Electric Lemon G Strain Review

Published April 25, 2023
Electric Lemon G Strain Review - Secret Nature

Electric Lemon G may have a name that makes it sound obscure, but you’d be surprised where this strain comes from. These days, Electric Lemon G is coveted coast to coast for its unique effects, and in this in-depth review, you’ll find out why.

Electric Lemon G strain overview

  • Other names: Electric Lemon, Lemon G
  • Average THC percentage: 20%
  • Sativa/indica: Sativa
  • Aroma & flavor: Earthy, herbal, dank, fruity, lemon
  • Genetics: G13 x Northern Lights #5
  • Effects: Energetic, creative, focused

What is the strain Electric Lemon G?

Electric Lemon G is a fruity, earthy sativa that’s more potent due to its parentage than its THC percentage. On the one side is a strain supposedly bred in a secret government laboratory, and on the other side is one of the most famous Cannabis Cup winners of all time.

The result is an uplifting sativa that definitely sports some serious mind-bending characteristics. Prepare to get well and truly stoned with Electric Lemon G — this strain and TikTok conspiracy theory videos definitely don’t mix.

What is the cannabinoid percentage of Electric Lemon G?

Electric Lemon G usually contains between 15-20% THC, which is quite a bit below the threshold at which strains are usually considered to be “high-potency.” Even so, this cultivar is considered to be one of the most potent mind-benders you can buy, which must mainly be due to its ancestry.

Does the strain Electric Lemon G have any other names?

Yes, Electric Lemon G is very commonly called either just “Lemon G” or “Electric Lemon.” It’s actually quite rare for the whole name to be spoken or written.

Is Electric Lemon G indica or sativa?

Electric Lemon G is a decidedly sativa strain. It has powerfully uplifting, mind-altering effects even though it largely leaves your bodily sensations alone. If you’re looking for a strain to truly forget about everything and get your mind up into the clouds, Electric Lemon G is definitely a good candidate.

What is the best time of day to smoke Electric Lemon G?

Most users would agree that Electric Lemon G is a decidedly daytime strain. You can certainly smoke Electric Lemon G at night, but it lacks the relaxing characteristics that commonly turn people toward indicas near bedtime.

What are Electric Lemon G’s genetics?

Electric Lemon G is a cross of G13 and Northern Lights #5, both of which are strains that have achieved legendary status. G13, for its part, is a potent indica that nonetheless offers an intense head high.

Those who smoked weed during prohibition days remember how G13 was spoken of in hushed voices as a secret government strain that was bravely removed from an underground facility and cultivated for the masses. Apparently, the federal government gathered the most potent cannabis strains in the 1960s and bred them together in a top-secret research facility. A single cutting of G13 was supposedly stolen from the facility, which served as the mother of all subsequent G13 clones.

As if being descended from G13 weren’t enough, the other side of Lemon G’s ancestry is just as storied. Northern Lights has mysterious origins — some say it is descended from an Afghani landrace, others from a Thai. Whatever the case may be, all Northern Lights strains are known for their ability to thrust your mind directly into space — none more so than Northern Lights #5.

So, two strains with nearly mythic origin stories meet up to produce one ultra-potent cultivar. Anyone with an interest in either cannabis history or just extremely potent strains should definitely give Electric Lemon G a shot.

What is the terpene profile in Electric Lemon G?

The primary terpenes in Electric Lemon G are mycenae and pinene. There are also high concentrations of limonene and terpinolene, resulting in a fruity, piney, and dank flavor. 

What are the effects of Electric Lemon G?

Electric Lemon G usually offers potently uplifting effects that strongly engage both the intellect and the senses. This is the type of strain that will have you thinking a million thoughts a minute, but you’ll be okay with it. Indica characteristics tie down what would otherwise be an entirely runaway sativa freight train in Electric Lemon G.

How does the strain Electric Lemon G make you feel?

Electric Lemon G should make you feel energized, creative, and mentally focused. It’s not likely to help very much with pain, and it’s not particularly good for relaxation or sleep.

What is the strain Electric Lemon G good for?

Users generally indicate that Electric Lemon G is great for going outside, focusing on tasks, or just enjoying the feeling of being extremely high on a sativa with excellent genetics. Electric Lemon G is definitely the type of strain to make you see THC itself differently.

Is the strain Electric Lemon G good for anxiety?

Due to its overpowering sativa characteristics, some users might consider Electric Lemon G to be good for anxiety. Unlike certain sativas, though, this strain has very intense cognitive effects, which could potentially make anxiety worse by setting off paranoia.

Is the strain Electric Lemon G good for depression?

Electric Lemon G is a pretty great strain for depression due to its mentally transporting effects. This strain is highly uplifting, and it makes you see everything in a new light. Those using cannabis for depression should definitely try Lemon G.

Is the strain Electric Lemon G good for stress?

Electric Lemon G is a pretty good strain for stress, but it doesn’t cut through daily stressors like some high-potency hybrids can. In the worst case, it might even accentuate your anxieties due to paranoia, a common side effect of head-heavy sativas.

Is the strain Electric Lemon G good for pain?

Electric Lemon G isn’t necessarily a great strain for pain, with the exception that it certainly gets your mind off things. Those using cannabis for chronic pain, though, generally do best with high-potency hybrids.

Is the strain Electric Lemon G good for sleep?

Electric Lemon G isn’t a particularly good strain for sleep. Its mind-altering characteristics might even keep you up, so you should definitely look to an indica strain at bedtime instead.

Does the strain Electric Lemon G have any negative effects?

Due to its potent cognitive effects, Electric Lemon G can sometimes worsen anxiety or cause paranoia. This strain is also relatively commonly reported to cause headaches.

What does the strain Electric Lemon G smell like?

Electric Lemon G mainly smells fruity and citrusy with dank and hazy undertones. This strain smells like a sativa from the moment you take a whiff.

What does the strain Electric Lemon G taste like?

Lemon G tastes very much like lemon, and it also has an earthy aftertaste. Other fruity notes can be detected underneath the dominant lemon flavor.

Are there different Electric Lemon G strains?

No, we are only aware of one variant of Electric Lemon G. Keep in mind that similar names like Lemon G and Electric Lemon usually refer to the same strain, not genuine variants.

Who is the strain Electric Lemon G best for?

Electric Lemon G is best for exploring the latest horizons of cannabis breeding while staying as close to landrace genetics as possible. G13 and Northern Lights are impressive strains in their own right, and the combination of these two strains in Electric Lemon G is truly out of this world.

Some strains are ideal for specific medicinal or social purposes. Electric Lemon G, however, is all about the weed. Take some time to savor the experience.

What strains are similar to Electric Lemon G?

Overall, any strains that are related to G13 or Northern Lights #5 will have characteristics at least relatively similar to those of Electric Lemon G. Some examples of strains to try in the G13 family include:

  • MK Ultra
  • Tangerine Dream
  • Cannatonic

Then, on the Northern Lights side you have:

  • Mango Haze
  • Jack Herer
  • Afghanti
  • Cinderella 99

Top 3 alternatives to Electric Lemon G

If you want to try Electric Lemon G but are sticking with strains you can buy online, we have three alternatives to recommend:

  • Secret Nature Citron (THCA or CBD): Like Electric Lemon G, Citron is named for its citrusy properties. This strain is offered in both CBD and THCA forms.
  • Secret Nature Papaya Nights: The original Secret Nature sativa, this strain is bred to perfection and offers an unparalleled connoisseur experience.
  • Secret Nature Melon Frost (THCA or CBD): A newer addition to the catalog, Melon Frost offers mental potency that rivals Electric Lemon G — especially the THCA form.

Should I try Electric Lemon G?

Electric Lemon G should definitely be on your bucket list if you’re a fan of either G13 or Northern Lights #5. Even if you’ve never heard of those strains before this article, understand that they’re a core part of cannabis history every smoker should experience. Electric Lemon G makes it easy by wrapping them both into one bundle that some consider to be even better than either of the parent strains separately.

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