Diesel on Two Cylinders: Secret Nature Diesel Puff Pre-Roll 2-Pack Honest Review

Published March 03, 2021
Diesel on Two Cylinders: Secret Nature Diesel Puff Pre-Roll 2-Pack Honest Review - Secret Nature

Deriving the majority of its genetics from Sour Diesel, Diesel Puff is a Secret Nature original strain that shares many attributes with its dominant parent. Unlike Sour Diesel, however, Secret Nature Diesel Puff contains around 20% CBD, and it contains less than 0.3% THC.

Having already vaped some Diesel Puff nugs, I decided to give puffing a Secret Nature Diesel Puff pre-roll a try this time. As Secret Nature’s blog correspondent, learn what I thought about the packaging, flavor, and effects of the Secret Nature Diesel Puff Pre-Roll 2-Pack.

First impressions

As usual, Secret Nature’s packaging exceeded my expectations. I’ve been sampling Secret Nature CBD pre-rolls relatively heavily lately, and I’m used to two-pack pre-roll packaging being especially intuitive and resealable.

The Diesel Puff in my pre-rolls smelled exactly the same as the Diesel Puff flower I’d previously received in a 3.6g tin. Since it was already ground up and rolled, I couldn’t visually verify that the flower in the two products looked the same.

Taking a pre-roll out of its glass container, I immediately recognized the aroma that had bewitched me while reviewing my Diesel Puff 3.6g flower. Its identity was elusive as ever, but it had the same twinge of familiarity that makes Secret Nature Diesel Puff so memorable.

My Diesel Puff joint looked solidly built but not overstuffed. The flower inside appeared to be very high-quality, and the whole package exuded a subtle aura of quality and class.


  • Captivating gassy, sour, sweet, and fruity aroma
  • Attractive, well-rolled pre-roll
  • Intuitive, reusable packaging

Packaging and labeling

My Secret Nature Diesel Puff Pre-Roll 2-Pack came in highly durable and aesthetically appealing packaging. I like how Secret Nature’s pre-roll two-pack boxes are longer and thinner than the packaging other products come in.

Inside the two-pack’s box is a long glass cylinder that reminds me of buying bulk spices at the co-op. It has a metal cap on top that seals odors just as well as Secret Nature’s hermetically sealed flower tins.

The first time I note the aroma of Diesel Puff is when I unseal the metal cap. Twisting the cap shut again, the aroma dissipates in moments.

My pre-roll box is efficiently and informatively labeled. A large, white sticker on the front proclaims the name of the strain against a black background. Product information embossed in a golden font encircles the box.

On the bottom is a white sticker with a QR code. You can scan this code to view Secret Nature’s third-party lab reports for this particular batch of Diesel Puff pre-rolls. The sticker also includes information on the dosage and other properties of the pre-rolls inside.


  • High-quality, smell-proof packaging
  • Attractive, informative labeling
  • Sticker with QR code for lab tests
  • Product-specific dosing information


The texture of my Secret Nature Diesel Puff Pre-Roll left nothing to be desired. I’ve smoked quite a few different hemp pre-rolls lately, and Diesel Puff was among the most mild.

From my first hit, I started feeling a numbing sensation on the tip of my tongue that persisted until my last puff. Even halfway through the joint, my Diesel Puff Pre-Roll remained remarkably smooth and pleasant to smoke.

I didn’t cough at all while smoking my Secret Nature Diesel Puff Pre-Roll. Past the halfway point of the joint, however, its texture became considerably sharper.

Undaunted, I continued smoking my pre-roll until the hemp flower inside was all but gone. My Diesel Puff Pre-Roll had produced salt-and-pepper ash and maintained a thick, evenly distributed ember the entire time it was lit.


  • One of the best textures I’ve enjoyed in a hemp pre-roll
  • Remained pleasant, (if slightly harsher) past the joint’s halfway point
  • Steady ember, light-gray ash


The first word that came to my mind when the smoke from my Secret Nature Diesel Puff pre-roll hit my tongue was “skunky.” Even though this strain doesn’t have a particularly skunky flavor, the way it initially hits your tongue is incredibly robust and intense.

As I inhaled and exhaled my first smoke hit of Diesel Puff, I started noticing this strain’s characteristically gassy flavor along with its fruity, citrusy undertones. This flavor became stronger after a few more hits.

My Secret Nature Diesel Puff Pre-Roll remained tasty throughout the entire joint. This strain’s excellently expressed terpene profile carefully counterbalanced the inherently bitter taste attributes of incinerated plant matter.

I’d say that the flavor was slightly less pronounced than when I vaped Diesel Puff. All the same, I noted the same nostalgic taste sensations that I’d previously attributed to the characteristics of Diesel Puff’s unique terpene profile, which includes ocimene, bisabolol, and pinene.


  • Delicious, robust flavor
  • Much stronger flavor, though perhaps less delicate, when smoked
  • Ocimene flavor strong


As usual, Secret Nature Diesel Puff made me feel dreamy, nonchalant, and slightly insulated. Smoking this strain kind of feels like snuggling into a warm, new jacket that’s been tailored just for you.

Along with a mild rush of energy and euphoria that I commonly notice with sativa strains, Diesel Puff also made me feel slightly detached and disconnected. I found this strain very pleasant to smoke while listening to music.

I don’t think Diesel Puff would be the best Secret Nature sativa strain for working on a project or studying. Its effects are definitely upbeat, and they don’t make me feel sleepy.

All the same, my Secret Nature Diesel Puff Pre-Roll made me unusually unfocused for a sativa. I get the feeling that this would be a great daytime strain for people who are in pain or are using CBD for a different medicinal purpose.

If I had to distill my impression of the effects of Diesel Puff down to three words, they would be “buoyant,” “confident,” and “attentive.” Maybe a little bit “ditzy” as well.


  • Upbeat, spacy effects
  • Found myself getting lost in music
  • Not sleep-inducing
  • Might interfere with focusing of projects

Onset and duration of effects

I felt the effects of my Secret Nature Diesel Puff Pre-Roll almost instantly after my first puff. They became stronger as I smoked my joint, with the fully “insulated” effect setting in after around 3-5 minutes.

Smoking Diesel Puff around two hours before bed, its effects persisted to some degree until my head hit the pillow. I’d say the primary effects lasted around 70-90 minutes.


  • Effects came on fully after around 5 minutes
  • Effects persisted for up to 90 minutes

Overall score

As a vape aficionado at heart, I was surprised to find that I had absolutely nothing to quibble about regarding my Secret Nature Diesel Puff Pre-Roll 2-Pack. I award this product a perfect score of 5.0 out of 5.

Packaging and labeling: 5/5

Texture: 5/5

Flavor: 5/5

Effects: 5/5

Duration of effects: 5/5

Overall score: 5/5

As usual, the packaging in which my Diesel Puff Pre-Roll 2-Pack arrived was impeccable. I’ve heard that glass pre-roll tubes sometimes shatter in the mail, but only very rarely, and Secret Nature always takes care of the issue promptly.

The texture of smoke almost always leaves something to be desired. Both the texture and mysterious flavor of my Secret Nature Diesel Puff Pre-Roll, however, remained unflaggingly pleasant until the final puff.

While they’re somewhat outside the norm, I’m a big fan of the effects of Secret Nature Diesel Puff. I’m looking forward to getting better-acquainted with this strain.

Who is it good for?

I think the Secret Nature Diesel Puff Pre-Roll 2-Pack is great for people who are looking for a spacey, upbeat sativa strain to use during the daytime. Hog one pre-roll to yourself, and share the other with someone you think might also benefit.

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