Delta 8 Guide

Published August 02, 2020
Delta 8 Guide - Secret Nature

Delta 9 isn’t the only form of THC. This well-known type of THC has a very similar cousin, and people around the world have started using delta 8 THC for the first time since it’s regulated differently than delta 9. Let’s cover everything you need to know about delta 8 THC: Along the way, we’ll show how Secret Nature delta 8 unlocks the power of this cannabinoid to its fullest.

Delta 8 101

Let’s start by answering some beginner questions on delta 8: what it is, how to use it, and where to buy it.

What is delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC is an analog of delta 9 THC, which means these two cannabinoids are only slightly different. The handful of chemical bonds that differ between delta 8 THC and delta 9 THC matter somewhat, though, leading to unique benefits and effects.

In most hemp and cannabis strains, delta 8 is only expressed in very small quantities. As a result, making delta 8 into consumer products has traditionally proved difficult even though scientists have known about this THC analog since the 1940s.

Recently, advancements in cannabis extraction have made it easier to produce delta 8. Very few studies into the effects and benefits of delta 8 THC have been conducted to date, but enough people have tried this cannabinoid to provide a wealth of anecdotal testimony regarding its usefulness.

Here are some examples of first-hand delta 8 customer reviews:

  • Alicia S. ★★★★★ “Absolutely love this stuff! You only need a hit and you feel relaxed immediately. It has improved my ability to concentrate and has tremendously improved my quality of sleep. I will definitely be buying more and highly recommend these cartridges!!!!”
  • Allana M. ★★★★★ “I love the smooth pull you get from the taking a hit. The feelings that you get are great!”

Right now, most delta 8 is synthesized from other cannabinoids, but natural sources of delta 8 are also appearing. If you’re on the hunt for the internet’s best delta 8, Secret Nature has you covered.

What is a delta 8 cartridge?

Delta 8 hemp cartridges are some of the most popular delta 8 THC products. Like vape cartridges that contain other cannabinoids, these carts are filled with delta 8 THC suspended in natural hemp flower oils.

Since most hemp still only expresses tiny concentrations of this cannabinoid, delta 8 carts usually consist of isolated delta 8 THC combined with terpenes. High-quality delta 8 cartridges only contain substances naturally present in Cannabis sativa flower, and cartridges with additional substances like flavorings or fillers are low-quality and could even be dangerous.

Which batteries work with delta 8 cartridges?

Most delta 8 THC cartridges are universally compatible with 510-threaded vape batteries. Trustworthy brands offer batteries you can buy at the same time you purchase a delta 8 cartridge.

Let’s take a look at some delta 8 cartridge reviews:

  • William J. ★★★★★ “Gets you feeling uplifted and connected more to life and love! This is my first time experiencing a cartridge that can satisfy all of my personal needs. A lot of people are skeptical of D8 and the different assumptions being made. Just try for yourself. This is NATURES SECRET. Just embrace it!”
  • Samantha K. ★★★★★ “Since using Delta 8 I have noticed improvements in my mood, digestion, focus, and sleep. Helps me feel relaxed without the “high”. Design and taste are superb. I would highly recommend giving this a try!

What is the difference between delta 8 and delta 9 THC?

Delta 8 appears to behave similarly to delta 9 THC in the human body. These results are to be expected since delta 8 THC is almost structurally identical to delta 9 THC.

The minor differences between delta 8 vs. delta 9 THC do, however, seem to have some degree of impact. While delta 9 THC is the baseline by which the intoxicating potential of other cannabinoids is judged, the intoxicating effects of delta 8 THC are somewhat more subdued. Many people who use this cannabinoid report it does not cause any significant head changes.

Delta 8 THC appears to exert significantly milder effects that might be accompanied by similarly diminished side effects. Even so, delta 8 THC seems to provide some of the most desirable benefits of delta 9 THC, causing many cannabinoid consumers to view delta 8 THC as a viable alternative.

Delta 8 vs THC: what’s the difference?

It’s rare to see people use delta 8’s full name: delta 8 THC. As a result, there’s some confusion regarding whether delta 8 is a form of THC or if it’s something different entirely.

While it has a slightly different chemical structure, delta 8 is definitely a form of THC, not some other cannabinoid. People usually use the term “THC,” though, to refer to delta 9 THC, not delta 8.

Delta 8 vs. delta 9 potency

Some users report that delta 8 is more mild or uplifting than delta 9, but research indicates these two forms of THC have roughly equal effects. You definitely won’t be disappointed in the effects of delta 8 if you’re hunting for a true THC experience, but just keep in mind that anecdotal testimony indicates the effects of delta 8 might be slightly milder compared to the full-blown high of delta 9.

Delta 8 edibles vs delta 9: Which is better?

In edible form, delta 8 should have roughly the same effects as delta 9. There are a lot more delta 9 edibles out there, though, and delta 8 edibles often contain low-quality forms of cannabis extract and questionable ingredients. If you can’t get your favorite delta 9 edible where you live, check the ingredient information and lab tests for any delta 8 alternative you’re considering before proceeding to purchase.

How much THC is in delta 8?

To fall under the classification of “industrial hemp” defined by the 2018 Farm Bill, delta 8 products must contain less than 0.3% delta 9 THC. While most users wouldn’t consider these two forms of THC to be considerably different, they’re definitely classified very differently at the federal level, making it necessary to keep delta 9 THC concentrations in delta 8 products as low as possible.

THCO vs delta 8

THCO, also known as THCO acetate, is a synthetic version of THC usually derived from delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol. While similar to delta 8 in that it is an alternative form of THC, delta 8 THC is naturally found in cannabis while THCO is not.

True, natural delta 8 concentrations in cannabis remain low, but it’s only a matter of time until selective breeding catches up. THCO, on the other hand, will never be available naturally.

What’s the difference between delta 8 and CBD?

While delta 8 THC is very structurally similar to delta 9 THC, it bears almost no resemblance to CBD. Unlike cannabinoids in the THC family, CBD does not interact significantly with the CB1 neuroreceptors, the components of your nervous system that make you high when you use THC. Instead, CBD may even act as an antagonist at the cannabinoid receptors, meaning it  could weaken the effects of delta 8 and delta 9 THC.

That’s not to say that delta 8 THC and CBD are entirely dissimilar. Like CBD, delta 8 THC is relaxing and calming while being significantly less intoxicating than delta 9 THC. The important point, though, is that CBD is not considered to be intoxicating at all, making these two cannabinoids inherently different.

Delta 8 flower vs. CBG flower

Comparing CBG vs. delta 8, these two cannabinoids are very different. Delta 8, for instance, is intoxicating while CBG is not. Furthermore, CBG is almost always naturally derived these days while delta 8 is commonly converted from another cannabinoid.

CBG and delta 8 are similar in that they’re often available in hemp flower form. Delta 8 flower is usually made by spraying D8 on CBD or CBG-rich hemp, though, while CBG flower is almost always all-natural.

What are the benefits of delta 8?

A few studies into the effects of delta 8 THC have been conducted, and we’ve also learned quite a bit from individuals who have tried delta 8 THC for themselves. Let’s take a look at some of the available delta 8 research to speculate on this cannabinoid’s potential benefits:

• Delta 8 cancer research

One of the first studies into delta 8 THC was conducted in 1975, and researched this cannabinoid’s antineoplastic potential, or its ability to reduce cancer tumors. This evidence has not, however, been corroborated with further research, making it unclear whether delta 8 has genuine anti-cancer properties.

• Delta 8 nausea research

One of the most well-known delta 8 THC studies was conducted in 1995, and it sought to determine whether this cannabinoid could help with chemotherapy-induced nausea in children with cancer. This study found that delta 8 prevented nausea in children better than mainline antiemetic treatments, but no followup studies have been conducted to confirm these results.

• Delta 8 appetite research

A 2004 study found that delta 8 THC increased appetite better than delta 9 THC without causing the delta 9’s common side effects. These results line up with anecdotal testimony from delta 8 users, but no followup research has been conducted to confirm these potential benefits.

• Other delta 8 research

Since delta 9 THC is widely believed to have pain-fighting, anxiety-reducing, and neuroprotective qualities, it would make sense if delta 8 THC provided the same benefits. The National Library of Medicine has accumulated a wide array of data regarding the potential benefits of delta 8 THC if you’d like to research further.

What does delta 8 THC feel like?

Delta 8 users generally report that this cannabinoid has similar effects to delta 9 THC but at a lower level of intensity. In most cases, delta 8 THC causes the same euphoria that’s commonly associated with delta 9 THC. While delta 9 THC causes a reality-shifting head high, though, delta 8 users usually indicate that this cannabinoid causes a more body-oriented sense of intoxication.

How does delta 8 THC work with other cannabinoids?

Delta 8 THC might contribute to the entourage effect. This potential synergy between cannabinoids is believed to boost potency and produce benefits that no single cannabinoid could offer alone. Delta 8’s seemingly reduced psychoactive profile compared to delta 9 THC may make it more desirable for pairing with non-intoxicating cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and CBN.

Many CBD users are curious about the effects this cannabinoid provides when paired with THC but don’t want to or can’t use delta 9 for one reason or another. For these hemp consumers, delta 8 could be an ideal tool for exploring the full potential of the entourage effect.

Does delta 8 THC get you high?

Yes, even though it is considerably different from delta 9 THC, delta 8 still gets you high. That’s not to say the effects of delta 9 and delta 8 are identical, though.

As scientists have noted for decades, the true utility of delta 9 THC is not its intoxication potential but its ability to relieve pain, help with anxiety, and reduce nausea. Delta 8 offers a significantly reduced high, highlighting THC’s non-intoxicating benefits.

Where is delta 8 available?

You can purchase potent, high-quality delta 8 products at Our original delta 8 THC vape cartridge remains available in a few different flavor options, but it’s now accompanied by flower, blunts, and a variety of other high-quality delta 8 products. Let’s cover some of the factors you should consider when choosing the ideal delta 8 THC product:

• Quality

The extract in Secret Nature delta 8 vape cartridges is derived from organic hemp flower and combined with live resin terpenes, capturing the full richness of cannabis in its prime. We’re the world’s only producer of natural delta 8, and any additional delta 8 is naturally derived from CBD.

• Purity

Growing our hemp organically, our extracts remain pure and free of contaminants. Even when organic, though, outdoor hemp can become contaminated by neighboring farms, which is why we grow our plants indoors. Operating indoors allows us to control the environment our plants grow in down to the finest detail, leading to more robust cannabinoid and terpene expression.

Once our pampered hemp plants are ready for harvest, we further prevent contamination by exclusively extracting with CO2. This solventless extraction method ensures that your delta 8 THC cartridges contain no traces of ethanol, butane, heavy metals, pesticides, or other common hemp vape cartridge contaminants.

We guarantee Secret Nature cartridges never contain diluents, fillers, thickeners, or cutting agents. Our vape cartridges only include high-quality, organic hemp extract and added cannabis terpenes. There is no reason to add any additional ingredients to hemp vape cartridges, and any companies that do so put your health at risk.

• Lab testing

Our delta 8 THC cartridges are tested by a third-party lab, allowing you to personally confirm their purity and quality. Accurate, third-party lab testing is the only way to give you confidence that hemp products are pure, potent, and safe.

• Customization

You should be in full control of your delta 8 experience. We offer delta 8 cartridges both with batteries and without — if you already have a compatible vape battery, there’s no need to pay extra for another power source. If you need a new battery to go with your cartridge, though, we’d be more than happy to accommodate.

Where to buy delta 8 vapes

Like any other type of delta 8 product, you can buy delta 8 vape cartridges online. Delta 8 vapes ship to all 50 states, and buying delta 8 carts online often offers better product quality and selection than purchasing delta 8 at smoke shops and other physical retailers. Secret Nature delta 8 vape cartridges contain high-quality D8 distillate and are available in live resin terpene profiles like Gorilla Glue, OG Kush, and Mimosa.

How to buy delta 8 distillate in bulk

Secret Nature is the world’s most trusted bulk supplier of natural, high-quality delta 8 distillate. We’d be happy to offer you our delta 8 THC cartridges in bulk quantities or supply other delta 8 wholesale opportunities. To submit a wholesale inquiry, visit our Wholesale Supplier page.

What is the strongest delta 8 flower?

Right now, Secret Nature’s Delta 8 THC Pre-Rolls offer the most potent delta 8 THC flower experience. Combining natural delta 8 with added delta 8 distillate, each of these D8 joints contains more than 100mg delta 8 THC. As efforts to breed high-D8 strains continue, expect even higher delta 8 flower potency.

Where can I buy wholesale delta 8 flower?

Secret Nature offers wholesale distribution opportunities for delta 8, CBD, and CBG flower products. Highly reviewed and considered synonymous with “quality” within the hemp-smoking community, Secret Nature delta 8 hemp flower products are offered within customizable wholesale arrangements to fit the needs of your business.

Contact Secret Nature customer service to get started. After reviewing your information, your customer service representative will give you a bulk delta 8 price and provide any additional details you may need to start selling Secret Nature delta 8 products to your customers.

Get the best delta 8 THC carts with Secret Nature

A plethora of cannabinoids have recently erupted into the global market, and delta 8 THC remains the most fascinating among them. Unlike many other new cannabinoids, delta 8 THC can’t be called “non-intoxicating,” but that’s part of the appeal.

At Secret Nature, we firmly believe in exploring all the benefits that hemp and cannabis have to offer. This complex plant is endlessly fascinating, and by offering delta 8 THC in a variety of forms, we hope to rekindle your interest in THC of all types. We offer the best delta 8 THC quality and pricing found anywhere on the internet, so unlock the hidden potential of THC with Secret Nature today.

Delta 8 THC vape FAQ

Let’s finish up with answers to a few more common delta 8 vape questions:

1. Is delta 8 THC safe to vape?

Some delta 8 products might be safe to vape, but that doesn’t mean all of them are. Delta 8 varies significantly in quality, and many delta 8 manufacturers use dangerous processes or dilute their products with unsafe ingredients. Check for independent lab tests to determine the safety of a delta 8 product you’re considering.

2. How does delta 8 THC make you feel?

Delta 8 has effects that are very similar to those of delta 9 THC. However, users report that delta 8 is somewhat less intoxicating and that its effects are more similar to indica cannabis strains regardless of the terpenes present. As a result, delta 8 is more relaxing than delta 9, and it might be less likely to cause anxiety or paranoia.

3. Can you vape delta 8 distillate?

Yes, you can vape most forms of delta 8 distillate if you have the right tools. Just make sure the delta 8 distillate you’re vaping is high-quality, though, and avoid refilling vape cartridges or making other common cannabis vaping mistakes.

4. Are delta 8 vapes dangerous?

Since the delta 8 industry is currently unregulated and filled with scammers, delta 8 vapes can certainly be dangerous. Secret Nature has been a trusted brand since long before delta 8 came onto the scene, though, and we clearly demonstrate our dominance in the space by producing the best-tasting, most-potent, and purest delta 8 products available anywhere on the internet.

5. How long does delta 8 stay in your system?

Like other cannabinoids, trace amounts of delta 8 generally stay in your system for 5-30 days. The amount of time delta 8 remains detectable in your urine depends on how much of this cannabinoid you ingest and how frequently you use it. Light delta 8 users should expect to be cannabinoid-free within a couple weeks of their last hit, but heavier users might need to detox a little longer.

6. How long does delta 8 stay in your urine?

According to a new 2021 study, the duration of time cannabinoids remain detectable in urine is less predictable than we once thought. This research indicates that, in some cases, cannabinoids are not detectable in urine even in the first few days after use.

So, delta 8 may never be detectable in your urine at all. Regardless, our established understanding of cannabinoid pharmacology indicates that all cannabis compounds are completely excreted from the human body within 30 days of ingestion.

7. What are delta 8 carts?

A delta 8 cart is a disposable vape cartridge containing delta 8 THC extract. Most delta 8 carts connect to standard 510-threaded vape batteries, and they usually contain one gram (1g) of D8 concentrate. The potency of the extract contained inside delta 8 carts vary, but most consist of 60-90% delta 8 THC. A standard delta 8 vape cartridge contains around 50 doses.

8. What are the best delta 8 carts?

The best delta 8 carts consist of purified, CO2-extracted delta 8 distillate combined with strain-specific, live resin cannabis terpenes. High-quality delta 8 carts come with third-party, batch-specific lab reports and have received dozens of five-star customer reviews.

In terms of color, delta 8 distillate should be a clear-looking honey-yellow or light amber. Carts that are too dark contain impurities. Delta 8 carts flavored with anything aside from cannabis terpenes are inferior and can be dangerous. Always make sure that delta 8 carts are genuine and contain the amount of delta 8 claimed before you buy.

9. Where can I buy delta 8 wholesale carts?

Most manufacturers of delta 8 products offer their products wholesale to distributors. The best place to buy delta 8 carts for wholesale is since Secret Nature is the internet’s top supplier of delta 8 live resin distillate cartridges.

Offering opportunities to distributors throughout the United States, Secret Nature is the most recognized national delta 8 brand, and Secret Nature D8 products are universally recognized as achieving an unusually high tier of excellence. Contact Secret Nature customer service to learn more about delta 8 distribution opportunities.

10. What is the strongest delta 8 cartridge?

The strongest delta 8 vape cartridges on the market can contain concentrations of around 95% delta 8 THC. At these concentrations, however, vapes become more prone to recrystallization and clogging. As a result, most delta 8 vape manufacturers cap their potency at 90% with vapes in the 70-90% potency range being the most common.

The potency of delta 8 vapes is also affected by the minor cannabinoids and terpenes that are included in the distillate. Cannabis-derived, strain-specific terpenes are particularly beneficial and effective.

11. Are delta 8 carts safe?

Delta 8 carts certainly have the potential to be safe as long as they are manufactured correctly. Vape cartridges should feature high-quality coils, glass tanks, and steel or ceramic construction to offer the best safety and quality, and the distillate they contain should be CO2-extracted and include live resin terpenes. There’s no reason for delta 8 vapes to contain any additional ingredients.

To further establish the safety of a delta 8 vape cartridge, check for lab reports and customer reviews. Contact the manufacturer if you have any doubts regarding the quality or safety of a D8 cart.

12. What is the difference between delta 8 vs. delta 9 carts?

Delta 8 and delta 9 carts have different effects, and they’re regulated differently. Since it’s usually considered to be a hemp cannabinoid, delta 8 is widely sold online. Delta 9 is a federally illegal substance, however, and it’s only sold in states that have recreational or medical cannabis programs.

While delta 8 is still intoxicating, it isn’t as intoxicating as delta 9, and its effects feel different. Users describe delta 8 as being surprisingly relaxing and devoid of common THC side effects like paranoia.

13. What does delta 8 feel like?

Users report that delta 8 feels like a toned-down form of THC. Many people who have tried delta 8 have also used delta 9 THC before, and they commonly indicate that delta 8 feels like delta 9 but without the sometimes uncomfortable intensity they previously associated with THC.

Delta 8 doesn’t feel like CBD, CBG, or any other non-intoxicating cannabinoid, though. It’s THC through and through, and it will definitely get you high — especially if you don’t have an existing THC tolerance. As a result, it’s important to avoid mixing up CBD and delta 8 products.

14. What is a delta 9 510 cartridge?

A delta 9 510 cartridge is a vape cartridge containing delta 9 THC cannabis extract that features 510 threading at its base. Most vape cartridges and batteries use 510 threading, making this type of connection point practically universal. The term “510 cartridge” is sometimes used, though, to distinguish screw-in vape cartridges from magnetic carts, pods, and other unconventional types of vape cartridges.

15. What is a delta 9 distillate cartridge?

The term “delta 9 distillate cartridge” is used to refer to THC vape cartridges that contain distillate, a highly refined type of cannabis extract. Compared to wax, crumble, and other types of cannabis extract, distillate has been refined to the point that it is highly viscous and almost clear — ideal for putting inside a vape cartridge. Users prefer THC distillate due to its clean taste and extra-potent effects.

16. Does delta 9 have nicotine?

No, delta 9 products should not contain nicotine unless otherwise stated on the label. In most cases, nicotine and delta 9 are two substances that do not meet in consumer products since both intoxicating compounds are tightly regulated at the federal level. Even nicotine-delta 8 products are rare, but it’s still a good idea to double-check that any D8 products you buy on the internet aren’t infused with nicotine.

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