Certo Drug Detox Review [2024 Guide]

Published April 25, 2023
Certo Drug Detox Review [2024 Guide] - Secret Nature

When you have a drug test coming up, It’s only natural to do everything in your power to make sure you don’t show a positive result. Some of the steps people take to rid their bodies of any traces of illicit drugs, however, do more harm than good.

We find one such case in Certo drug detox, a drug testing detox method that — oddly enough —  involves instant preserves as a critical component. From the morass of misinformation surrounding everything to do with Certo to the questionable ingredients present in the mix itself, everything about Certo drug detox reeks of an urban legend just as absurd as believing plants need electrolytes. Learn why we drew this conclusion in the following guide.

What is Certo drug detox?

The Certo drug detox method, also known as the Certo gatorade method, is a technique that some cannabis users employ to rid their systems of all detectable traces of cannabinoids prior to a drug test. Based more on old wives tales and stoner lore than medical science, the Certo detox method is — at best — inefficient bordering on useless or — at worst — actively detrimental to your health.

Does Certo drug detox work?

Will consuming copious amounts of Certo combined with Gatorade reduce the levels of cannabinoids present in your urine? Most likely, yes. Is this the best method for detoxifying your body of cannabinoids, however? Almost definitely not. Let’s discuss.

“Certo” is a brand name owned by Kraft that has been used for a fruit pectin product for more than a century. Like all Kraft products, Certo is mass-produced as cheaply as possible and often contains industrial contaminants.

Once inside your body, Certo fruit pectin lines the walls of your gastrointestinal tract, absorbing toxins, nutrients and essentially everything else present in your gut. As it makes its way through your gastrointestinal system, Certo continues to absorb cannabinoids, ultimately leading to decreased concentrations in bio-samples used for testing.

Is Certo drug detox safe?

The issue with the Certo drug detox method is the dose. Even when provided in a low-quality form such as the products offered by Kraft, fruit pectin should not be considerably harmful and — in fact — has digestive benefits.

To be effective in detoxifying your body of cannabinoids, however, Certo fruit pectin also strips your gut of essential vitamins and minerals. That’s why many online guides recommend supplementing with essential nutrients while using the Certo method. It doesn’t take a natural health expert to realize that stripping your body of nutrients and then replacing them is simply playing with fire.

If using a potent substance like Certo were the only option when you needed to detox, that would be one thing. With so many better and safer solutions readily available, though, it’s a wonder that people still use the Certo detox method in this day and age.

Where can you buy Certo drug detox?

One of the reasons that the Certo drug detox method is so popular is that it’s cheap and easy to acquire. Almost every grocery store carries fruit pectin and Gatorade, so desperate stoners with no other option have often made fools of themselves buying only those two items late at night.

Unlike other detox kits, you don’t have to go online to buy Certo. Just head down to your local supermarket, and you’ll find everything you need.

Should you use Certo with Gatorade?

While most online guides gloss over this detail, the reason it is often recommended that you take Certo with Gatorade is that electrolytes boost the gut-stripping power of fruit pectin, making it even more effective at clearing your gut of pretty much anything and everything.

It’s simple science that taking Certo with Gatorade will offer increased effectiveness when it comes to ridding your body of THC prior to a drug test. Is it really a good idea to put your body through that much stress, though?

Is Certo guaranteed to help you pass a drug test?

Even though it is incredibly harmful to your gut health, the Certo method is among the least effective methods for detoxifying your body prior to a drug test. Other methods amplify the body’s own self-purifying ability, but the Certo method simply blasts your gut with a bunch of sticky goo designed to pull everything out of it.

The Certo method is not guaranteed to help you pass a drug test, but it is guaranteed to damage your gastrointestinal health. Use this bizarre and poorly thought-out detox method at your own peril.

How else can you prepare for a drug test?

There are plenty of ways to get ready for a drug test that don’t involve old wives tales regarding sports drinks and Jell-O. Contrary to popular belief, toxic sports drinks and gelatin snacks are not actually part of the body‘s natural systems of self-defense.

Left to its own devices, the human body will purify itself given enough time. Even if your drug test is tomorrow, there are better ways to get prepared then blasting your body with Certo. Let’s consider a few ideas:

1. Proper hydration (Gatorade discouraged)

Gatorade contains high amounts of sweeteners and sodium, providing the illusion of hydration while actually stripping the body of its vital resources. Instead of Gatorade, try natural spring water, organic orange juice, or some other natural beverage that isn’t packed with artificial dyes and preservatives.

Your body certainly needs hydration to detoxify itself. Instead of drinking a large amount of water all at once, spread your hydration throughout the day at 30-minute intervals.

2. Sleep

Your body does the bulk of its healing and detoxifying while you are asleep. If you do not sleep long enough for your body to heal itself, it will take longer to show up negative on a drug test. Specifically setting aside proper time for rest prior to a drug test, however, is a very smart idea.

3. Good nutrition

Surprisingly enough, a diet of tortilla chips and 7-Up Will not provide your body with what it needs to detoxify itself prior to a drug test. Make sure to eat plenty of whole, natural, and organic foods, avoiding saturated fats and excessive carbohydrates. Also include lots of fiber since passing stool is an essential part of the body’s detoxifying process.

4. A little bit of time

It’s very rare for an employer or any other relevant person to spring a drug test on someone the following day. You usually have at least a little time to prepare, so use that time wisely by taking steps to detoxify your body that don’t have unintended consequences. Eat well, rest well, and hydrate — these are the time-honored keys to detoxification.

Certo detox kit FAQ

Let’s start wrapping up with answers to related questions regarding Certo:

Why do people use Certo?

Certo, Kraft’s pectin brand, can be used for a variety of different purposes — most of them culinary in nature. It is not common to use pectin of any kind for therapeutic purposes, and its effects when used for detoxification are unknown. Our advice is that if you need to use fruit pectin, choose a better brand, and if you want to detoxify your body, choose a gentle, natural approach.

How do I detox my body in 24 hours?

Depending on how much of an illicit substance you have in your body already, it may or may not be possible to fully detoxify within just 24 hours. Furthermore, methods that might be able to help you detoxify within this timeframe are almost guaranteed to be harmful to your health. The only situation in which this is not the case is when you already only have a very small amount of a substance in your body and you solely use natural methods to remove it within that 24 hour period.

Do you use Certo to make jam?

Yes, the original purpose of Certo fruit pectin was to make jam. It is a form of “instant preserves” that stays good on the shelf for years but can be used to make jams and jellies at a moment’s notice. It’s only in the last few decades that anyone realized you could use Certo to flush substances out of your system.

Does using Certo and grape juice together work?

Combining Certo and grape juice is an excellent recipe for delicious (albeit low-quality) grape jam or jelly. Making grape jelly with Certo, however, won’t do anything to help you pass a drug test. It’s only when you combine Certo with electrolytes that the “magic” happens.

What is the purpose of Certo?

Certo is generally used in the preparation of jam or jelly. It is a culinary ingredient that only incidentally has any relevance to drug testing. Though some use Certo as a way of clearing their bodies in preparation for a drug test, this purpose is not why Certo was developed, and people only started using Certo for drug tests relatively recently. What’s more, nothing concrete is known about the safety of using Certo for a drug test, adding to the list of reasons it’s probably best to avoid using Certo for anything aside from its explicitly intended purposes.

Is Certo good for your health?

No, Certo cannot be considered very good for your health, even when consumed in normal quantities. It is a property of Kraft Foods, which is known worldwide as a leading producer of contaminated and low-quality products. Other excellent sources of pectin exist that are more likely to be healthy.

When consumed in the quantities that some misguided individuals recommend are “effective” for clearing substances like THC from your system, Certo becomes undeniably dangerous. Never consume Certo on its own or in large quantities, and always think twice before buying anything associated with Kraft.

What are the ingredients in Certo?

A full list of the ingredients present in Certo includes: Water, Fruit Pectin, Lactic Acid And Citric Acid (Assit Gel), Potassium Citrate (Controls Acidity), Sodium Benzoate (Preservative). Sodium benzoate is known to be dangerous, especially when combined with citric acid, which is also present in Certo. Potassium citrate can cause a dangerous condition called hyperkalemia.

It is entirely possible to make a pectin product without these dangerous substances; they are simply included because they are cheap and provide a primary benefit. No thought, apparently, is given to the potential downsides of these choices.

How much sugar is in Certo?

Certo does not contain any sugar.

What is the difference between Certo Light and regular Certo?

Certo Light is advertised as containing 33% fewer calories than the original Certo formula. It is unclear how this calorie reduction is achieved, however.

The bottom line: Should I try Certo drug detox?

In the end, is combining Certo with Gatorade an effective or safe way to pass a drug test? Absolutely, unequivocally, no.

Fruit pectin might seem harmless, but that’s only when you consume it in normal quantities. Overconsumed, pectin adheres to your stomach lining and strips it of everything you need to survive.

As a general rule, you shouldn’t detox with anything that requires supplementing with essential nutrients afterward. Just give your body enough space to purify itself, and you’ll test clean in no time.

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