Golden Cherry Strain Intro & Top 3 Alternatives

Published August 31, 2022
Golden Cherry Strain Intro & Top 3 Alternatives - Secret Nature

Golden Cherry is a mysterious strain that is apparently descended from the CBD “mother” cultivar Cherry Wine. Not much is known about where this strain comes from or the terpene profile it contains, but Golden Cherry has nonetheless become one of the most well-known strains of CBD hemp you can buy on the internet. Learn everything there is to know about Golden Cherry, and become acquainted with three CBD-rich hemp strains you might like even more.

What is the strain Golden Cherry?

Apparently bred by the online hemp brand Plain Jane, Golden Cherry is listed as being indica-leaning, but very little information is available on this strain. Lab reports for Golden Cherry make no mention of terpenes, and official descriptions of this cultivar are scant.

Based on the name alone, however, it’s fair to deduce that Golden Cherry is most likely a descendant of Cherry Wine, one of the primary strains used to produce new CBD-rich cultivars over the last decade or so. For Golden Cherry’s other parent, candidates include Golden Ticket and Golden Goat, but strains are also commonly named for their appearance instead of their parentage.

What is the cannabinoid percentage of Golden Cherry?

Golden Cherry is listed as containing around 15% CBD. This makes Golden Cherry one of the stronger strains on the market, but there are certainly stronger hemp cultivars out there.

Does the strain Golden Cherry have any other names?

No, as far as we’re aware, Golden Cherry is only ever known as “Golden Cherry.” Just make sure not to mix this strain up with Cherry Wine.

Is Golden Cherry indica or sativa?

Official product information indicates that Golden Cherry is a strongly indica-leaning strain. As a result, you should expect this cultuvar to provide potent sedating effects that are ideal for night-time use.

What is the best time of day to smoke Golden Cherry?

Like other strongly indica-leaning strains, it is best to smoke Golden Cherry in the evening or right before bed. Especially with CBD-rich cultivars, indica-leaning strains have a tendency to make naps sound unreasonably good during the middle of the day.

What are Golden Cherry’s genetics?

Golden Cherry’s parentage is unknown. Based on the strain’s name, however, it is likely a derivative of the famous CBD cultivar Cherry Wine, a cross of The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries. The Wife is believed to have originally been bred by Terrapin Care Station, and it has an unknown genetic profile. The “Golden” in Golden Cherry could refer to this strain’s other parent, but it could just as easily refer to the cultivar’s appearance instead.

What is the terpene profile in Golden Cherry?

Golden Cherry is listed as containing high concentrations of myrcene and caryophyllene, but that tells you next to nothing about the attributes of this strain. Myrcene and caryophyllene are the dominant cannabinoids in almost every single cannabis strain ever bred, so in the absence of terpene testing, the full terpene profile of Golden Cherry remains unknown.

How does the strain Golden Cherry make you feel?

Based on the limited information that is available, you can expect Golden Cherry to make you feel highly relaxed or even sedated. Indica strains are already relaxing, and when combined with the soporific, non-intoxicating properties of CBD, strains like Golden Cherry become even more soothing.

What is the strain Golden Cherry good for?

If our assumptions regarding the attributes of Golden Cherry are correct, we can expect this strain to be useful for night-time use, stress relief, or relief from chronic pain throughout the day. Without knowing more about this strain’s terpene profile, however, it’s difficult to make direct recommendations.

Is the strain Golden Cherry good for anxiety?

Strong indicas like Golden Cherry can be useful for anxiety if you’re feeling jittery and can’t calm down. If you’re feeling anxious because of all the items on your to-do list, though, you’ll want to choose an energizing sativa instead.

Is the strain Golden Cherry good for depression?

People who use cannabis or hemp for depression generally prefer the uplifting effects of sativas. The right CBD-rich indica strain will make you feel relaxed and perhaps slightly happier than usual, but indicas don’t do much to get you out of anti-motivational funks.

Is the strain Golden Cherry good for stress?

Indicas like Golden Cherry are generally considered to be pretty good for stress. Light this strain up in the evening after a hard day at work, and you’ll feel the tension melt away — even though Golden Cherry CBD flower won’t get you high.

Is the strain Golden Cherry good for pain?

Golden Cherry is probably a pretty good strain for pain. It will be too relaxing for most to use during the day for pain, though.

Does the strain Golden Cherry have any negative effects?

Golden Cherry is not known to have any specific negative effects, but users sometimes complain that Plain Jane allows this strain to become too dry.

What does the strain Golden Cherry smell like?

According to the official strain description, Golden Cherry smells like blue cheese, cherry, and apricot. Apparently, the aroma of Golden Cherry is quite potent, and not necessarily in a way all hemp users will like.

What does the strain Golden Cherry taste like?

Based on user reviews, Golden Cherry has a strong cherry flavor that features considerable spicy undertones. This strain is not as sweet or cheesy when smoked as its aroma indicates.

Are there different Golden Cherry strains?

No, Golden Cherry is not known to have any descendants or variants. This strain is only known to be produced by Plain Jane, so you should have a similar experience every time you smoke Golden Cherry.

Who is the strain Golden Cherry best for?

If you want to try Golden Cherry, this strain is most likely best for use right before bed. The quality of this cultivar is reported to be inconsistent, however, and Golden Cherry’s flavor profile isn’t that appealing either. Combined with the fact that many competing indicas are more potent, the allure of Golden Cherry becomes even more unclear.

What strains are similar to Golden Cherry?

Assuming that Golden Cherry is, indeed, related to Cherry Wine, any CBD-rich strains within this commonly used breeding cultivar’s orbit will offer similar results. It is hard to speculate further upon the comparative properties of Golden Cherry without complete terpene profile information.

Top 3 alternatives to Golden Cherry

Golden Cherry has an odd flavor, it’s often too dry, and it isn’t the most potent indica strain around. It’s natural that you’d seek out alternatives to this popular-yet-disappointing strain, and we have three excellent candidates waiting in the wings:

1. Secret Nature Frosted Kush

How is Secret Nature Frosted Kush like Golden Cherry?

Like Golden Cherry, Frosted Kush is one of the internet’s most well-known indica-dominant CBD hemp strains. When you smoke Frosted Kush, you’ll experience exactly what you expected — potently relaxing indica effects but without any intoxication. Where Frosted Kush is different, however, is its potency and flavor.

Why Secret Nature Frosted Kush is better

Offering considerably greater CBD potency than Golden Cherry, Frosted Kush also features a classic Kush terpene profile including pinene, humulene, limonene, linalool, terpinolene, and more. Secret Nature buds are grown organically in climate-controlled indoor environments and stored in hermetically sealed metal containers, maintaining ideal moisture levels and freshness.

2. Secret Nature Cherry Cough

How is Secret Nature Cherry Cough like Golden Cherry?

Like Golden Cherry, Cherry Cough traces its roots back to Cherry Wine. With Cherry Cough, though, you don’t have to guess — this strain is a CBD-rich cross of Cherry Wine and Strawberry Cough that carries with it all the benefits of Cough strains but also features Cherry Wine’s iconic berry flavor.

Why Secret Nature Cherry Cough is better

Cherry Cough is a potent indica that contains more than 20% CBD. It offers all the benefits you’re looking for in a strain belonging to the Cherry Wine diaspora, and it comes with the Secret Nature quality guarantee. Unmatched anywhere in the world, the quality of Secret Nature buds becomes even more apparent in person than product pictures could ever tell. If you’re looking for a truly connoisseur Cherry Wine-derived strain, Cherry Cough is a winner.

3. Secret Nature Secret OG 

How is Secret Nature Secret OG like Golden Cherry?

Secret OG is a house-bred Secret Nature strain that’s another excellent choice if you’re looking for a strong indica-leaning CBD cultivar. It features about the same amount of CBD as Golden Cherry, but it has a much more enjoyable terpene profile that tastes primarily like lemon and gas.

Why Secret Nature Secret OG is better

Like all Secret Nature strains, Secret OG is treated like royalty from seed to cure. Buds are dried to the perfect moisture content and given plenty of time to cure and off-gas before sale. With high concentrations of bisabolol, eucalyptol, ocimene, and other rare terpenes, Secret OG has a truly unique terpene profile that makes this strain a delight to smoke or vape.

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