Experience OG Indica Hemp with Secret Nature Secret OG CBD Flower 3.6g

Published March 15, 2021
Experience OG Indica Hemp with Secret Nature Secret OG CBD Flower 3.6g - Secret Nature

These days, there’s only one thing cannabis consumers associate with the two letters “OG:” OG Kush, a strain made legendary by an endless slate of cannabis-friendly hip-hop tracks.

Secret Nature’s Secret OG strain shares as many traits with OG Kush as possible. The main difference, of course, is that Secret OG contains less than 0.3% THC.

As Secret Nature’s blog writer, I’m no stranger to Secret OG. Learn what I thought about vaping this strain’s nugs for the first time with my review of Secret Nature Secret OG CBD Flower 3.6g.

First impressions

It might not be refined, but my raw first impression of Secret OG was that it was dank, good indica hemp. My Secret OG nugs looked just like the types of indicas that occupy the top few shelves at your local dispensary.

The first visual aspect of Secret OG I noticed was this strain’s ample dashes of purple coloring. Purple permeates every Secret Nature Secret OG nug, and some nug tips are almost impossibly dark.

Veteran cannabis smokers have a way of intuitively sizing up a nug’s value by its appearance. Bustling with glistening silver trichomes on almost every conceivable surface, I could tell at a glance that my Secret Nature Secret OG CBD Flower 3.6 tin would lead to many rich, rewarding vape sessions.

Pulling out and breaking open a nug, I inhaled a sharply sweet, gassy aroma. Secret Nature’s pre-rolls always smell amazing, but there’s nothing like the aroma a hemp nug gives off the moment you break it in half.

This time, I’m able to notice the citrusy notes behind Secret OG’s sweetness. Earthy aromas are also present, but they seem more muted compared to the nug’s freshly released fruity and gassy aromas.


  • Purple and dark green nugs
  • Almost impossibly frosty
  • Strong gassy, lemony aroma when breaking up a nug
  • Earthy aroma also present

Packaging and labeling

I find it profoundly satisfying to grab the pull-tab on a tin of Secret Nature flower with a finger and yank it back to reveal the dankness inside. While unconventional, this unique packaging has paid off for Secret Nature.

Every single tin of Secret Nature flower I’ve received has remained entirely aroma-proof until I open this airtight metal seal. Glass jars that break in the mail inevitably lead to aroma issues, but Secret Nature’s crush-proof tins can resist all manner of impacts.

You can put the gold-embossed black plastic topper back on top of your Secret Nature Secret OG CBD Flower 3.6g tin to create a makeshift seal once you’ve pulled back the airtight metal lid. It won’t make your hemp bud entirely smell-proof, but it will preserve it and significantly mute its aroma.

I don’t find myself wanting to know more when I look at Secret Nature’s 3.6g tin labels. If I do end up feeling curious about anything, I can always go to the Secret Nature website to learn more.

The QR code on the bottom of every 3.6g tin is a very nice touch. Even though I rarely use them, it’s nice to know that these codes are there when needed.


  • Unconventional but impressively effective packaging
  • Resealable, attractive container
  • Clear, sufficient labeling backed up by more info online
  • QR code for third-party lab reports


I found Secret OG to have a very smooth texture even when I smoked this strain in pre-roll form. I wasn’t disappointed at all in the texture of my Secret Nature nugs when vaped.

Secret Nature Secret OG is one of those strains that remains pleasant to vape until your bowl is completely dead. At no point did I experience any throat pain of any kind, and vaping this strain did not make me cough.

The texture of even the harshest Secret Nature strain is still much smoother than the average hemp or cannabis product. It’s clear from the way that Secret Nature vapor or smoke feels in your mouth, throat, and lungs that this company takes great pains to keep its flower unusually high-quality and impeccably clean.


  • Secret OG has an even smoother texture when vaped
  • No throat pain even at the end of my bowl
  • Secret Nature quality strikes again


Just as the sweeter, fruitier side of Secret OG came out more pronouncedly in nug form, the lemony attributes of this strain’s flavor also were more apparent when Secret OG was vaped. I recognized the notes of earth and gas that were immediately noticeable, but this time I noticed that the sourness of Secret OG is actually citrus.

Overall, Secret OG is one of those strains that I would have described as powerfully “dank” back when I knew much less about the subtleties of cannabis. Sometimes when describing a strain, it’s best even now to stick to the basics.


  • Sour, fruity, lemony flavor rises to the surface
  • Earthy notes also strong
  • Hints of haze, pine, and gas


Smoking this strain in pre-roll form, I described the effects of Secret OG as almost “stoney” but without the intoxication. I’d second this opinion in my assessment of the Secret Nature Secret OG CBD Flower 3.6g tin, but I’d say this strain’s effects are somewhat lighter when smoked.

In a way, the effects of Secret OG were more intense when vaped. I still felt the same sense of confident calm that had so endeared me to Secret OG during our first meeting. I just didn’t feel quite as prone to getting unexpectedly glued to the couch.


  • Strong indica effects
  • Slightly brighter or less soporific when vaped

Onset and duration of effects

The effects of my Secret Nature Secret OG CBD Flower buds came on just about as quickly as I had been expecting. As I often experience when vaping, I found the effects of Secret OG to last slightly longer when vaped than they lasted when I smoked this strain.

I’d say the effects of Secret OG were fully active after around three minutes and lasted 80-90 minutes. Once they wore off, I was left with a pleasant sense of calm that lasted for hours.


  • Effects kicked in after 1-3 minutes
  • Lasted for almost 90 minutes
  • No unpleasant aftereffects

Overall score

Upon thorough consideration, I give the Secret Nature Secret OG CBD Flower 3.6g tin an overall score of 4.98.

Packaging and labeling: 5.0/5

Texture: 5.0/5

Flavor: 4.9/5

Effects: 5.0/5

Duration of effects: 5.0/5

Overall score: 5.0/5

An experience that was already almost perfect in pre-roll form creeps even closer to apotheosis when vaped as freshly ground nugs. The effects of Secret OG seemed to last longer when vaped, and I found this strain’s flavor to be greatly improved when puffed upon using my Volcano vaporizer.

Packaging, texture, and tenor of effects were all on point with my Secret OG nugs. I’ve yet to come across a Secret Nature strain that disappointed me, and Secret OG certainly wasn’t it.

Who is it good for?

The Secret Nature Secret OG CBD Flower 3.6g tin is perfect for hemp users who want to have a sizable stash of this strain on hand. You might be even more attracted to this Secret Nature strain’s raw nug form if you have a favorite dry herb vape or quad-perc bong at home.

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