Citron vs. Secret OG vs. Papaya Nights: Secret Nature Pre-Roll 2-Pack Comparison Review

Published March 10, 2021
Citron vs. Secret OG vs. Papaya Nights: Secret Nature Pre-Roll 2-Pack Comparison Review - Secret Nature

Every Secret Nature Pre-Roll 2-Pack is like a message in a bottle. Conveying culinary, aromatic, and bioactive information, these premium, organic CBD hemp joints each have something different to say.

As the Shared Secrets blog writer, I’ve smoked more than my fair share of Secret Nature Pre-Roll 2-Packs over the past few weeks. I’m now something of an expert on the packaging, texture, flavor, and effects of Secret Nature’s hemp joints.

There are three Secret Nature Pre-Roll 2-Packs that I’ve taken a particular interest in. Learn how Citron, Secret OG, and Papaya Nights compare to make sure you pick an ideal CBD joint 2-pack.

Secret Nature Citron Pre-Roll 2-Pack recap

This was my first encounter with Citron. Arriving in flawlessly undamaged packaging, my Secret Nature Citron Pre-Roll 2-Pack contained two expertly rolled, lime-smelling CBD joints.

Smoking a Citron pre-roll, I found this strain to be unusually mild. My pre-roll’s smoke had a sharp citrus taste with very little sweetness.

Citron’s upbeat effects had me feeling uncharacteristically outgoing. My pre-roll’s effects lasted around 90 minutes.


  • Sharp lime smell
  • Upbeat sativa effects
  • Long-lasting, uplifting effects
  • Overall score: 4.96/5

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Secret Nature Secret OG Pre-Roll 2-Pack recap

My Secret Nature Secret OG Pre-Roll 2-Pack was well-packaged and clearly high-quality. The smoke my Secret OG pre-roll’s produced had a smooth, almost soft texture, and the tip of my burning Secret OG joint was more oily than any joint I’ve smoked in a long time.

In terms of flavor, Secret OG had a predominantly earthy, somewhat sour taste. It was a pleasant flavor that paired well with this strain’s impressively smooth texture.

Secret OG is an intensely indica-heavy strain that delivers its effects with maximum intensity in the form of pre-roll smoke. If you smoke almost an entire pre-roll like I did, you’ll feel like zonking out any time of the day or night.


  • Earthy, sour flavor
  • Especially smooth texture
  • Heavyweight indica effects
  • Overall score: 4.94/5

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Secret Nature Papaya Nights Pre-Roll 2-Pack recap

Before receiving my Secret Nature Papaya Nights Pre-Roll 2-Pack, I’d already become acquainted with this strain by vaping some Papaya Nights flower. This strain was just as fruity and sour as I remembered, and it delivered swanky sativa effects.

The effects of my Papaya Nights CBD joint lasted a reasonably long time. In the end, I came away with the impression that this pre-roll two-pack is uniquely suited to be paired with weekends, verandas, and bottles of premium organic wine.

My Papaya Nights pre-roll burned well, and its ash was remarkably white. Its texture was pretty harsh, however, and I started coughing around halfway through my joint.


  • Sour, fruity aroma and flavor
  • Tastes like melon, mango, or papaya
  • Relaxing, energizing sativa CBD effects
  • Overall score: 4.98/5

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Secret Nature pre-roll 2-pack comparisons

I’ve had the pleasure of cracking open a glass cylinder of Secret Nature CBD joints quite a few times at this point. After examining, sniffing, and smoking a wide range of pre-rolls, I have a good idea of the general quality standards Secret Nature maintains as well as the individual virtues of specific strains.

You’ll want to use each of these three joints for specific purposes. To narrow things down, let’s compare the pre-roll two-pack editions of Citron, Secret OG, and Papaya Nights.

Citron vs. Secret OG

Citron and Secret OG are almost diametrically opposite in almost every way. I did find these two joints to be alike, however, in their impressively smooth textures.

You’ll want to smoke a Secret Nature Citron Pre-Roll if you’re already surging with energy and ready to enjoy yourself. Secret OG, however, will make you into the guy who just wants to sit on the couch while everyone else gets up to play soccer.

From a flavor perspective, Citron and Secret OG are very different but equally enjoyable. Smoke a Citron joint to get more enjoyment out of activities, and smoke a Secret OG joint when it’s time to pass out.


  • Neck-and-neck in texture smoothness
  • Uniquely opposing effects
  • Separate but equal flavors

Citron vs. Papaya Nights

Papaya Nights and Citron have a lot of similarities. They’re both sativa-dominant, first of all, so their effects are primarily uplifting.

In both flavor and texture, however, these two strains are remarkably different. The inherently robust and almost intense attributes of Papaya Nights are accentuated in this strain’s pre-roll form, and Citron is smooth while Papaya Night has a habit of making you cough.

Even though they’re both sativas, I found the effects of Papaya Nights to be more hybrid-leaning while the effects of Citron seemed more strictly sativa. While still uplifting, Papaya Nights’ posh vibe lacks Citron’s relentlessly driving energy.


  • Sativa sisters
  • Papaya Nights is the harsher of the siblings
  • Citron has the most purebred sativa effects

Secret OG vs. Papaya Nights

Secret OG and Papaya Nights overlap more than you might expect. Though one is sativa and the other comes from the indica family, these star-crossed strains still reach out to each other from across the divide.

Papaya Nights is a far cry from sedative while Secret OG might unexpectedly sweep you off your feet. In the end, however, the effects of both strains fall squarely into the “relaxing” corner even if Papaya Nights is far less likely to make you nod off at an odd time.

Secret OG has Papaya Nights beat in terms of pre-roll smoke texture, but each strain’s flavor is equally impressive. Full disclosure: I’m partial to the taste of Papaya Nights.


  • Epic sativa-indica handshake
  • Both pleasantly relaxing strains
  • Secret OG wins texture, Papaya Nights wins taste

Winner for texture

The texture trophy is a toss-up between Citron and Secret OG. If I was forced to pick, I’d probably concede that Secret OG is the winner. My Citron CBD pre-roll was so smooth, however, that it deserves a spot at the top as well.

Sorry, Papaya Nights. Your texture isn’t bad, but you’re just a little bit too robust to be called “smooth.”

Winner for flavor

The Secret Nature Papaya Nights Pre-Roll 2-Pack is my winner for flavor. Papaya Nights has a uniquely pleasant taste that more than makes up for its unusually robust texture.

Citron’s flavor is also pleasant, but it isn’t as sweet. Secret OG is a conventional indica with a clean, pleasant, but relatively unremarkably taste.

Winner for effects

I’m a big fan of the effects of Citron. I don’t have a hard time falling asleep, so Secret OG can be a little overwhelming, and the effects of Papaya Nights are more nondescriptly pleasant.

Citron, on the other hand, delivers effects that are almost electrifying without being unpleasantly energizing.

Why should you choose Citron?

The Secret Nature Citron Pre-Roll 2-Pack is the joint to reach for when it’s time to get your game face on and immerse yourself in the moment. I found smoking a Citron joint to simultaneously energizing and soothing if not particularly flavorful.

Why should you choose Secret OG?

A Secret Nature Secret OG Pre-Roll 2-Pack is the heavy-hitter you’ll want by your side when sleep’s hard to come by or pain has got you down. With just enough to give you a taste of this strain, a Secret OG two-pack helps you decide if you want to invest further down this line.

Why should you choose Papaya Nights?

Puff on a Secret Nature Papaya Nights Pre-Roll 2-Pack just to indulge. I’m sure this strain is also great for a lot of practical purposes, but Papaya Nights is simply too delicious and effective in pre-roll form for any CBD connoisseur to ignore.

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