Delta 8 Drug Test Guide

Published March 20, 2023
Delta 8 Drug Test Guide - Secret Nature

Do drug tests screen for delta 8? Are there drug tests for delta 8 specifically? How much delta 8 do I need to take to fail a drug test?

It’s natural if these questions are on your mind as a delta 8 user. In this guide, learn everything there is to know regarding delta 8 and drug testing. By the end, you’ll know enough to make an informed decision.

Delta 8 drug testing at a glance:

  • Yes, drug tests will usually detect the use of delta 8
  • No, delta 8 is not included as a target in most drug screening kits
  • However, tests can’t tell the difference between delta 8 and normal THC
  • Therefore, failing a drug test after taking delta 8 is a very realistic possibility

What is a delta 8 drug test?

While there is no such thing as a “delta 8 drug test,” delta 8 shows up as THC in normal drug testing, potentially leading to a false positive. So, if you use delta 8, there is a considerable chance that you will fail a drug test, making it highly important to learn how to use delta 8 safely if you have to take drug tests.

Are there drug tests for delta 8?

To our knowledge, there are no drug tests for delta 8 specifically. Drug tests that detect the presence of other forms of THC will, however, also detect the presence of delta 8. While these cannabinoids are different enough to be classified separately by official government bodies, they’re chemically similar enough to make it very difficult for drug tests to tell them apart.

Will delta 8 make you fail a drug test for THC?

Yes, even if a drug test is described as being for THC and not for delta 8, it will still detect delta 8 since this compound is very similar to the conventional form of THC. Do not mistake delta 8 tests and THC tests as being two separate forms of drug tests: They perform the exact same function.

Is there a difference between delta 8 and delta 9 THC?

From a chemical perspective, yes, there are considerable differences between the delta 8 and delta 9 forms of THC. These differences aren’t profound enough, however, to make the two types of THC show up differently in most forms of drug testing. Despite its unique chemical structure, therefore, delta 8 stands a great chance of appearing as THC when you take a drug test.

Does delta 8 show up on a drug test?

Yes, delta 8 will show up on a drug test if the test in question is calibrated to detect THC, you have used delta 8 relatively recently, and you used enough delta 8 to surpass the specific test’s threshold requirements. The variables involved in whether or not a drug test will detect the use of delta 8 are, in reality, quite complex and include:

  • The type of test (hair, urine, saliva, etc.)
  • How much delta 8 you used
  • When you used the delta 8
  • Other substances you may have used in the same time period
  • Your personal metabolism
  • And more…

Can I pass a drug test if I use delta 8?

Yes, it is certainly possible to pass a drug test after taking delta 8, but at the same time, faking or “duping” a test is an iffy option that we do not recommend. Simply by “timing your cycles,” you can know whether a drug test will detect the use of delta 8 or if you’re in the clear.

Let’s cover some basic ground rules. You are practically guaranteed to pass a drug test after using delta 8 if you:

  • Used delta 8 more than 30 days ago
  • Used delta 8 less than 30 days ago but only used a small amount once or twice
  • Used a large dose of delta 8 less than 30 days ago but only used it once

Furthermore, you are reasonably likely to pass a drug test for delta 8 if you:

  • Used delta 8 more than 14 days ago (even as a habitual user)
  • Hydrated, slept, and overall took good care of your body
  • Are generally a light and infrequent delta 8 user

How much delta 8 does it take to fail a urine test?

Since the likelihood of failing a drug test after using delta 8 depends on both the amount of delta 8 you used and the amount of time elapsed since the time of use, there is no single, set dosage of delta 8 that will certainly send you over the threshold necessary to be detected in drug testing. Generally speaking, though:

  • An average dose of 25-50mg delta 8 will stay in your system for around 3-5 days after use
  • A large dose of around 50-100mg will stay in your system for around 7-10 days after use
  • Repeated use of 25-50mg doses of delta 8 will make this cannabinoid detectable for at least 14 days after use
  • Daily use of normal doses or “binging” of large doses of delta 8 can make this cannabinoid detectable for up to 30 days after use

How long does delta 8 stay in your system?

The maximum amount of time that delta 8 (or any other cannabinoid) can remain detectable in your body is around 30 days. Past this point, cannabinoids degrade and are excreted to the extent that they are only detectable in hair follicle testing, which can sometimes detect drug use 3-6 months into the past.

As a general rule, expect your system to be purged of delta 8 within a maximum of 30 days.

Is delta 8 legal?

The legal status of delta 8 has not been fully established, but one certain fact is that this cannabinoid is not considered to be identical with delta 9 THC at the federal level. As a result, delta 8 is generally considered to be “industrial hemp,” not marijuana, making it essentially legal from most points of view. Keep in mind that state or local regulations pertaining to delta 8 use or sale may apply in your area.

Delta 8 drug test FAQ

Deepen your knowledge of delta 8 drug testing in the FAQ section below:

1. Can one hit of delta 8 make you fail a drug test?

Yes, even a single hit of delta 8 can cause you to fail a drug test under certain circumstances. If you used delta 8 around 3-5 days ago, a urine test is more likely to detect use of a smaller dose.

Delta 8 users should be more concerned, though, about the recent rise of THC saliva tests, which detect THC use within the last few hours. These tests can easily detect THC use even if it was only a single hit. They also detect delta 8 since these cannabinoids are not different enough to show up separately in drug testing.

2. What types of drug tests for delta 8 are there?

After using delta 8, you might show up as positive for THC use in the following four common types of drug testing:

  • Urine tests: The industry standard, urine tests detect THC use within the last 3-30 days with accuracy decreasing past the time of use.
  • Hair tests: Hair tests cannot detect drug use within the last week or so, but hair follicles keep a record of drug use that goes back at least 90 days.
  • Saliva tests: Saliva tests are becoming the norm for roadside THC detection during law enforcement encounters. They detect all recent (6-12 hours) THC use — even just a single hit.
  • Blood tests: Blood tests aren’t usually used for THC, but they might be applied in a hospital setting.

  • 3. Does LabCorp drug test for delta 8?

    If you are going to have a drug test performed by a LabCorp lab in the near future, be advised that tests used by this company usually cover THC, and they also detect delta 8. If you have used delta 8 recently, make sure to check in with the issuer of the test to provide warning that your results may show a false positive for THC.

    4. Are there delta 8 drug tests in Texas?

    We are not aware of any drug tests specifically for delta 8 being used in Texas. Do keep in mind, however, that delta 8 shows up on drug tests that are designed to detect conventional delta 9 THC. If you have used delta 8 and will soon be taking a drug test in Texas, proceed with extreme caution.

    The bottom line: How to pass a delta 8 drug test

    If a drug test is coming up in your future and you want to make sure you don’t test positive for delta 8:

    • Stop using delta 8 now
    • Get to bed early, and sleep well
    • Hydrate properly (not excessively)
    • Avoid toxic “detox” products
    • Delay the drug test as long as you can

    Even though delta 8 isn’t the same thing as delta 9 legally, drug tests don’t know the difference. Take care with your timing, though, and you should pass with flying colors.

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