Frosted Kush Guide: Flavors & Effects

Published January 29, 2021
Frosted Kush Guide: Flavors & Effects - Secret Nature

Like a green, sticky cumulonimbus cloud, Frosted Kush sweeps you away to smokable CBD heaven. We’re convinced that Secret Nature Frosted Kush is one of the best hemp flower strains we’ve ever bred. Judging by how rapidly this strain sells out, it appears our customers agree.

What makes Frosted Kush unique?

Frosted Kush is relaxing, potent, and delicious. This strain captures all of the attributes that you look for in high-grade kush while keeping the THC to a bare minimum. Let’s cover some of the basic details surrounding Frosted Kush to explain why this cultivar is unique:

  • Strongly indica-dominant strain
  • 20%+ CBD
  • Cold-cured and terpene rich
  • Organically grown
  • Hand-manicured

We chose the name “Frosted Kush” for two reasons. First, this strain is coated with a frosting of trichomes so thick that it glistens in the light. Also, Frosted Kush tastes just like a frosted, sugary treat.

What does Frosted Kush look like?

Frosted Kush produces thick, bulbous buds that look like they’re bursting at the seams. Bright, neon-green bud structures are interspersed with flashes of darker green, and the whole ensemble is buried under a substantial layer of CBD-rich crystals.

Among all the strains we’ve bred, Frosted Kush is among the most consistently beautiful. This strain reliably produces large, thick buds that are perfectly dense. A single glimpse of a Frosted Kush nug is enough to make you fall in love.

What does Frosted Kush smell like?

Like many kush strains, Frosted Kush primarily smells like berries, earth, and gas. The unique way that the terpenes present in Frosted Kush combine, however, make this strain smell almost identical to the type of frosting commonly used on cakes and cupcakes.

What does Frosted Kush taste like?

Frosted Kush tastes very similar to how it smells. While it’s probably impossible to make burning plant material taste exactly like butter and sugar, Frosted Kush smoke tastes as similar to frosting as is possible for CBD flower.

Upon inhalation, Frosted Kush smoke or vapor first tastes like berries and diesel. As you hold Frosted Kush in your mouth and flick your tongue around, however, you’ll recognize the unique medley of flavor notes that makes this strain both smell and taste so much like frosting.

Is Frosted Kush lab-tested?

At Secret Nature, we’d never send a CBD flower product out into the world without lab tests. It’s vitally important to us that we produce the best CBD flower on the face of the planet, and the only way we can hold up our pledge to quality is by contracting independent lab tests for each batch of products we produce.

Each of our Frosted Kush products has been tested for:

  • Cannabinoid content
  • Terpene content
  • Heavy metal contamination
  • Microbial contamination
  • Chemical residue contamination
  • Mycotoxin contamination

Our lab tests also ensure that Frosted Kush contains less than 0.3% THC. If you have any questions about how to read our lab reports, please let us know.

How is Frosted Kush packaged?

Each Frosted Kush product is packaged differently:

  • Frosted Kush buds are packaged in smell-proof and crush-proof resealable tins.
  • Frosted Kush pre-roll two-packs are packaged inside air-tight glass tubes that are protected within cardboard boxes.
  • Frosted Kush pre-roll seven-packs are packaged inside hermetically sealed, resealable plastic bags placed within deluxe cardboard packs.

The packaging for each of our products features abundant product information and a QR code you can scan to be taken directly to that particular product’s most recent lab test. Your Frosted Kuish order will arrive in a standard USPS mailer that’s entirely discreet and smell-proof.

How many reviews does Frosted Kush have?

Frosted Kush wins the Secret Nature popularity contest. With nearly 900 verified customer reviews, this strain has been reviewed more than any other cultivar we’ve ever bred.

Even more astoundingly, Frosted Kush has a perfect 5.0 rating average. That means the customers who disliked Frosted Kush have been entirely overwhelmed in a sea of positive reviews.

Commenting on our Frosted Kush nugs, Kristopher says that Frosted Kush is “[t]op shelf Cbd flower without a doubt.” He commends our “[g]reat packaging and beautiful, well manicured buds.”

Jessica L. tells us that our two-pack of Frosted Kush pre-rolls made her “feel relaxed and ready to chill.” Monique J. tried the seven pack of our Frosted Kush pre-rolls, and she says that this product is “great” and that it provides “super relaxing vibes.”

Why should I smoke Frosted Kush?

Frosted Kush is the perfect strain for anyone who wants to use CBD flower to get as relaxed as possible. CBD is an inherently relaxing cannabinoid, and when combined with the indica terpenes present in Frosted Kush, this cannabinoid’s soothing qualities are released in full.

Also, Frosted Kush is worth a smoke simply to find out what all the fuss is about. Frosted Kush didn’t become the number-one Secret Nature strain by chance. Countless customers have found Frosted Kush to be so delightful that our entire stock of this strain is often depleted within a day or two after it comes back in stock.

When should I smoke Frosted Kush?

As a strongly indica-dominant strain, it’s best to smoke Frosted Kush when you’re ready to relax. While non-intoxicating, this strain is so relaxing that smoking Frosted Kush during the day might make it difficult to focus.

Many Secret Nature customers prefer Frosted Kush as their go-to strain for a bedtime smoke. Put some Frosted Kush buds in a bong as you unwind after dinner, or keep some Frosted Kush pre-rolls on your bedside table.

What’s it like to smoke Frosted Kush?

Frosted Kush smoke is smooth, potent, and delicious. This strain won’t hurt your throat when you inhale, and within moments, relaxing effects will course throughout your entire body. The effects of Frosted Kush will persist for around 45-90 minutes.

Smoke Secret Nature Frosted Kush today

Indica lovers will rejoice, and sativa lovers will be converted. Frosted Kush is simply that good.

Discover everything that this legendary Secret Nature strain has to offer by choosing one of the following Frosted Kush product options:

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