Convenient Juicy Delight with the Secret Nature Fuji Pre-Roll 2-Pack

Published March 15, 2021
Convenient Juicy Delight with the Secret Nature Fuji Pre-Roll 2-Pack - Secret Nature

Fuji is one of Secret Nature’s most potent and most delicious strains. As Secret Nature’s blog writer, I’d previously tried vaping Fuji in flower form, and I was excited to see how the flavor, texture, and effects of this strain changed when smoked in a hemp joint.

The Secret Nature Fuji Pre-Roll 2-Pack takes all the delicious tastes and aromas of Fuji and compacts them into an effective, pint-sized, simple, and portable package. Learn what I thought after smoking a CBD joint from my Fuji 2-pack.

First impressions

I like the sleekness of my pre-roll’s cardboard box. The cylindrical glass jar looks and feels durable, and it has an aesthetically appealing black metal cap.

Cracking open the cap, I inhale a deep aroma that smells simultaneously like tropical fruit and apples. Since fuji apples, a hallmark Japanese variety, also smell somewhat sweeter or more tropical than other apple breeds, this strain’s name certainly seems to fit.

Underneath this apple aroma I also detect notes of haze and muskiness. Putting the Fuji pre-roll in my mouth, I note the subtle Secret Nature logo on the crutch of my hemp joint.

The joint lights easily, and the tip of its paper is bubbling with resin from the moment a full ember is established. I inhale deeply, and start feeling the distinctly sativa effects of Secret Nature Fuji almost instantly.


  • Attractive, undamaged packaging
  • Tropical, apple aroma
  • Hints of musk and haze
  • Artisan-crafted, richly resinous joint

Packaging and labeling

There are lots of things to admire about Secret Nature’s packaging. I should know, since I’ve admired almost all of them at one point or another.

Let’s zoom in for a moment on the cardboard this brand uses with its pre-roll two-packs. It’s different from the cardboard used to construct Secret Nature vape cartridge and pre-roll seven-pack boxes.

Rather than being thick and squishy, this cardboard is thin and crisp. This attribute makes the top and the bottom of the pre-roll box easy to reclose.

I like the way the cardboard feels in my hands. Lightly squeezing the package, I feel like the cardboard box does a good job of distributing pressure.

From what I understand, Secret Nature pre-roll two-pack cylinders are also resistant to impact, but I haven’t tested this principle. Thrown on the ground, I’d expect one of these glass cylinders to shatter without much resistance, but it would probably be fine if lightly dropped even on bare concrete.

The packaging that Secret Nature provides with its hemp nugs, vape cartridges, and pre-roll seven-packs can be tricky to fully reseal. Resealing your Secret Nature Fuji Pre-Roll 2-Pack, on the other hand, is as easy as a twist of the fingers.

If you decide to upgrade to the Fuji 7-Pack CBD joint package, hold onto this glass cylinder. Put a few of your new joints in the empty jar for totally airtight and conveniently portable storage.

My Fuji Pre-Roll 2-Pack had a sticker wrapping across its bottom and one of its sides that featured a QR code and strain information. I could scan the code on the sticker to view the lab reports for that specific batch of Secret Nature Fuji Pre-Roll 2-Packs.


  • Expertly engineered outer box
  • Endlessly reusable inner glass cylinder
  • Effective labeling
  • Sticker with QR code for lab tests


When I vaped this strain in CBD nug form, I found it to have a refreshingly mild texture. I’m pleased to report that the same was the case with my Secret Nature Fuji CBD Pre-Roll.

I won’t lie. Some Secret Nature pre-rolls can get a little bit rough toward the end. The terpene profiles of certain strains just aren’t up to the task of masking the natural harshness of burning plant matter.

My Secret Nature Fuji joint, however, remained completely smooth until my final puff, which I took somewhere in the last sixth of the pre-roll. The smoke this strain produces is thick and resinous, and it coats your throat.

At no point, however, did I feel the urge to cough. My throat was a little bit sore afterward, but that’s what you should expect from a strain with nearly 25% total cannabinoids.

Overall, I give Fuji an A+ rating among Secret Nature pre-rolls for texture.


  • Pleasant, smooth texture
  • Rich, thick smoke
  • Throat slightly sore afterward
  • No cough


In terms of flavor, my Secret Nature Fuji Pre-Roll provided a slightly different result than I’d been expecting. When I vaped this strain, it tasted fruity, had the crispness of apples, and had sour, hazy, undertones.

Many of these traits were certainly there when I smoked my Fuji pre-roll. It was like, however, the apples in my Fuji buds had become caramelized somehow.

Hemp flower always tastes burnt when smoked. In a way, however, this attribute made Fuji taste even sweeter. If it wasn't quite like biting into a caramel apple, smoking Fuji in a pre-roll was perhaps like digging into a baked apple dessert instead.

I’m of the personal opinion that smoking a strain dampens its flavor. Even so, I found the flavor of my Fuji pre-roll to be just as delicious (if undeniably different) as the flavor this strain produces when vaped.


  • Smoking “caramelized” what had previously been a simple apple strain
  • Delicious, fruity sativa flavor


Some sativa strains have effects that are more stimulating. The effects of other strains tend toward the inspiring.

As I’d expected based on my previous experience with vaping Secret Nature Fuji buds, my Fuji pre-roll provided somewhat dreamy, creative effects almost immediately. I rode a remarkably happy vibe and had a profoundly creative outlook on life for well more than an hour.

I felt that the effects of Fuji were stronger and more in-your-face when smoked as a pre-roll. Keep in mind that I did, however, smoke almost an entire pre-roll to myself all at once.


  • Strong, creative sativa effects
  • Heaviness of CBD almost entirely canceled out

Onset and duration of effects

The effects of Fuji came on just about as fast in pre-roll form as they did when vaped. I’m accustomed to vaping providing longer effect times, but in this case, I think that smoking Fuji provided longer effects.


  • Effects kicked in after around 1-4 minutes
  • Lasted 90+ minutes

Overall score

When I vaped Secret Nature Fuji a couple of weeks ago, I got a slight sativa headache afterward. Maybe my body has acclimated to sativa terpenes recently, however, since I didn’t experience this side effect when smoking my Secret Nature Fuji Pre-Roll.

That was the only issue I had with Fuji when I tried the strain before, so this time I have no reason not to award the Secret Nature Fuji CBD Pre-Roll 2-Pack a perfect 5.0 out of 5 rating.

Packaging and labeling: 5.0/5

Texture: 5.0/5

Flavor: 5.0/5

Effects: 5.0/5

Duration of effects: 5.0/5

Overall score: 5.0/5

Fuji was one of the first Secret Nature strains I’ve smoked with what I’d consider to be a perfect texture. Flavor is more of a priority for me anyway, and I found my Secret Nature Fuji Pre-Roll to be entirely on-point in that regard.

My pre-roll’s effects were pleasant and lasted surprisingly long. I’ve already gone on long enough about the virtues of Secret Nature’s pre-roll packaging.

Who is it good for?

Looking to try a super-effective, really delicious CBD flower strain? Then this pre-roll two-pack is a sure pick. Low-investment and highly effective, the Secret Nature Fuji Pre-Roll 2-Pack will tell you everything you need to know about what this top-reviewed strain is all about.

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