Does Delta 8 Have Strains?

Published October 28, 2021
Does Delta 8 Have Strains? - Secret Nature

Cannabis has many different subtypes called strains. Connoisseur cannabis users are able to tell which types of experiences they’ll have based on the genetics of the strains they choose. As a result, knowing if delta 8, everyone’s new favorite cannabinoid, has strains is a top priority for many who want to try D8 for the first time.

The short answer is yes, delta 8 THC does come in a variety of different strain options. Delta 8 itself, however, isn’t expressed in any strains in high concentrations right now, making this question slightly more difficult to answer. We’ll cover all the details as we continue with this guide to delta 8 strains: what they are, which one is strongest, and which strain is best for you.

What is delta 8 flower?

Delta 8 hemp flower almost always consists of CBD or CBG buds that have been sprayed with delta 8 isolate or distillate. Right now, delta 8 isn’t expressed in high concentrations in any strain, so the only way to make potent delta 8 products is to isolate a different cannabinoid (usually CBD) and convert it into delta 8 THC.

Some hemp strains are gradually starting to contain higher concentrations of delta 8, but it will be a while until spraying D8 on buds is no longer necessary. So, in a way, there’s some credence to the idea that delta 8 doesn’t come in strains, but only from a hyper-literal perspective.

Is delta 8 a type of weed or a strain?

Delta 8 is a cannabinoid, making it closer to a type of cannabis than a strain. In the same way that many CBD hemp flower strains are designed to mimic popular delta 9 THC phenotypes, the same name might be used for both a delta 8 strain and a delta 9 strain.

Instead of being a strain itself, delta 8 THC is offered in a variety of different strains. The usual indica and sativa options are there, allowing you to select between uplifting and relaxing effects.

Is delta 8 an indica or sativa?

Delta 8 can come in either indica or sativa versions. The delta 8 molecule itself is neither indica or sativa, but based on which terpenes this cannabinoid is paired with, a delta 8 product might have distinctly indica-leaning or sativa-leaning effects.

What delta 8 strains are there?

Delta 8 THC has been added to a variety of different strains of hemp, resulting in quite a few “delta 8 strains” becoming available online. Secret Nature delta 8 buds are the most popular options on the internet or anywhere else, and these are the top 3 Secret Nature delta 8 strains according to customer reviews:

1 . Secret Nature Super Spectrum D8-THCV Flower

Super Spectrum is the first hemp strain to include high concentrations of natural delta 8 THC and THCV. Each of these THC variants provides impressively unique effects, and combined with CBD and CBG, Secret Nature Super Spectrum delivers an entirely new type of cannabis experience.

2. Secret Nature Elysian Secret OG Delta 8 Flower

Secret OG is one of Secret Nature’s all-time most-popular strains, but combined with delta 8, Secret OG becomes almost unrecognizable. You’d never expect that iconic Secret Nature Secret OG taste to be accompanied by a feeling of intoxication, but that’s just what you’ll get with this D8 distillate-sprayed flower.

  • Secret Nature Secret OG Delta 8 Hemp Flower review - Kira S. “Great product” ★★★★★ “Tasted as expected, smelled great! Got it to see if it will help with my asthma and it did. Great product so far, will order again!”

3. Secret Nature Elysian CBG Delta 8 Flower

Elysian CBG Delta 8 Flower is the heavy-hitter in the Secret Nature delta 8 flower lineup. Featuring higher cannabinoid concentrations than any other D8 strain, Secret Nature Elysian CBG Delta 8 buds are great for grinding up into blunts or joints.

  • Secret Nature Elysian CBG Delta 8 Hemp Flower review - Amanda H. “GREAT Product!!” ★★★★★ “I've never been dissatisfied with ANY product that I've ordered from Secret Nature, but this one is one of the best. It has an amazing smell and taste and works wonders to help us unwind after crazy days at the office.”

What is the strongest delta 8 strain?

Right now, the strongest delta 8 THC strain available is Secret Nature Elysian CBG Delta 8 Flower. At 315mg per 3.5 grams, this strain contains more than 11% delta 8 THC, and it’s combined with high concentrations of CBG.

You’ll find that Elysian CBG Delta 8 buds feel even more potent than they should due to the synergy between CBG and delta 8 THC. Anyone who has smoked CBG knows this cannabinoid has entirely unique effects that are only similar to the effects of CBD in that they are non-intoxicating.

Will 50mg of delta 8 get you high?

Depending on how you take it, 50mg of delta 8 THC definitely has the potential to get you very high. Taken orally, the effects of delta 8 are much less intense even though they last significantly longer. Smoked or vaped, though, 50mg of delta 8 is considered to be a relatively high dose, and it’s certainly enough to achieve intoxication.

Where can I buy a delta 8 flower ounce?

Secret Nature delta 8 hemp flower products are available in 1/8th oz., ¼ oz., and ½ oz. sizes. You can combine two half-ounces to make a full ounce, and conveniently, Secret Nature has two different delta 8 flower options to offer. Pick up a half of Secret Nature Elysian Secret OG Delta 8 Hemp Flower and another half of Secret Nature Elysian CBG Delta 8 Hemp Flower to fill out your ultimate delta 8 nug stash.

Can you smoke too much delta 8?

Generally, you’ll get tired of smoking long before you ingest enough delta 8 to cause any concern. We still don’t know enough about delta 8 THC to be sure, but this cannabinoid appears to behave very similarly to delta 9 THC in your body, and scientists have long-since determined that the toxicity threshold of delta 9 is prohibitively high for most users to ever experience anything close to overdose.
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