CBD vs. CBG vs. CBN: Skin Guide

Published September 13, 2021
CBD vs. CBG vs. CBN: Skin Guide - Secret Nature

CBD was never alone. Intoxicating cannabinoids like THC had taken the limelight for so long, though, that companions like CBG and CBN were all-but forgotten. These overlooked cannabinoids have recently experienced a renaissance in skincare, making hemp users wonder, “What’s better for my skin: CBD, CBG, or CBN?”

What are cannabinoids?

CBD, CBG, and CBN are all alike in that they’re cannabinoids, special natural compounds exclusive to the Cannabis sativa plant. They’re further similar in their non-intoxicating natures: while THC and certain other cannabinoids cause intense intoxication, CBD, CBG, and CBN do not.

Well, CBN might be something of an exception. This cannabinoid is nowhere near as strong as THC, from which it was originally derived, but taking CBN should probably be considered in a different category of experience from taking CBD.

Minor individual similarities aside, cannabinoids are all alike in that they seem surprisingly safe: even THC. Used responsibly, cannabinoids appear to be powerful healing tools, and each cannabinoid brings something different to the table.

What’s the difference between CBD, CBG, and CBN?

CBD may be the most popular, but CBG may actually be more important. Cannabigerol (CBG) is the final form of cannabigerolic acid, the foundational building block of most cannabinoids. Cannabinol (CBN), on the other hand, is an oxidation metabolite of THC, meaning it appears when THC gets old.

Their effects are so subtle that most users don’t notice, but CBD, CBG, and CBN are actually quite different. CBD is calming to the point of being almost soporific, but CBG is more heady and energizing. CBN, on the other hand, is the sleepiest of them all — consider it an “ultra-CBD.”

We’ve covered the differences between these cannabinoids in much more detail in another guide. Dive in for further reference.

Which cannabinoids are good for your skin?

Scientific research indicates that all cannabinoids might be good for your skin in one way or another. However they may differ, cannabinoids are all like in that they offer some degree of antioxidant properties.

The primary cause of all skin illness is oxidative stress, which leads to inflammation and all sorts of different diseases. Antioxidants are substances that reduce oxidative stress, and when applied topically, antioxidants can renew skin, reverse signs of aging, and even increase your skin's immunological functioning.

Some cannabinoids might be better for your skin than others. The topical benefits of THC, for instance, appear to be highly limited. International cosmetic researchers are highly intrigued, though, by the potential both CBG and CBN have shown in skin health lab studies. CBD, too, appears to have unique benefits when applied to the skin.

What’s the best way to use cannabinoids on your skin?

If you’re looking for topical benefits, it doesn’t make sense to inhale cannabinoids or ingest them orally. Instead, you should apply them topically, and there are three major methods of topical cannabinoid application:

1. Creams & lotions

Topicals can largely be separated into two categories: water-based and oil based. Easier to apply and offering higher bioavailability, water-based topicals are nevertheless notoriously difficult to stabilize and have a tendency to go bad. Examples of common water-based cannabinoid topical formulations include creams, lotions, and moisturizers.

Creams and lotions absorb quickly, and they deliver extra-potent effects. They are often crammed with preservatives, though, and they don’t offer that much increased utility over oil-based topicals.

2. Balms & salves

Oil-based balms and salves usually contain simpler ingredients than water-based creams and lotions. They also tend to stick to your skin and clothing, though, and do not permeate as deeply into your skin as water-based topicals.

3. Serums, etc.

The list of potential cannabinoid topical formulations doesn’t end there. Recently, serums have become very popular online, and these ultra-light, water-based topicals hardly contain anything aside from water. You can even make your own hemp topicals at home with just a few simple ingredients.

Is CBD, CBG, or CBN best for your skin?

All three cannabinoids have been researched for their potential skin benefits, and CBD, CBG, and CBN both show promise as topical remedies in one way or another. There’s still so little information available that we’d hesitate to pick a winner from among the three. Instead, let’s quickly summarize some of the research that has been done into each cannabinoid so far:

• CBD topical research

CBD has been widely researched for its potential anti-inflammatory and pain-relief benefits. People commonly take CBD for pain, and they say that applying this cannabinoid topically offers excellent relief.

• CBG topical research

Some preliminary research has been done into the potential antibacterial properties of CBG. Also, as the “stem cell cannabinoid,” CBG plays an important role in cannabinoid synthesis research for mainline topical pharmaceuticals.

• CBN topical research

CBN has also been looked at as a potential topical antibacterial treatment. Specifically, scientists have sought to determine if CBN might be useful for bacterial infections like MRSA.

Using CBD, CBG, & CBN on your skin: the bottom line

It looks like CBD, CBG, and CBN may each be useful for improving skin health in different ways. As is usually the case with cannabinoids, using these substances together topically appears to yield better and wider-ranging results than applying a single cannabinoid alone.

We should probably wait for more research to be conducted before we start using CBD, CBG, or CBN for pinpointed purposes. As a whole, natural substance, though, hemp flower appears to have incredible topical benefits, and applying cannabinoids topically could be just what you need to take your skin health to the next level.

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