slow-train at any point without injuring yourself with the adverse effects of addiction. Still, CBD has a tendency to satisfyingly click into your metabolic cycle and become a daily thing.

Your CBD usage might fluctuate from day to day as you find the best dosage for your needs. After a certain point, you’ll enter into a state of homeostasis with CBD that involves using this cannabinoid in distinctly different ways throughout the course of an average day.

Should I take CBD in the morning or evening?

It all depends. CBD tends to have somewhat soporific effects, but these tendencies might be canceled out by certain terpenes sometimes present in sativa-leaning CBD products.

With the right product, you should be able to take CBD right after getting out of bed without feeling like going back to sleep. Then, CBD might serve as your lifeline throughout the day as you seek an oasis of relaxation and insulation from the world’s troubles.

Is taking CBD in the morning a good choice?

It would be a bad choice to take a CBD product designed for nighttime use in the morning. Otherwise, however, there’s no specific reason that using CBD in the morning is a bad idea.

Your individual circumstances might prohibit CBD use at certain times of day.
Some drugs are known to interact negatively with CBD, so your doctor may advise you to wait for your morning medications to metabolize before you use CBD.

Always consult with your doctor over even the slightest concern that CBD may be negatively impactful to your health. Used in the right ways, CBD has been demonstrated to work wonders, but everything has its proper place and time.

Does CBD help you wake up?

Some CBD users report that their hemp products provide effects similar to coffee. CBD doesn’t contain any caffeine, and it isn’t a stimulant. Certain forms of CBD, however, are known to facilitate an engaged mindset that can be just the thing to get your gears going in the early morning.

Does CBD give you energy?

In general, no. The cannabidiol (CBD) molecule itself doesn’t have any stimulating or energy-delivering properties. Most CBD products don’t contain any considerable concentrations of macronutrients, so using CBD rarely literally provides your body with energy.

Certain terpenes present in CBD products, however, may make you feel energized. No one is still quite sure exactly why, but relationships between different terpenes expressed in Cannabis sativa seem to somehow manifest clearly distinct effect profiles.

Taking the macro-micronutrient analogy a level further:

  1. The cannabinoids in cannabis or hemp are like the “macronutrients,” 
  2. And the terpenes are like the “micronutrients.” 

Just as macronutrients, like protein and carbohydrates, keep the body going while micronutrients cover the finer details, cannabinoids deliver the bulk of effects while terpenes subtly augment the delivered experience.

Going back decades, scientists thought there were two different species of cannabis — Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. These days, we know these are simply two offshoots of the same plant, but the slight differences between “sativa” and “indica” phenotypes of cannabis persist nonetheless.

Individual terpenes might have energizing effects, but it seems the matrix-like synergy between the dozen-or-so different terpenes present in cannabis is primarily responsible for the distinct felt effects of different strains. The only way to recreate the energizing effects of a sativa cannabis strain, therefore, is to keep that strain’s entire terpene profile intact.

Does CBD make you groggy in the morning?

If you take a lot of CBD right before bed, you might feel groggy the next morning. Similarly, taking the wrong type of CBD product first thing in the morning might get your day off to a sleepy start.

To avoid any grogginess, keep your CBD intake before bed reasonable, and use sativa CBD products in the morning. Alternatively, you can pair CBD with coffee or another stimulating drink as part of your morning routine.

Does CBD help sexually?

Some of us might be wondering if CBD can make you feel more “alert” in a different sense. According to Healthline, you can use CBD-infused lubricants to help with sex — but limited research indicates that chronic overexposure to CBD could reduce male fertility.

Aside from that, we don’t currently know if CBD might help with common sexual problems from a scientific perspective. Plenty of CBD users report, however, that the soothing properties of this cannabinoid help them relax in sexual situations, leading to greater enjoyment and satisfaction.

Best CBD products for morning

There are lots of reasons you might want to use CBD in the morning, and doing so seems to be a viable proposition. As long as you use the right product, that is.

We’re going to be perfectly honest with you — most CBD products will disappoint you in the morning. The early part of the day is a time of buzzing energy and fast actions, and the slow activation times of orally ingested CBD products can’t keep up.

Inhaled CBD is an entirely different matter. Activating instantly and delivering the energizing potential of sativa terpene matrices to the absolute fullest, inhalable CBD flower and concentrate products from Secret Nature have achieved the apex of CBD for morning and daytime use.

Need some help picking Secret Nature products for the morning? Allow us to assist:

Sativa CBD flower

With CBD flower, you can grind, roll, smoke, or vape your way to happiness using any number of different tools. Secret Nature CBD flower is indoor-grown, organic, artisan-manicured, and remarkably potent.

Secret Nature Melon Frost 3.6g

  • Don’t have much to do today?
  • Sit back, enjoy the finer things, and puff on some Melon Frost.
  • Perfect for slow, sunny weekend mornings.
  • Updrafts of energy will gradually waft you up to the peak of daily activity

Secret Nature Diesel Puff 3.6g

  • With Diesel Puff, your head is up in the clouds while your feet stay down to Earth.
  • You won’t get high, but your Insulated morning commute will be zero-stress.
  • Get ready to start a busy day on the right foot with this strain.

Sativa CBD vapes

Don’t have time for flower? Not a big fan of smoke? CBD vape pens are the way to go.

CBD vape quality varies almost even more than CBD flower quality. Secret Nature CBD vapes only contain organic, CO2-extracted raw hemp flower nectar and organic live resin cannabis terpenes.

These terpenes allow our vapes to mimic the unique effects of specific cannabis strains. All the THC gets left behind, however.

Secret Nature Bellini Vape

  • Ideal for creatives, Bellini delivers a rush of creative ideas without getting you sidetracked.
  • Contains Strawberry Cough and Peach Ringz terpenes.
  • Sweet, juicy, candy flavor.

Secret Nature Lemon Diesel

  • Perfect for people who work with their hands, Lemon Diesel gets you in the zone as you watch the hours melt away.
  • Lemon, gas, and sour flavor.

Sativa CBD pre-rolls

Smoking doesn’t have to be a pain. CBD pre-rolls are ready to be smoked whenever there’s a flame available, and Secret Nature CBD pre-rolls contain the same manicured flower that we put in our crush-proof 3.6g tins — no shake or trim.

Secret Nature Citron 2-Pack

  • It’s a convenient 2-pack glass tube to keep in your desk or car.
  • Citron has strong sativa effects and a delicious citrus flavor.
  • One pre-roll for the morning — one pre-roll once the day is done.

Secret Nature Fuji 7-Pack

  • Hand out this 7-pack to your team during the morning meeting to get some energy going.
  • After manifesting a sense of calm and camaraderie, bite into the day’s successes.
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