Delicious Citrusy CBD on the Go with the Secret Nature Citron Pre-Roll 2-Pack

Published March 03, 2021
Delicious Citrusy CBD on the Go with the Secret Nature Citron Pre-Roll 2-Pack - Secret Nature

Plant biologists love Secret Nature Citron. Why? Because the citron is the ancient ancestor of the lemon, the orange, and a variety of other citrus fruits.

Citron, the cannabis strain named after this progenitorial citrus fruit, shares many characteristics with the sour, lemon-lime-tasting citron. Unlike citron fruits, however, Secret Nature Citron is packed to the brim with CBD.

The Secret Nature Citron Pre-Roll 2-Pack compresses the impressive aromas, flavors, and effects of this delicious strain into two bite-size packages. As Secret Nature’s blog writer, I recently had the chance to smoke a Citron pre-roll, and here are my thoughts on the experience.

First impressions

I remain a big fan of Secret Nature’s pre-roll packaging. While it might seem like a risk to package pre-rolls inside glass containers, Secret Nature pre-roll tubes hardly ever fail to arrive intact.

I’ve never received a broken tube. I keep the tubes when I’m done with the pre-rolls since they’re great for storing herbs, spices, or even office supplies.

My Secret Nature Citron Pre-Roll 2-Pack arrived in a completely undented box surrounded by bubble wrap. Somewhat backwardly, I pulled the glass tube out of the box and then removed the box from the protective wrapping.

With the lid of the resealable tube removed, all it takes is a deft flick of the wrist to make one of the two pre-rolls inside poke its head out the end. I was impressed by Citron’s aroma. It reminded me of a sharper, less-sweet version of lime.


  • Attractive, reusable packaging
  • Glass tube arrived intact
  • Somewhat sharp citrus aroma

Packaging and labeling

Secret Nature’s pre-roll packages are very visually appealing. The cardboard they’re made from always feels durable and high-quality. It has a matte surface except where embossed, making it very different from the cheap, waxy cardboard used to package most cannabis products.

The labeling on my Secret Nature Citron Pre-Roll 2-Pack is very attractive and informative. I’ve seen pre-rolls arrive in a couple of different labeling formats now.

With this batch of pre-roll boxes, there were stickers on the bottom with QR codes. You can scan these codes to be taken directly to the pre-roll’s lab reports.

There was an abundance of labeling on the remainder of the box’s surface providing information on Secret Nature as a brand and the Citron pre-rolls within. As always, I found Secret Nature’s packaging to be attractive, easy to handle, and reusable.


  • Informative labeling
  • Sticker with QR code linked to 3rd-party lab reports
  • High-quality, durable, and easily reusable packaging


I always have an immediate first impression of the smoke of any type of cannabis I’m using. It’s hard to articulate this impression in words, but the first thing that came to my mind upon puffing on my Secret Nature Citron Pre-Roll was that it produced somehow “sharp” smoke, almost in the way that cheese can be sharp.

Lighting my pre-roll was easy, and it burned remarkably well from the first puff onward. The pre-roll had a very good texture to smoke, and I almost absentmindedly started puffing away.

With most CBD pre-rolls, I find myself paying close attention to the depth of my inhales and the frequency of my hits. Secret Nature Citron’s smoke was so smooth, though, that I’d smoked halfway through my pre-roll before I noticed.

I smoked my Secret Nature Citron Pre-Roll almost down to the crutch, and the texture of the smoke remained remarkably mild the entire time. I have yet to come across a harsh Secret Nature pre-roll, but Citron was notably mild in comparison to other strains.

The pre-roll burned evenly, and the snow-white ash at its tip dangled there for quite some time before falling off. I noticed a significant amount of oily buildup at the tip of the joint, indicating that it was very cannabinoid and terpene-rich.


  • Remarkably mild texture
  • Great for puffing absentmindedly
  • Burned evenly, lots of oily buildup at the tip


With some cannabis or hemp cultivars, you have to strain your imagination to make their names make any sense. Not the case with Secret Nature Citron.

I’ve eaten an actual citron fruit before. It’s a laborious and not-so-sweet experience characterized by the fruit’s thick rind and dry pulp. Once you get to the pulp, it’s overpoweringly sour.

Secret Nature Citron has all the sour attributes of citrus with none of the sweeter side of oranges or mandarins. My earlier perception that the smoke my Citron Pre-Roll produced was “sharp” probably had something to do with its ultra-sour taste.

The taste of my Secret Nature Citron Pre-Roll was pleasant, light, and very citrusy in a nondescript sort of way. If I had to liken the taste of this pre-roll to a more mainstream citrus fruit, I’d say it tasted like lemon or lime.

My pre-roll had a somewhat bitter aftertaste that wasn’t at all unpleasant. It reminded me of the bitterness of grapefruit, one of my favorite fruits.

I wasn’t able to detect any unpleasant flavors at all in the smoke of my Secret Nature Citron Pre-Roll. Its intensely sour taste might not suit every palate, but I found it quite enjoyable.


  • Tasted a lot like a citron fruit
  • Sour, somewhat bitter, not very sweet
  • Pleasant bitter aftertaste


As I smoked my Secret Nature Citron Pre-Roll, I was struck by the idea that it would be a great joint to share. With its pleasant, somehow classic flavor and upbeat, relaxing vibe, it would be a great CBD pre-roll to pass around during a break at work or at a weekend get-together.

Secret Nature Citron didn’t make me feel manic by any stretch of the imagination. I did feel profoundly relaxed, however, and images of beaches, palm trees, and sea turtles popped into my head.

Citron exudes a vibe that you could easily enjoy all by yourself. It has all the characteristics that experienced users are looking for in portable, inhalable CBD.

At the same time, something about the combination of Citron’s laid-back effects and unassuming taste tell me that this is a great strain for social situations. Smoke a Citron pre-roll by yourself at home to enjoy a big burst of creativity that might leave you a little bit sleepy at the end.


  • Pleasant, relaxing effects
  • Somewhat tropical vibe
  • Soothing effects that are great for sharing

Onset and duration of effects

The effects of my Secret Nature Citron Pre-Roll came on a little bit more subtly than the effects of some other Secret Nature strains. I’d say that I first noticed the effects after around two minutes and that they were fully active before seven minutes had passed.

Smoking close to an entire pre-roll provided effects that lasted around 60-90 minutes. Overall, I felt that the effects of this pre-roll lasted somewhat longer than usual.


  • Effects fully kicked in after around 5-7 minutes
  • Lasted for around 60-90 minutes

Overall score

All things considered, I give the Secret Nature Citron Pre-Roll 2-Pack a combined score of 4.96 out of 5.

Packaging and labeling: 5/5

Texture: 5/5

Flavor: 5/5

Effects: 4.8/5

Duration of effects: 5/5

Overall score: 4.96/5

The packaging my pre-rolls came in was flawless, and I was impressed by Citron’s mild texture and pleasant flavor. While great for activities and social situations, the effects of Citron might not be right for people getting ready for bed or treating chronic pain.

Who is it good for?

I recommend the Secret Nature Citron Pre-Roll 2-Pack to younger smokers who commonly smoke CBD socially. It’s a low-investment item, but it contains enough CBD to share comfortably among a small group.
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