Disposable CBD Vapes vs. Cartridges

Published May 09, 2022
Disposable CBD Vapes vs. Cartridges - Secret Nature

Disposable vape pens and replaceable cartridges are the two most popular types of CBD vape products. With Secret Nature now offering both options within its vast CBD vape catalog, it’s time to compare CBD vape cartridges and disposable CBD vapes.

These two types of CBD vape products are more similar than they are different, but as Secret Nature’s blog writer, I can say from personal experience that the differences between CBD vape cartridges and disposable vapes shouldn’t be underestimated. Read on to find out which option I recommend based on my hands-on knowledge.

What are disposable CBD vapes?

Disposable CBD vapes are all-in-one vape pens that include the tank and the battery in the same unit. When you’ve depleted the tank in your CBD disposable vape, you simply discard the entire pen instead of replacing or refilling the cartridge. Some users find disposable vapes to be more convenient than CBD cartridges, and they’re certainly more discreet.

Can you recharge disposable CBD vapes?

In some cases, yes, disposable CBD vapes can be rechargeable. CBD disposables that are rechargeable are inherently superior to those that aren’t since you can keep your battery at full voltage, which improves your draw, and you can also vaporize every last bit of concentrate in your tank without worrying about the battery running out.

What are CBD cartridges?

CBD cartridges are replaceable vape cartridges that feature CBD-rich hemp extract. These cartridges generally attach to standard 501-threaded vape batteries, which vary significantly in terms of shape, size, and capacity. While CBD cartridges are somewhat less wasteful than disposable vapes, vape batteries don’t last forever either, so the main advantage of cartridges is the ability to switch between flavors at will.

Can you refill CBD cartridges?

No, it is not advisable to refill CBD vape cartridges. For one thing, CBD extract is considerably more viscous and messy than nicotine salts, and also, CBD cartridges are not designed to be refilled. Attempting to refill a CBD vape cartridge will almost certainly result in wasted extract, and you could even hurt yourself if you accidentally break the glass walls of your cartridge’s tank.

Secret Nature disposable CBD vapes list

Most of the Secret Nature CBD vape strains that are offered in cartridges are also available in the brand’s new disposable vapes. A full list of available Secret Nature disposable CBD vapes includes:

  • Durban Poison CBD Disposable Vape (S)
  • White Fire OG CBD Disposable Vape (I)
  • Bellini CBD Disposable Vape (S)
  • Grape Ape CBD Disposable Vape (I)
  • Lemon Diesel CBD Disposable Vape (S)
  • Forbidden Fruit CBD Disposable Vape (I)

Secret Nature CBD cartridges list

All the Secret Nature CBD disposable strains we listed above are also available in cartridge form. Here’s a list of the CBD vape strains that are only offered in cartridges:

  • Orange Royale CBD Cartridge (S)
  • Raw Nectar CBD Cartridge (H)

Secret Nature disposable CBD vapes vs. cartridges

Now that you have a basic idea of what disposable CBD vapes and cartridges are, let’s compare these two types of CBD vape products across six different categories: convenience, customizability, discreetness, flavor, effects, and variety.


Based on my personal experience, disposable CBD vapes can’t be beat when it comes to convenience. Secret Nature’s CBD disposables, in particular, have a simple, fluid design that fits perfectly in your hand, and they also slip nicely into even the smallest pockets.

These vapes aren’t so tiny that you’d lose them, but they’re small enough to be entirely enclosed in your hand while you take a draw if discreetness is your priority. The only way in which CBD carts have CBD disposables beat in terms of convenience is the ability to switch between strains. With disposables, you have to grab an entirely different pen, while with cartridges, you can simply unscrew your current cart and attach another.


  • For whatever reason, empty 9mm ammunition packaging is the perfect size for storing carts. Simply stick your carts in the pegboard-style piece of plastic that comes with your ammo, and pop it in a small Pelican case for on-the-go cart storage.


Since you can attach any 501-threaded battery you like to a CBD cartridge, carts have the upper hand on disposables when it comes to customizability. In my experience, disposable vapes generally aren’t customizable at all, which is actually a selling point.

Increasing customizability leads to decreases in convenience, and disposable CBD vapes are designed to be convenient above all else.


  • If you don’t want to screw and unscrew cartridges every time you want to switch strains, grab a few different batteries and use them for different carts. Personally, I have a handful of batteries ranging from thin sticks to big, high-capacity rectangles.


Nothing beats the discreetness of a CBD disposable vape. Not only do CBD disposables often look exactly like nicotine disposables, but they’re also small enough to avoid drawing any unwanted attention. You might think that discreetness isn’t a big priority when you’re hitting non-intoxicating, hemp-derived CBD, but remember that CBD vapor smells exactly like THC vapor.


  • If you really want to avoid drawing attention, hold your Secret Nature CBD Disposable Vape so that it’s entirely enclosed in your hand while you take a draw. Just make sure not to grip it so tightly that you block the air intake.


Due to their inherent lack of temperature control, the flavor of disposable CBD vapes can take a hit—pun intended. If you want to fine-tune the flavor of your vapor by controlling the voltage of your vape, go for carts instead.


  • Some vape batteries, including the Secret Nature Vape Battery, feature two built-in temperature settings. For me, that’s all that’s needed—while I’ve had fancy batteries you can control down to the degree, I ended up finding this level of temperature control unnecessary.


I’d say CBD disposables and CBD carts are about the same when it comes to effects. Disposable vapes might hit a bit harder due to their higher voltage, which could make individual hits stronger.


  • If you really want to find out if disposables or carts hit harder, grab the same strain in both vape types, and compare them directly. I’ve done that with Secret Nature Durban Poison, for instance, and I found that the disposable version of this vape did, indeed, hit slightly harder.


There are still a few Secret Nature CBD vape strains that you can only get in cartridges. For the most part, though, you have just as wide a variety of strains to choose from if you decide to try disposables instead.


  • If there’s a cart-only strain you really want to try, like Orange Royale, grab it anyway, and simply vape it at home if your main reason for liking disposables is convenience or discreetness.

CBD disposable vapes vs. carts FAQ

Let’s wrap up our comparison of CBD disposables and carts with a few frequently asked questions:

1. Are disposable CBD vapes better than reusable?

Depending on your needs, you might find disposable CBD vapes to be more convenient or discreet than reusable CBD vape pens—meaning vapes consisting of a battery and replaceable cartridge. Neither type of CBD vape is inherently superior, though. You might prefer a CBD vape cartridge if you desire enhanced customizability or greater control over the intensity of your hits.

2. Can you recharge disposable CBD vape pens?

Most CBD vape pens are not rechargeable. That’s one of the primary factors that sets the Secret Nature CBD Disposable Vape apart from the competition. This simple vape features a standard microUSB charging port on the bottom, meaning you can recharge your vape whenever it dies.

Personally, I like to keep my vapes as close as possible to maximum voltage because I’m very familiar with the performance decreases that occur when voltage goes down. That’s why I love the Secret Nature CBD Disposable Vape so much—I’ve never come across a disposable that’s rechargeable before.

3. Do disposable CBD vapes get you high?

No, a disposable CBD vape pen should not get you high. CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid, and there’s nothing about putting CBD in a disposable vape that should change this inherent trait. If your disposable CBD vape contains additional cannabinoids aside from CBD, however, it could certainly have an intoxicating effect.

4. Why do disposable vapes hit harder?

Disposable vape pens generally hit harder because their voltage is set higher for increased convenience. Unlike the types of vape batteries that attach to cartridges, which are usually rechargeable, disposable vapes often aren’t, so manufacturers set the voltage of these vapes as high as possible to provide a consistent experience. If you don’t like the somewhat harsh hit of disposable vapes, try a vape cartridge-battery combo instead, which usually offers some amount of voltage control.

5. Will vaping CBD make you cough?

For some people, vaping CBD can cause throat irritation that leads to coughing. You’re more likely to cough after vaping CBD if you’re new to vaping, and you should cough less as you get used to the feeling of vapor entering your lungs. If you keep coughing even after you’re used to vaping CBD, however, consider reducing the voltage of your vape.

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